FOR FUN: What are your future children's names?

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Blushing bee

Lol! My boyfriend has the name Mara Jane picked out for the first and middle names of a girl. 

Its based off a Star Wars Charactar named Mara Jade who eventually became Luke Skywalkers wife. 

Im like you can name a pet that. Probably not the kid. 

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Helper bee
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My fiance is dead set on naming his first child Valentine, no matter the gender. I don’t love the name, but I don’t hate it. Lol. So I agreed to it. He did agree that if it’s a girl, we could name her Valentina.

The other girl name I love is Adelaide. Fiance also likes that one.

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This conversation came up with my friends this weekend and I was really bummed because a lot of my friends want the name Jackson – I know it’s popular so I shouldn’t be surprised – but my fiance and I have wanted this name for years. My grandfather was called Jack so I would like to honor him in some way but now I feel like we need another name since everyone seems to want it and we are still at least a year and a half out from trying to get pregnant. We both love the name Isla for a girl though and I have not said anything to any of our friends about that one. Hopefully no one chooses that one since its so very very low on the popular scale

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Busy bee

My husband and I have been talking about this for a while. We’re pretty set on Lillian Rose for a girl.. we just love the name Lillian (nickname Lily) and Rose is for his great grandmother, Rosalie. She passed away earlier this year just before she turned 101, so we’d like for her name to be included if we have a daughter. 

For a boy we like Callum, but I’m stuck on middle names. We thought about Stewart since it’s my grandfather’s middle name. 

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Buzzing bee
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we have said for years the boy name would be Austin Jacob, As far as girl names the only one we can agree on is Chloe, but there are SO many other girls names that i love that it will be hard to choose if the time ever comes. I do really love the name Chloe Autumn. 

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Helper bee
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My absolute favorite name for a boy is Theo, I am dead set on it. I heard it one day and got hooked! Thankfully my Darling Husband is okay with i. I haven’t decided on a middle name for it yet. Girl names don’t come to me as easy, but I like Violet and Penelope. My only concern with Penelope is I don’t like the nickname penny. I would rather call her Lola but I’m not sure how well it would work. I haven’t run it by Darling Husband yet but we’re not close to ttc yet anyways.

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Bumble bee
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I have way more boy names in mind than girl names for some reason! We have plenty of time – won’t start TTC until next year probably – but it’s fun to think about. Also it’s funny that we agree way more on boy names and are stumped on girl names, since Darling Husband really hopes we have a girl first!

Boy names: Jonas David or Noah Logan (DH’s grandfather goes by NL and Jonas is part of my mom’s maiden name). I also like Benjamin and Ethan. I tend to go for the American founding fathers/Old Testament names. Logan for Wolverine/Boston.

Girl names: I wanted Ava from a young age as a nod to my grandmother Evelyn, but it’s so popular these days. I have a very common name for girls born in the mid-80s so I don’t want to subject my kid to having to distinguish herself with a last initial in all her classes. My great-grandmother was Lena, which I also love but I’m not a fan of Lena Dunham at all. Maybe that’s not even an issue though. I also like Eleanor but DH’s niece is Elowyn so they’d both be Ellie for short, unless we went with Nora for a nickname. There aren’t a lot of other family names we’d want to choose from to honor people since the nicer names come from people who weren’t so great, ha.


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Worker bee

I always liked absurd names that would eventually get made fun of (or at least I feel like), and my SO is too nice to tell me that he doesn’t like the names I’ve picked out, haha.

SO loves the name Oliver, and it grew on me quite quickly as well for a boy. For a girl we both like Arianna, and since my family is hispanic, I wanted to incorporate that into at least one of the names for our kids.

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Busy bee
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I tend to like older names for girls. I had always wanted to name a girl Adaline, after my great grandmother, but then the name Adilyn got super popular and screwed that idea up (I absolutely do not want anyone mispronouncing Adaline as Adilyn). Right now I’m pretty set on the name Caroline Reese. I also like Emilia and Naomi, but don’t have middle names for those.

If we have a boy he will be named after Fi, as Fi was named after his father and so on and so forth. The plan is for his middle name to be Archer and he’ll just go by that (Fi goes by his middle name as well).

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Bumble bee
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LittleButtons :  Derp, Derp-Derp, Derparella, and Dopey- Doo…oh wait, you’re talking about human babies..? ;P 

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Busy bee
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Our first is named Henry, my Darling Husband picked it out before we even met. He said he always knew he wanted to call his first son Henry 🙂 We want a couple more kids at least, so we have a good running list of names we like. Our first girl will be Lucia (Lu-CHEE-a, the Italian way) and after that, we like Layla, Wren, and Eden for girls, and I personally like Brooks, Lachlan, and Ryan for boys (DH doesn’t like my boy names lol).

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Nathan and Frances 🙂

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We are thinking Amalia (ah-ma-lee-ah) or a girls first name, maybe my grandmother’s/my middle name as the middle name. So Amalia Eleni. For a boy we’ve looked at Rohan, my husband is Iranian/indian, the name works for both those cultures. They all sound so wonderful with our last name.

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Worker bee

slomotion :  OMG I lol’d!  I love Valentina hot sauce! And let’s face it, it’s better than naming your baby Tapatio

As a Latina who married a “gabacho,”  I definitely understand the desire to have a name that is more traditional in my roots.  I just keep saying that whatever names we pick for our future kids will have to be easily spoken in English and Spanish…for my grandmother’s sake.

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