(Closed) ( For Fun ) What do you not ''get'' that other people love ?

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ktsteimel:  I was just going to say Halloween costumes too! 

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Holy crap this thread is liberating. Alright, rolling up my sleeves:

Social media: just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should. Ditto for photos. Speaking of…

Selfie sticks: you look like a twat. Sorry. No other way of putting it. Especially when you’re somewhere amazing, like when I was in Rome, and people are so concerned over taking photos of themselves instead of looking at the amazing things around them. 

Mainstream movies: seen one? Awesome, you don’t need to see another. basically the same plot with slight variations, and the same cookie-cutter celebrities. 

Game of Thrones: overjoyed other people feel the same. It’s basically soft core porn, let’s not pretend otherwise. 

Lack of manners: seriously, what’s happening? Say please and thank you, smile, refrain from using your phone st the checkout, and hold the door for the person behind you. We all have to live in this world so let’s make it easier on everyone, right?

Emma Watson: okay, so she was alright as Hermione, but enough of this pseudo-feminism rubbish, please. Blows my mind the “next generation” need some celebrity who knows diddly squat about feminism to say “totally awesome” to long-established theory to get them to listen. What’s next, Suffragettes the musical complete with twerking? 

Strippers at Bachelor parties (aka “Having your cake and eating it”): Your partner is “cool” about it? Awesome. You’re still basically justifying cheating. What would you do if a random stranger or a co-worker started taking their clothes off and grinding on you? stop, stare, tuck some money in their hoochie? Of course not. so this is socially acceptable, why?

That might do. For now. 

P.S. I’m in agreement with the friends thing. I’m working full time, I have a partner, I have hobbies. Where the hell would I find the time?! 


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Game of Thrones – it’s ok, I read the books, but they’re nothing special. 

Lord of the rings – only ever read the hobbit. Couldn’t get past the first few chapters of the second one 

The word fleek – I still dont think I pronounce it right

Squads – I still don’t really understand that one

Taylor Swift – she dates people, breaks up with people, writes songs about it. Gotcha 

Gender reveal parties – it’s going to be boy or girl, no big surprise there. And I get why you’re excited, but everyone else isn’t as excited  

Calling baby’s by their names even before theyre born – id be afraid to jinx it

My SIL – brothers wife

Plus a whole bunch of others that PP have already mentioned – nice to see I’m not alone in the world and that there’s other sane people around! Expect for those of you that said cats. Shame on you! *tells cat how special she is*

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How everything is “goals” and “af” 


“Omg hair goals!” “relationship goals!” “outfit goals!” “she is goals af!” 

Brain goals, anyone?


Also 100% agree with the pp’s who said Making a Murderer. Listening to that family attempt to communicate with each other gave me chest pains….and the show itself was so boring.

Girls at the gym who only wear sports bras and the tiny little bum-bum spandex shorts.

A) It’s not that hot in here. Add some fabric and drink more water to quench that thirst.

B) We know you have a vagina. We don’t need to nearly get a glimpse of it while you’re donkey kicking your way to “booty goals” on the damn stair climber.

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I didn’t go through all the pages, and they’ve probably already been mentioned, but here I go:

The Kardashians (I know I’m not the only one) or any reality TV

Keurig single cup coffee makers

Ombre anything

“Country” fashion (boots, cowboy hats, burlap, mason jars, etc)

The physical appeal of Channing Tatum (his eyes are too close together)


Another vote for Mad Max, that movie sucked


Anything Apple (iPhones, iPads, etc)



I’m sure there are many, many more, but my list is getting long enough.

Things I LOVE that other people have listed as “meh”:


and Game of Thrones 🙂 <3 <3 <3


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Haha to those who said hanging out with people. Me too! I only like hanging out with my two friends back home. Anyone else or new people I’m just like 72019697

On a similar note, women in general. Maybe it’s just where I live, but the women here are so dramatic and catty. They post super pasive aggressive statuses about each other on the FB page for the base I’m at. I just hermit in my house, hope we get stationed in Japan one day instead and play sims lol. I don’t get it when I watch shows like say yes to the dress and thse girls have like “15 close friends”

Twilight and Frozen (these were seriously painful to get through) and it infuriates me when people go on about how Frozen is “the first disney movie to…” No, no it’s not lol. 

Dogs (I know I’m opposite here) but I hate when they jump on and bark at me and the owners sit there and do nothing. I used to work in a pet store and this would happen daily. 

Starbucks…almost $5 for a Frappe that’s 75% ice.

Stainless steel appliances. So hard to clean! They smudge so easily and I think it makes a home so cold feeling. 

Twitter/Snap Chat/Instagram etc. FB is enough for me. 

Going to the movie theater. Too expensive now that I don’t work at one anymore. 

Drinking and getting wasted. How is that fun?

Vaping and Vap stores. I just don’t see the appeal. Better than ciggarettes though I guess. 

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naiade:  Great minds! 😉

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Cannolis! They are a big thing in Philly and i want to love them but I just can’t lol

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The movie Bridesmaids. I wanted to love it. I loved that it was about and written by women. But I just didn’t think it was funny. It felt like a bunch of warmed-over clichés to me, filled with a lot of tiresome negative stereotypes about women. Not my cup of tea. 

Similarly, I’ve never understood why Tina Fey is so lauded as a feminist. I think she’s very funny and I like her work a lot. Plus I think her success in such a male-dominated industry is testament to her incredible perseverance, courage and intelligence. But most of her writing seems to me to kind of bash on women, by leaning on / reifying ugly, tired old stereotypes. 

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Adding the word “gate” onto any kind of supposedly scandalous occurence (i.e. “Ponytail-gate” when our Prime Minister pulled a waitress’s hair while out for lunch).

Anything classed as “hipster”.  I mean really?  Wearing oversized glasses (that you probably don’t actually need) and grandad cardigans makes you cooler than everyone else?

The obsession with putting little moustaches on everything.  WTF?

The term “on fleek” (as I think a PP said).  Just no.  “On point” will do.

Also as another PP said, Jennifer Lawrence.  I think she’s really plain?  What’s the big deal?

Kardashians (and general celebrity idolatry).  Enough said about that one.

I’m sure I will think of more!!


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I only have one and oddly, I don’t think it was mentioned. 

The accent nail. I hate it. I think it looks trashy on anyone over the age of 13. 

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Justin Beiber.

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Cartoons. Didn’t even really like them when I was a kid.

Altered states of consciousness (drunk, high).

Foods that are “fancy” for no reason: Lobster. Steak. (I mean, I’ll eat steak and enjoy it, but come on, it’s not THAT good.)

Thinking the French language sounds really beautiful. Really? Can nobody hear that it sounds super nasal and gross? Just me?

“Following” celebrities.

“Stiletto” nails (they look like claws).

And I agree on dogs (they are obnoxious and they smell) and going out to the movies (too expensive, too loud, too cold)!

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fun thread topic! haha, it’s funny to see things i like on peoples hate lists, lol, different strokes! 

-pandora bracelets- i think they’re so cheap looking! and really outdated and tacky, like a little girl’s charm bracelet or something. 

-“adulting”- i can’t stand the trend of people talking about how hard it is to be an adult. there’s something gross to me about people bragging about being bad at basic life things

-juicing. i just…i don’t know, people act like juice is some elixer of life. it’s just juice. calm down. 


-all these reallllllly serious tv dramas about politics, crime, even walking dead/breaking bad- i feel like they’re all just people staring super seriously at each other and saying cliched lines like, “let’s hope it doesn’t come to that”, and “well i guess we’ll see.” a lot of them just aren’t well written IMO and you can see the plot twists coming from like 10 miles away.

-dogs in businesses- i get that it’s the thing to allow dogs in businesses now, but i just don’t love it. a lot of dogs smell bad and aren’t well behaved and if you act like you’re anything but overjoyed to have a slobbering shedding mess jumping on you it’s like you’re a monster

-“shaming”- i mean, everything in the world isn’t some trend of shaming or victimization. it’s like people are begining to expect every human they interact with to treat them with kid gloves in the exact specific way they want. it’s unreasonable and childish and it reeks of people with nothing real to complain about. i feel like it really harms and dilutes the stories of actual real injustice that people legitimately face. 

-the store express- i’ve tried, but i just can’t get into it. all of their clothes feel cheap to me. 

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slinktobee:  yesssss!!! Frozen SUCKS! And I like other Disney movies.

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