For fun: Weirdest and most random thing a stranger has said to you?

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Me, to a customer at work. “Oh, your necklace is beautiful!”

Lady: “Why thank you! It’s holding my late husband’s ashes.”

Me: …. 😳

What do you even SAY to that?! “I guess he’ll always be close to your heart.” 😆

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deannamarie :  LOL you sound like me! I was on the T one day (Bostonian) and it was 10 pm at night. I was coming home from class at community college and worked all day long. Of course I looked beat and none to pleased. This guy says to me “You should smile more” and I said back “You should fuck right off” and then it was my stop.

I’ve probably been a weirdo a few times myself. I was sitting in traffic and this guy was being a total dink. His window was down, and so was mine- so I knew he could hear me. I told him to cut the shit or I would fuck his wife LOL! He just looked at me like what?! I just wanted to get a reaction out of him cos he was annoying me and everyone else around me.

My favorite is probably all the drunk old guys. Like they know my Papa was a drunk and I’m used to their nonsense. Anyone near by just looks at me like better you than me. One guy was like YOU’RE A GOOD KID, NOT AN OLD CRUMMY DRUNK LIKE ME. Like uhh thanks? 

I also get the “you have really nice feet, you should be a foot model”. People at bars will just come up to me and start telling me their life stories. I think it’s just me. My mom and Nana were exactly the same. My Nana would have LINES of people trying to come talk to her.

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So, this woman was new at work. She was decidedly post-meth. Possibly as recently as earlier that day. She had that frantic energy, bad skin, the whole bit. Having had both parents as users at one point, I can spot them a mile off. 

Anyway, she was having problems with a particular process and my boss asked if I could help her out. I said sure, and told her to come to my desk so we could walk through it. She does, and once we’re done with that she starts chatting. I’m not a huge fan of long conversations at work, but I was trying to be polite and was nodding along, making affirmative noises, but not encouraging her by responding much. 

She’s talking about adjusting to the job, how confusing everything is. etc when she abrubtply says “Can I ask you a personal question?” Warily I said “Okaaaay…”

“Have you had a boob job?”


“I had one. I was just wondering who your surgeon was. They look great. I’m not that heppy with mine. I think I need a refresher. Maybe I could go to your guy!”

“No. These are original factory equipment.”

“Oh my god REALLY?!?! That’s AMAZING!! I would NEVER have guessed! You’re so skinny! And they’re SO HUGE” (her voice is getting louder and louder in this open cube environment) “Well, that’s too bad. I was really hoping for a referral. I have such bad luck with doctors. Like when I got into my last car accident. I rolled my SUV backwards into a lake!”


I’m pretty hard to offend, and have had PLENTY of comments about my physique over the years, but somehow, coming from a female coworker, I just felt especially skeeved out. I mentioned it to my boss, who said she had had other complaints about her decorum (or lack of) and would say something to her. Not very long after, she ended up quitting. I think to avoid being fired. 

She was a piece of work. 

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blondie603 :  Omg I’m literally in stitches over you telling the guy you’d fuck his wife. Lmao! I like to switch up my swears.. it keeps people on their toes. 

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I was approached by a woman at the zoo while I was in the restroom washing my hands. She started with some small talk and then proclaimed, “Your English is so good! How long have you been in the country?”

I’m American, I was born and raised here lol. It took me a minute to register what she’d said and then I informed her that I was, in fact, an American citizen. Then she asked me where I was originally from and when I’d earned my citizenship. I didn’t know whether to yell at her or cry, so I did neither and just left the restroom, stunned. Idiot lol.

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wineosaur :  That is so bizarre! Your story just reminded me of another one I had which is similar. I was in a bar, and a man came up to me and asked if I was Spanish. I told him no, and he kept asking me over and over. Eventually I just said “Look, I’m English. I was born here, my family are from here, I’ve never been to Spain, I just happen to have dark hair and dark eyes”. He looked at me and then just went “…Nah, you must be Spanish, you’re just trying to trick me”.

Seriously, WTF is up with people thinking they know more about your ethnicity than you know yourself! Who are these people?!

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Two things come to mind, and both are from when my son was an infant.

On one of our first store outings, a lady complimented his cuteness, and said, “If he ever goes missing, check my house.” I know she was just being a dear, but it was such odd phrasing. 

When my son was three months old, we were at a party when my mom had a medical emergency. The EMT in the ambulance (I rode with to the hospital, and sat in the front seat of the ambulance while Dad took my son in the car) was making small talk with mom about whatever, and she asked if that baby was her grandchild. Then she said, “Babies are a blessing, even when their moms are in their teens…” I was 23. 

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When my husband and I had been dating for about a year, a woman came up to us and asked if we were siblings, then when we said no we’re dating, she exclaimed “Two redheads dating! There is a .2% chance of that!”

I have no idea where she got her statistics, but it was strange. 

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I was told that white bread was evil, and poison, and that the person would NEVER put it in her body… as I stood there with my breakfast sandwich… on white bread

All I had done was tell her that if she wanted a breakfast sandwich, they would make her one if she asked. Then she went off on my poor, delicious sandwich 

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While in a gas station I was approached by a random man:

”Hey! Are your lashes real?”


”How do you get them like that?”

”I used Too Faced mascara.”

”Damn. Our women be gluing them on an shit.” 

Wasn’t the direction I thought the conversation was going. 


When I was about 9 months pregnant I was in the grocery store buying my husband a watermelon. I had my back turned and was looking at the melons when all of a sudden I feel someone wrap their arms around me from behind and put their hands on my stomach. Then a man leans in to my ear and says “They’re gonna get you for stealing that watermelon under your dress!” 

It was incredibly uncomfortable. I had no idea who this old man nor did I realize he was behind me until he wrapped his arm around me and put his mouth to my ear. I jumped about twenty feet. 

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A boy who looked about 19 stumbled out of a “coffee shop” in Amsterdam and told me “Miss, you have got the most beautiful… PEACHES… I have ever seen.  With a hand gesture that made it clear what the peaches were.  

A lot of the time I would find that creepy buuuuuut:

a)  He seemed like a sweet, harmless stoner.

b)  It was broad daylight in a crowded area.

c)  I’m not as young as I used to be and the days of gendered complements may be ending soon.

d)  I really do have great boobs though.

I said thank you, and he happily went off on his way.

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xiexie :  That’s awesome!!! 

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 Love these.

I work the front desk and an older man (80’s probably) had come in with his wife who must’ve had some sort of dimentia. It was super sweet that he was bringing her with. She walked around while he ordered parts, refused to sit b/c she wanted to be near him, and just kind of mumbled to herself or me (I smiled and nodded, couldn’t understand her). Anyways, when they left she was headed out the door, turned back around to my desk, said “I love you” and then left. I think I said thanks, lol. So so cute, made my day.

Talking about people asking ‘where you’re from’, my Darling Husband actually got into an argument once with a Mexican in a bar about whether or not he was Mexican. Darling Husband is not but has dark hair/dark complexion. The guy wouldn’t believe him.

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I have naturally very dilated pupils. The eye doctor never has to put the drops in to dilate my eyes when I go for exams. When I was working retail while in college, a customer came into the store and asked me if I was on a particular narcotic drug. I can’t remember which one, but it wasn’t weed. It was like meth or cocaine or something hard. I said no and asked why and he told me that he was a doctor and my eyes were so dilated, it must be because of drugs. I was really pissed off, it was so rude to accuse me of especially when he knows nothing about me.

I was walking down the street in downtown with a friend and a homeless man told me that I should smile more because I have a beautiful smile. It was 50% nice and 50% creeped me out.


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slomotion :  What the everloving fuck. I would LOSE MY SHIT on someone who did that to me. 

As it was, I had people all the time running up and asking if they could touch my belly when I was pregnant. Or telling me I had to be having twins, because my belly was so huge. Or saying I had a great attitude for someone who got pregnant on accident (she was planned, and we actually had TTC for like 8 months)

What is it with people who feel like a pregnant woman is community property?? GAH!!


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