For Fun: What trends do you hope to never see resurrected?

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    happiekrappie :  Yeah, sorry. I just think they look terrible on everyone. They remind me of little kid pants.

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    trend I hate with a passion, hope goes away and never, ever comes back: big, blocky drawn-on Groucho Marx eyebrows. I mean, I get it, we all get to enhance our faces how and when we choose. but those EYEBROWS. in orange county, it seems to have gone to a level that appears as if people are doing it ironically. Which would be funny for a second, but they’re not. They’re actually drawing a huge shape of paint where their eyebrows should be, and filling it in. Not even trying to make it look like a brow-it’s just a block of shiny, greasy pigment. And sometimes they’ve frozen their brows with botox, so the things don’t move. It’s like they’re wearing a weird kind of billboard every time they turn toward you. Maybe those things would be more useful if they actually did rent them out for advertising . 

    another trend: This whole overlining and gloss and duck lips mess. Can we please  Keep Away From the Kardashians, and be proud of our body parts whatEVER size they happen to be, and stop trying to shrink some and blow up others? (Irony: I love wearing corsets. yes, I reserve the right to be completely hypocritical.) 

    And I actually wouldn’t be judgmental about it (none o’ my business) except a lot of these poor things are looking around and sneering at me and other women like “don’t you WISH YOU HAD MY HUUUUGE LIPS AND BROWS RN” 

    no… no I truly truly do not. 

    So maybe the trend I actually wish would become extinct is the trend of women being assholes to other women, and sneering at their looks. (I do realize the irony in this. yes, yes I do see what I did there…) 

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    When I was in high school, all the boys wore jeans sow low that you could see several inches of their underwear (never understood how those pants didn’t fall down to their knees). I spotted a guy severeal days ago wearing that same style and I’m a little scared because this trend should never come back!

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    ahsoka :  Are you talking about these? If you are I agree, I have like no eyebrows and these are so terrible. I think they call them Instagram eyebrows. 

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    theweddingunplanner :  My sister told me she was riding the subway and a kid in baggy pants was standing beside her with his underwear showing. Well guess what popped out of his boxers. He wasn’t even aware of it, and my sister said she was cracking up and grossed out at the same time. Yeah, I’m glad that trend is gone and considering where it came from (jail fashion – no belts) it should stay away.

    ahsoka :  Yes! I have seen so many penciled eyebrows on younger women, obscuring their real eyebrows. It looks bizarre. My son’s gf pencils her brows a little bit, but she is Indian with that beautiful darker skin and hair and it looks perfect on her. But the kid is gorgeous, so that helps.

    I just wear whatever jeans are in at the moment, but I love the lycra/spandex in the skinny jeans. So much more comfortable.  I hope that trend stays.

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    cmsgirl :  Kappa is slowly making a comeback! especially the polo shirts for guys. 

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    lifetimegoals :  Neon clothes are definately back! that is going to be everywhere come summer time.  

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    midgy86 :  lol…. The younger generation now get to expirience the humiliation of such fugly clothing and thinking a guy wearing it is hot enough to kiss 😂

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    I am so sick of seeing mason jars and lanterns at weddings. God almighty let’s pick the ugliest, least-romantic possible decor and make it popular, why don’t we. XD

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    I wasn’t old enough to do the tights under a leotard thing, but I WANT IT TO BE OKAY TO DO IT NOW!


    I never liked the whole babydoll dress thing. It’s like Annie Hall, in a potato sack. It’s WILDLY unflattering to every body type, and that shit blows up over your head in a stiff breeze like nothing. 

    Nah man, nah.

    Image result for empire babydoll dress

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    sankwa :  yeah. And even more – I’m talking about this size- 

     but yeah,  those geometrical never-found-in-nature ones, I can’t wait till they are gone too. 

    some people here actually do this to their face pretty intensely before they go out. I think I’m just too old to understand the thought process behind it. 

    I do feel like other people’s eyebrow art isn’t my business, really, but I’ve experienced on more than one occasion an attitude that goes with it : “I just can’t talk to you until your eyebrows are ‘on point’” or “on fleek” (which are also phrases I hope die soon. 


    This is all on its way out… will just be a bad memory soon, along with pleated pants … 



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    When I was in middle school/high school it was all about super low rise jeans and baby doll tees. I am pear shaped and have a super long torso so I could be wearing the same outfit as my best friend and she’d look perfectly respectable but my ass would be hanging out and I’d have like 4 inches of stomach showing. I had to slouch past the security guards or they’d cart me off to the principal’s office to wear the “shirt of shame” for dress code violators. The system was rigged!

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    ahsoka :  I 100% agree with you about the overdone and extra dark/long/thick eyebrows and completely unnatural like this… (bonus points if they’re black brows with blonde hair)

    Image result for thick drawn eyebrows

    HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure that picture is of Lily Collins, and I cannot stand for that injustice. Her brows are natural and beautiful!


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    Neon and 90s sportswear is definitely back where I am. But I never want to see the “90s heroin chick” look come back – Kate Moss 90s or those early Friends season where Rachel and Monica looked lkke they were seconds from starvation. But I am soo over the instagram / I look like a Kardashian thing. Seriously these women look NOTHING alike yet…

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