(Closed) ( For Fun ) What do you not ''get'' that other people love ?

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mrshomemaker:  +1 to shaming and adulting. Everyone is so offended these days!

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the sun

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead 

Minimalism Decor 

The new style  in decor where everything in some shade of brown and/or dull green.

Outdoor activities like hiking and camping 

Brad Pitt

LeAnn Rhimes


Making a big deal about how one dresses 

Earth tones


Early 70s decor and colours returning


Country music 

Rustic/country decor

Shabby chic

Dressing for one’s age (not tbe revealing stuff, I do not like that either)

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1) Uggs – they’re uggly. The only version I found cute were pugz – yes they make them for dogs and they’re great in snow for DOGS.

2) Crocs – I don’t understand why you would pay money to wear something so incredibly hideous on your feet!

3) Those Pandora charm bracelets –  they look childish, cheap and tacky. If I was 8, maybe I’d wear one. The commercials are even worse. It reminds me of something I would buy at Claire’s for my niece in elementary school.

4) Vera Bradley bags – I don’t understand. THEY JUST MAKE MY EYES HURT.


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I forgot to add Black Friday! I avoid the stores if I can that day.  

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Shesaidyes:   I hear you on the shopping. Bores the hell out of me. That’s why they invented the internet; point, click, done.

Unless I’m at a ski resort. Then I like to buy huge boots and overpriced gear 

I don’t enjoy getting dressed up and I will never understand women (like my Mother-In-Law and SIL) who love it and wax episodic about the joys of designer outfits. We had an event this weekend that involved dresses and heels for three occasions and I was miserable. 

Social media. Life before it was better, enough said. 

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bridesoon2:  gravy on mashed potatoes, ranch with pizza. how someone can like dogs but not cats or vis versa. i just dont get it. i love animals.

also reality tv as far as the kardashians??? seriously? dont you feel stupid for watching that? or i am cait? i have firends who watch that stuff but i def dont get that. i just dont understand wahts so great about a ton of self loving fake rich people who only care about themselves and money, oh and sex.

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Ooh. Here are some:

– Game of Thrones

– Shabby Chic theme

– Mason Jars

-‘Gatsby’ theme

– Round Brilliant solitaires.

– The fact that Pantine just decides the colour of the year.

– “Everyone is too offended…” Like you’ve never had an issue😒

– Soap Operas

– The words ‘Hubby/Wifey’ (eeeuuuuhhhh). I’d honestly prefer being called McSugarTits.

– JEANS ARE SATAN SPAWN. I live in leggings. Apparently I’m a child. You do you.

– Gossip

– Being obsessed with real people. Deep admiration, sure. Fanatical obsession? Keep it to fictional characters. It’s just otherwise creepy.

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LOL this is the funniest board ever! I didn’t read them all so may be redudant here… 


-Sports: I’m partial to this one because my Fiance is REALLY REALLY into them like gets upset when his teams loose big games. My Future Mother-In-Law is the same way & they call each other constantly about it & I could really just laugh out loud at their seriousness 

-DIY: I’ve done ONE DIY thing for the wedding and swore it off since then. I don’t feel like it saves money after all the stupid hobby lobby trips I think I actually spent more money & I’m still getting the adhesive spray off my wood floors

-Contouring you foundation: Never tried it but I don’t see how people aren’t breaking out in a million pimples with allllll that makeup on their faces. They must go through hundreds of makeup wipes a month

-Wedding planning in general: Everytime some says “oh how exciting” I want to throw up. Its really not fun at all. Super excited for the actual day but the planning part, no.

Edit: After reading everyones ya’ll definitely reminded me of more stuff I hate thats trending


-Star Wars: One of my best friends is obsessed like watches it ALL THE TIME. He saw the most recent one 5+ times in theatres. Its like a terrible kids cartoon that adults became obsessed with

-Man buns & beards: Beards are sooo gross to me. You eat and get stuff in there. I can’t. Man bans are just not attractive in the least to me.


-Eyebrows: eyebrows should fit YOUR face. Not everyone is going to look good with thick, overly arched eyebrows. Not sure if this is better or worse than the pencil thin eyebrow trend.


Things I love a lot of ya’ll hate


-Reality TV: I honestly have no good reason for this but I love it. Especially the game show ones. Big brother & survivor are my sh**

-Coffee: I’m in college, work part time, & plan a wedding so if I could hook an IV full of coffee up to myself every morning I would

-Leggings: I can eat a lot with them on & not feel guilty 

-Twitter: I hate FB now because its over run with moms & grandmas that feel the need to share & tag the whole family in every irrelevant article that has no substantial backing & a 12 year old probably wrote it. So I like Twitter better. 




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I forgot to add….SKINNY JEANS and pants in general that are not high waisted!  Why do they even exist?!!  It’s like the manufacturers WANT to give women muffintops!!  LONG LIVE THE HIGH-WAISTED FLARE!!!

Also: “illusion” mesh and sheer anything.  I have an aversion to nude-coloured stockings to begin with, so this “trend” we’re seeing (yes, even on wedding gowns….) needs to die.  Like right now.

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desss:  Musicals. I hate musicals. Hell would be an eternity spent stuck in the front row of Cats

YES! My SO and his family are all into theater. They took me to see Whicked. That was so boring. They were all crying and just feeling the whole thing. I’m sitting there going “The dress is pretty?”

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Line dancing is for people who can’t get a date.

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The word “yogi”. Just, no. 

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The daily ritual wearing of makeup. I mean, I understand it for certain scenarios like theatre and photography where you need to accentuate features in order to see them properly, but in general – what is so wrong with people’s faces that they feel the need to paint them daily?

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