(Closed) For fun, what things do you just FAIL at??

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Honey bee
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I am a terrible artist. I mean really, truly, just awful at drawing. So of course I draw constantly and post all the drawings online for people to look at, because I feel like they’re so bad they become good again. Like “this drawing of a chicken is so atrocious, it makes me feel better about my own life and I laughed for 15 minutes straight at your expense.” Thankfully, all the drawing practice has done nothing to improve my abilities because if I got a little better, the drawings wouldn’t be nearly as funny and that would be sad.

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Busy bee
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BurlapnLace:  haha well you don’t fail at humor, because your two pics (and update) made me laugh! i am a TOTAL fail at cooking a fried egg. it’s SO frustrating because i love to cook, and i do so (very well) on the regular. i bake and decorate gourmet cakes on the side. my fiance comes home to meals prepared from scratch every night. i can host a dinner party like no one’s business! but omg i can’t fry an egg to save my life! i either leave it with gross runny egg goo coming out of every spot or i way overdo it and the yolk is just a little yellow ball. yuck.

mr. h on the other hand does it perfectly every time. poached too. he nails it. he can’t scramble though–the secret is low and slow, and he’s always like…”GIVE IT ALL THE HEAT!!” haha.

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Bumble bee
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i fail at locks and keys. I can literally take 15 minutes trying to figure out which way a key goes into a lock and which way to turn it to unlock or lock a door.

i also really suck at teaching people things. i say things that make no sense out loud, but i totally get it in my head hahah

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Writing anything that looks nice. My handwriting looks like chicken scratch, but if I try to write nicely it looks like an eight year old trying to learn to write. My husband did all our wedding calligraphy – at least he can write well.

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Painting my nails! I always think “i’m going to look so put together and cute!” and then within 24 hours I have the chipped-nail-polished hands of a 12-year-old. And i’m too lazy/cheap to get gels or keep up with them. I’m so jealous of those girls who always have adorable manicures all the time becasue i just major fail every time I try.

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Buzzing bee

I am an absolute failure at folding clothes! Seriously… and sweing. JUst. TERRIBLE. To the point if finances happen to be tight when I have kids and they depend on me sewing them stuff or knitting, I feel really sorry for the poor little ones as they’ll look like crap

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Busy bee
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i fail at doing anything with my hair. i cannot for the life of me make it look sylish. its always up in a ponytail/bun – even the day after i get it cut/styled – as i dont know what else to do. i also fail at walking in high heels. i guess its from years and years of wearing flats/boots/flip flops that my brain doen’t remember how to position my feet properly in high heels. its a mess. OH and i fail FAIL at folding fitted bed sheets. they all end up in bundle in the closet.. 

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Blushing bee
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Apparently I fail at choosing a wedding dress.  I’ve changed my order 3 times and now I’m loving one by another designer.  FAIL.

I also fail at ice skating, rolling the letter R, blowing bubbles in gum, and swimming (I just never learned how).

P.S. I’m a professional chef and it took me A LOT of practice to learn how to fry an egg properly.  Don’t lose hope!  $30K for Culinary School and I still had to stand at my stove with a frying pan and a dozen eggs until I got it right.

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Buzzing bee
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BurlapnLace:  My left and right. I’ve just started taking driving lessons and it’s crazy- he says turn right and off I go in the other direction. You’d think if have mastered left and right by now. 

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Bee Keeper
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BurlapnLace:  I cannot bake to save my life. I can cook like a pro. But I can’t bake for some reason. I just don’t have a hand for it I guess. I have tried pinterest things before and everything. I couldn’t even do one of those “nailed it!” photos becuase it just came out that bad. Like people wouldn’t even be able to see that it was supposed to look like the photo. It tasted good. Looked terrible. My SO still ate it because he’s a fatty mcfatterson. But even he said it was horrendous, and he rarely will tell me I failed at something like that lol.

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Bee Keeper
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BurlapnLace:  O R G A N I Z A T I O N !! I can make a recipe, love it, and then not remember what it is or where I would’ve put it. Seems easy, but it’s not.

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