(Closed) ( For Fun ) What do you not ''get'' that other people love ?

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Busy bee
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Kikibear:  mrsmay07:  Lmao, those are the things that make dogs so awesome! 

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Helper bee

Great thread here are my don’t gets 

Game of Thrones 

The Kardashians and Kanye West


Sray Tan

Bad reality tv seriously life’s too short


Yoga I know it’s good for the body but it’s too slow for me

Tom Cruise too short and so weird in real life 

Waiting for a proposal, just live your life and don’t depend on someone else’s actions to fulfill your goals

50 shades of grey 





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Sugar bee
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1) I can’t walk in them..I’ve tried really hard

2) The thing between your toes HURTS

3) The noise they make when you walk is so annoying & irritates me to no end

4) The full display of toes – GROSS – I don’t enjoy be forced to look at everyone’s nasty toes & toe nails

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Blushing bee
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I have a list..lol

Starbuck – yeah its tasty but so overpriced. I can’t see spending that money on coffee everyday.


Overdone facial plastic surgery – I would rather look old than look all puffed up, expressionless, and plastic.

Face tattoos 

Guys that wear their pants too low- seriously why?!

Pajamas in public


Will Ferrell


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Busy bee
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Mint (I know, I know, how can this be, but I’ve never cared/liked anything with mint: food, tgirl scout thin mint cookies, gum, drinks, fragarances)

crazy high heel/uncomfortable shoes – never

horn rimmed glasses…I know they’e in style but I don’t get it – they’re thick and look my dad in the 60s

lots of/heavy makeup

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Sugar bee

I don’t understand why people think that ‘Middlemarch’ by George Elliott is a classic.  It’s so tedious that I have never got more than a third through it.

There is a comedy series here in Scotland called ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ that is so unbelievably tedious and unfunny.

I don’t understand the attraction of the breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs.  

I don’t get American humour except the Big Bang Theory and Malcolm in the Middle.

I don’t get American football or its rules. Will someone please explain them to me?

I don’t get high heeled shoes – I want to move like a gazelle not a stork or a hippopotamus.

I don’t get Las Vegas.  

I don’t get pit bull terriers.

I don’t get Trump (Don’t get me started.)

I don’t get piercings or colour-coordinated weddings or heavily muscled men (Henry Cavill – what have you done to yourself?) or the Royal Family or computer gaming or alternative medicine or racism or sexism or homophobia or the word ‘ontological’ or jokes about disability or reality TV or flowery wallpaper or why strawberries and cream needs the cream or why American TV journalists (particularly women) have to be good looking with whitened teeth in the style of Simon Cowell.

And what are those ugly gas-guzzling cars called?  Hummers.  I don’t get hummers either.

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Bumble bee

I am shocked to see how many people don’t like coffee.  I thought virtually everyone drank at least morning coffee.  How do you have the will to get up & leave your house without coffee?  

The very first thing I do in the morning is stumble all stiff bodied like the tin man to the kitchen with my eyes still closed like newborn kittens and pull two shots of espresso.  I do NOTHING BEFORE MY MEDICINE.

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Worker bee
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1)  Slang such as calling your bf/gf your “bae”– this might just be my age, but I find this annoying.  Same with “squad”- what is wrong with group of friends?

2)  Humor with a mean undertone– not funny to me to make fun of people/circumstances

3)  The Bachelor/Bachelorette- a bunch of people trying to become famous by being on the show… there is no way people that are really looking for love would do that.

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Helper bee
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– the Mona Lisa (actually, I can’t stand most Renaissance art)

– getting frequently drunk

– Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye, Lady GaGa, Madonna, etc.

– vegans (not to start a flame war, I just don’t get it and never will)

– Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio

– The Office

– any of the Kardashians or the like

– the Harry Potter films (1-2 were great though, and the books are phenomenal)

– Hillary Clinton

– claw-like fingernails

– expensive cars

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Sugar bee
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bridesoon2:  Donald Trump

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passthepeas:  Girl, Yassssssss about coffee…how does one even have the will to live? I do it really as a community service to all who encounter me.

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Plastic surgery, Botox, little injections, any beauty thing that is invasive. It makes your face look flat and greasy. That can’t look better than natural skin.

Commercials and real life when women are sexually aroused and giggle uncontrollably. Like in the ED commercials, they are hanging curtains and are suddenly horny. It just isn’t real.

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Honey bee

This isn’t so much something I don’t get that other people love, but something I don’t get that other people DO. Soooo basically just a major pet peeve 😛

But it drives me crazy when people post pictures of something (kids, pets, whatever) on social media and the background of their house is SO MESSY. How do you not notice that?!

Now, I’m not perfect. My house is a mess right now. Last night I took a picture of my cat that was adorable but you can see how cluttered my desk is. Did I post it to Facebook? OF COURSE NOT! That’s embarassing! I have a few Facebook friends who post pictures of their (adorable!) kids and their houses are always a disaster. I know your house isn’t going to stay spotless with kids but its like a constant clutter of take out containers, plastic grocery bags and laundry everywhere. Learn to use the crop tool, haha!

Anyway, probably a needlessly judgemental rant. I’m not snarking on having a messy house, especially with kids- just have some pride and don’t post it online. 

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Supersleuth:  Hummers are passé, you won’t be seeing them much. But I think Henry Cavill looks pretty good. 

stephanie1307:  DanaWeddingGuest:  Agree on the facial plastic surgery/injections etc. I think it makes you look different, not better. I refuse to spend good money on pain anyway. 

CanadaMoose:  Ok, you just named my favorite actors lol. 

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Worker bee

ClaudiaKishi:  totally agree! I see girls taking selfies in the mirror and their whole room is a mess. I’m like “why?!”

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