(Closed) For fun – weird things vendors did to turn you off from hiring them?

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Moorea12:  OMG that venue coordinator. I work in customer service and couldn’t imagine using that word in front of a client.

I have a story about an extremely clueless photographer.  I contacted a photographer about pricing and packages, and he suggested doing a phone meeting. I said that was fine and I could meet most weekdays except Tuesdays. The meeting rolls around and I start asking the usual questions about packages. All of his answers were “Well I sent you the brochure earlier, so just look at that and give me a call when you’re ready to book one of them”. I’m thinking “okay, you were the one who wanted to do a phone meeting in the first place. Why are you just deflecting my questions and not making any effort to sell yourself?” But that wasn’t why I passed on him, sadly. Every single day from that point forward, he would call me at the most inappropriate times to ask if I wanted to book. 6:30 in the morning is the perfect time to talk about wedding photography, right? Or 10pm? Because he would definitely call me at those times.  Also remember when I said that I was really busy most Tuesdays? He called me 3 times and left me a vm on a Tuesday saying “Hey I remember you saying that you were free on Tuesdays so I wanted to see if you had questions about ordering a package?”  It was then that I realized he had paid no attention to what I had to say and dropped him as an option.  A friend of mine hired this same photographer for her own wedding after I had booked someone else – he wore jeans and a t-shirt to the wedding.  He looked ridiculous and my friend was livid.  I definitely dodged a bullet with him.

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Just yesterday I had a weird call with one of the Rental vendors I’m researching.

We went back and worth via email with proposals. Finally he wrote back that it might be easier to have a call tomorrow. So I wrote back with a time and my number. He wrote back asking for my number. Okay, I just gave it to you but here you go again.

So then he calls me at our appointed time yesterday and says sorry if he sounds distracted but he’s on vacation in Aruba. Well, why would you set up a call while on vacation? Even still, you can’t break away for 10 minutes for a call that YOU scheduled.


So then I ask him to give me pricing on the beautiful sailcloth tent that appears on their home page as it wasn’t on the list of tents that he sent me.

He says, “Oh we don’t carry that”.  You don’t have a tent that is VERY prominently on your website HOME PAGE in your inventory? “No, that’s not one of our tents.”

After all that, he started to rush me after talking for like 3 minutes and then hung up on me.

Well, that makes the vendor search a little easier.

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A photographer asked to review my Facebook and Instagram before *she* would decide if she would bother working with *me*. I then got an email that she was very selective with her clients but she was happy to inform me she’d be pleased to shoot my wedding. 

I mean wtf is this Harvard admissions? A Mario Testino Vogue shoot? Thanks but no thanks betch! I’ll take my 6k elsewhere. 

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Moorea12:  I wanted to hire this one videographer but there was this one niggling thing – he told us how this one dish at our venue’s cocktail hour is really good and all I could think about was why he was sampling the food when he’s supposed to be working (aside from the vendor’s meal). I was still willing to hire him because I liked his work but he was kinda flaky and not quick at responding and what ended it for me was when my Fiance drove all the way over to his house (think 25 mins) to drop off our deposit in cash. The videographer had specifically said that he would be at home. Nope. So my Fiance drove all the way back home and I said that’s it.

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I don’t know if this counts but wedding dress shopping has not been fun. The first shop I went to was 1 1/2 hours away but they had the dress I wanted. The saleswoman could not do a fitting! After a small disagreement with the dress I wanted she suggested another. It was a freakin maternity gown, because “it would suit my future needs”. Yeah, not pregnant. I’m a size 4 and she kept bringing in size 0 dresses. I left after half an hour because I was so frustrated! 

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My bad experiences have all been with venues. I fell in love with a venue based on pictures online and I emailed the wedding coordinator and discussed guest list, possible dates, and everything was fine. We set a day for a visit and when I got there she wasn’t there and the venue manager tried to convince me I had cancelled the appointment! When I refused to give in that I had somehow accidentally cancelled it she said she “guessed” she could show us around and asked how many guests we were having and when. When I said it would be around 100 on a Saturday in the summer she LAUGHED and said they don’t even see couples who are having so few guests because it doesn’t make them enough money. I was so heartbroken!

The other bad experience was kind of funny but left a bad taste in my mouth. It was raining HARD when we went to go see another venue and we kept having to go outside to see different parts of the space. At every single door the coordinator would rush to get to the door before me and not even hold it open from the inside! Literally slammed door in my face in the pouring rain. I laughed but it seemed so unprofessional!

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A DJ we were considering insisted on a phone meeting, even though he had answered all the questions I really wanted over e-mail.  Somehow this turned into an hour conversation when I took his call as DH were on our way to by DH new shoes.  It wasn’t even me asking questions, this guy just liked to TALK!  The conversation ended with possibly the most inappropriate story to tell a bride about a down the pants shot he had taken at another persons wedding (a friend of his where he was not the vender, thank god)

The funny thing was we actually ended up booking him because we were planning a wedding in under a year and everyone else we contacted was booked.  And we still get compliments on our DJ six months later because he noticed that a lot of our guests wanted to socialize and turned down the music so they could talk instead of blasting it louder.  I can not count the number of times I rethought that decision when other people seemed to come available, but they all wanted to charge us twice as much. 

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Moorea12:  Oh dear re the venue coordinator!

Our top turn-offs were:

1) One photographer basically said (albeit not in as many words) that he didn’t photograph unattractive couples :-s

2) Another photographer was WAY too chatty, too pally, and made a lot of inappropriate comments eg she asked what my bridesmaids were wearing and I said 3 were in long emerald green chiffon dresses and the Maid/Matron of Honor would be in a short fitted ivory dress as she just doesn’t suit the same things at all, and she goes ‘OMG, what,k is she like really weird?!’ Umm, what? That’s my best friend you’re talking about there, as well as MY dress choices! SMH

3) A cake maker wouldn’t let us try samples; when I insisted and she provided on I could see why. She also got really arsey about me wanting to see someone else before committing (OK, it was 2 weeks from the wedding as our baker cancelled on us, but still)

4) A jeweller once openly stated that his quptes were based on how much he thought people would pay; I instantly regretted the fact I was wearing designer shoes, carrying a designer purse, and wearing understated bu fairly expensive jewellery, as he gave me a ridiculously high quote

5) A venue coordinator insisted on calling me ‘love’, then made a point of mentioning how he doesn’t employ ‘foreign staff, like Eastern Europeans’, and how his bar staff are great and won’t let ‘people take the piss with a bar tab’, telling me how once they refused to serve ‘two black guys and this black girl who were ordering doubles at a wedding’. I was gosbmacked, as racism aside (which I found incredibly offensive and which made me very uncomfortable), I would be LIVID if a member of the bar staff at our venue has refused to serve something we’d had included on our tab for no real reason.

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My brother had put me in touch with a videographer that he knew. We kept missing each others’ calls but I finally managed to catch him on the phone, he wasn’t able to talk properly because he was about to meet some friends from work. When I asked if I should call him later he said probably better to talk another day because he’ll be drunk by then. It kind of made me really like him! Then I thought, having someone you think would be a great drinking buddy might not make for the best videographer at your wedding so just left it.

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Moorea12:  My florist was 20 minutes late to our first meeting and then didn’t say anything about being late!  I called her phone but she didn’t pick up.  Then she arrived shortly after and just … started the meeting.  No excuse or apology.  I was so turned off I almost didn’t hire her, but her work was so wonderful I did anyway.  I’m glad I did but still, what a bad first impression.

Also (this was also with a vendor I actually hired), the rental equipment dude told me he preferred to plan everything via email rather than meet to discuss all the details.  So we emailed back and forth for a while.  I’d say a total of six emails between us – me saying “lights like this, set up like this” and him asking clarification questions or asking about something I hadn’t thought of yet or made my mind up about.  After these six or so emails, he sent me an email that was so rudely worded.  It said that I was being too unclear, and could I please have my husband deal with the rental equipment plans from now on because he needed more logical and organized directions.

I didn’t realize the email was supposed to be formal … I thought he meant a discussion via email because that is what he said verbatim and I wanted to sit down and talk it out in the first place, but he said no!

I replied with something like “Here’s my husband’s email and phone number.”  Then every time the guy called DH, DH was like “Hold on, let me ask my wife” and just relayed the information!!  Like, you solved nothing, dude.

Then we had a slight miscommunication the day of and I freaked out and made my Maid/Matron of Honor call the guy to sort it out, and he was like “Okay can I talk to the bride?” and my Maid/Matron of Honor was like “No. She doesn’t want to talk to you.  Tell me and I’ll take care of it.”

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