(Closed) ( For Fun ) What do you not ''get'' that other people love ?

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Sugar bee
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The show Glee.

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Sugar bee
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My boyfriend doesn’t get the obsession with bacon.  He likes it but he’s not like OMG! BACCCCCOOOOOON!  His sister bought him a bacon calendar for Christmas because she knew it would drive him crazy.  It’s hanging on the side of the refrigerator.    I think bacon should be its own food group.

I don’t get the whole industrial type of decorating.  Sorry, I don’t want a huge air duct and brick wall in my apartment.  I also cannot stand minimalist type furniture.  Give me a big soft couch to flop on.  I want my ass to be comfy.

I also don’t get wearing boots like Uggs year round.  I’m in Chicago – I get that we get like 2 weeks of summer a year, but you look like an idiot wearing big wooly boots with your sundress or romper.

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Worker bee

I’ll throw in a few from my list…

Reality TV shows

Kardashians – so sick of hearing about them

Wedding hashtags – just don’t get it

Shaming – if I don’t like/agree with something, suddenly I’m ***-shaming you?

Donald Trump

Makeup contouring/eyebrows – I can’t imagine spending that much time on make-up

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Helper bee
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Pinterest, Instagram, and Selfies. I don’t get what all the hype is about and I hate all 3.

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Worker bee
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the side shaved head but long hair everywhere else.  why?

man buns

fake nails with designs on them

boob jobs

botox – anyone, but especially young women (20-30)

designer handbags with the logos all over

snapchat, twitter, facebook


the kardashins – just go away. all of you.

adele – hello, you’re annoying

reality tv

belly button rings

nose rings


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Bumble bee
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– burlap anything

– iPhones

– Bernie Sanders

– sushi

– Diet Coke

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Busy bee
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1) Hiding your panties from your Gyno before s/he enters the room. They are about to do things to you your spouse hasn’t even done! ..might as see your undies, it won’t ruin any of the “mystery”.

2) Hating on other women for sport. I love women and I love to see us “win”, conquer obstacles and be our fabulous selves without apology. If you are younger, have a better body, more money, more beautiful…Awesome. Please use it for something useful!

3)Feminine Hygeine Commercials–I understand maintaining PH and all, but most grown women know to wash with gentle soap and stay dry. You would think we were stinky aliens with all the “vaginal odor” products. If your vagina stinks, you need to see a doctor, not Summer’s Eve! Where are the “sour ball” products?

4) Women who don’t carry a purse. I can’t trust her. Where does she put all her STUFF?


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Helper bee

Being obesessed with celebrities…like seriously who the hell cares about their lives?? Never understood this even as a child.

Anything to do with trash TV like the bachelor / bachelorette or Desperate Housewives or Kardasion crap. 

Twitter…just why?

Posting pictures of your food.

When people say ‘real women have curves’ like oh so just because I have a fast metabolism and am naturally thin I’m not a real woman? Sorry but F off. 

Selfies….yeah everyone knows what you look like…just…stop


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Bee Keeper
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lawandbeauty53:  OMG, I’m still laughing about “sour ball” products. Why is that not a thing?!

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Busy bee
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SithLady:  LOL, it should be! I have always been baffled by those “feminine odor” products. WTH is that? Take a shower, use deodorant, problem solved for women….and men.

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Busy bee
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– Vera Bradley anything.  Ugh.  It’s just all so hideous.

– Adults who love Disney.

– Dogs.  They smell, they shed, they lick you – so gross.  When people let their dogs lick them on the mouth I actually gag.  

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Sugar bee
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Kikibear:  I’m so with you on the dog thing! My Mother-In-Law kisses her dog and shares her food with it, it makes me so ill! 

I don’t “get” Michael Kors bags, I haven’t seen one I like.

Totally agree with the Mad Max thing, I did not like that movie and do not understand how it won so many awards. 

Gossip magazines, ughhh. 



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Busy bee
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Gsxr06:  YES! lol if i could have a job watching disney movies all day, I’d take it! But Frozen is a poor excuse of a movie. And I was indifferent about it until everyone got obsessed. That just fueled hatred!! lol

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Worker bee

My list is a little extensive:

Cheese (esp when it’s ozzing out of stuff) I think what makes me hate it is the way it’s used in excess.

The Walking Dead – tried watching it and can NOT understand what people love about it

Tattoos – personal preference..art belongs on walls, imo

Belly shirts – understandably so..I mean, we don’t want to see your belly, unless you’re at the beach. Def not at dinner or the mall..(oh, and don’t care how flat or toned your stomach is)

Man buns – do I need to explain?

Amy Schumer – if she was as funny as she thought she was, maybe I’d have a different opinion 

Rhianna – can’t deal with her whiny voice

Long Beards – because the homeless/lazy look doesn’t look good on anyone

Facial piercings – don’t find making holes in my face attractive

Rounded long nails – God those are awful. They don’t even look like nails

Eating in the car – gross. you really can’t wait for a table? You owe it to yourself to enjoy your food at a table..

Mix matched socks – this is a legit pet peeve

Jennifer Lawrence – maybe I’m missing what is so great about her? People make her out to be gorgeous too, which confuses me even more

Kylie Jenner – though I can’t stand any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, she’s prob at the top. I mean, how do you spend more money on plastic surgery than your dad that turned into a woman?!

Trust me, theres more too.

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Worker bee

I saw someone say Bernie Sanders..yes, I have to agree.

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