For Fun: weirdest thing you've witnessed in public!

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Bumble bee

Just now I was in the bathroom at work and some lady comes in and walks as slow as possible to a stall while saying “come out, come out wherever you are…”  It was seriously the creepiest thing that any one could do in a bathroom. 

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Busy bee
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a naked woman sitting on the curb of a very busy street in my city. She was sitting next to a suitcase and then she would jump up and wave down cars. Pretty sure she was on drugs 🙁 But def one of the craziest things I’ve seen haha. We called the cops. 

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Blushing bee
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cmsgirl :  Fiance (boyfriend then) and I were visitng Banff, Canada driving through Icefields Parkway. It was February and the place was covered in snow with majestic mountain inthe backdrop. Romantic Winter Wonderland…

UNTIL this car in front of us hastily pulls over to the side of road, door opens and a person BURSTS out from the passenger seat, drops down pants, squats down on a pile of snow and starts doing her business. Granted, it all happend so fast and we were driving by, so I didn’t see anything come out (sorry TMI) but I can still clearly recall the vividness of skin tone (aka bare butt) in the middle of white snowfield.

I actually kind of feel bad for her…that it had come down to such point of no return. We weren’t the only cars on the road either. 

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Bumble bee

Well I arrived at the beach for spring break and as soon as I walked out on the balcony I look down at people doing it in the pool… next to kids… like right next. Kids did not notice it but WTH.

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Busy bee

A gentleman walking through the downtown of a very busy city wearing only underwear and socks. It was very confusing.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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cmsgirl :  Literally just squatting. According to my friend’s parents, their theory was that they did it to fertilize their garden. In turn, they never accepted any vegetables or canned goods from them money-mouth

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Helper bee
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One time I was walking through the mall and a woman was sitting on a bench in the middle of the mall with a breast pump attached to both breasts just pumping away. Her top was completely lifted up so you could definitely see side boob, etc. it was so bizarre that a part of me just wanted to stop and stare.

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Honey bee
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This happened Last weekend and wasn’t the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen but it was definitely hilarious.

i was driving down a pretty busy road on Mother’s Day on my way to meet my family for lunch. All of sudden a car drives up next to me booking it, the car was half covered in some white gauzy cotton like material. It almost looked like how a mummy would be wrapped up except there was a lot of material on the roof of the car tied up in makeshift bow. The entire car was wrapped up including all its Windows except for the front windshield. It was so bizarre I just stared at it in disbelief.

Then we are stuck at a red light together and I’m trying to creep up so I can look at who is driving when all of a sudden they take off through the red light.

There was a state trooper driving the other direction on the road who busted a U turn immediately and started chasing after the wrapped car. The car floored it onto the ramp of a highway and was GONE. The cop turned his lights on to chase it.

It was the weirdest shit ever. I couldn’t even believe what I saw. I WISH I got to take a picture of it because it’s so unbelievable that that happened and I got to witness the beginning of the car chase. 

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Blushing bee
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Once I saw a man walking around the mall food court eating mayonnaise out of a huge jar. He would stick his hand in the jar and lick the mayo off his fingers. I literally started gagging when I saw him do it. 🤢

Another story – my husband and I went to a historic bed and breakfast in a small town. When we checked in, the owner bragged about how safe the town was. We went to go eat and then stopped to put gas in our car. While my husband went inside to pay, I saw an old homeless looking man crawl into the backseat of the car parked next to me. I was trying to find my phone to call 911, but the woman who owned the car saw him from inside the store. She comes running out of the store screaming at him to get out of her car with her 2 kids in tow. He climbs back out of the car and says “oh sorry, I thought it was mine!” lol He then takes off walking down the street. So much for being such a safe town! 

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Bee Keeper
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I lived down the street from Castro where men walk around bare-assed naked and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence roam in full on makeup. I love them and always make sure to say hello. It’s like getting a special SF-specific blessing!

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Honey bee
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hikingbride :  damn! Are there any houses for sale on your street? I need some excitement in my life!

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Helper bee
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cmsgirl :  @ marine world or animal kingdom whatever they call it now in Vallejo ,lol…at the bird show when my son points out a girl picking her dandruff and then eating it. It was soooo gross. 

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Busy bee

shannon0693 :  I saw a girl in my class doing the same thing with mayo…except it was actually just vanilla pudding. She looked so smug trying to gross everyone out, but it’s an old joke that I was already aware of. I’m not convinced anyone eats straight mayo like that! 


Instead of explaining my story, I’ll just leave a pic:

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Helper bee
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In college I was walking across campus in the middle of the night and there was a guy (I assume) just casually strolling around in a gorilla costume. 

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