For fun: what was your baby name "criteria"?

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– Nothing that starts with B

– Nothing that ends in “er”

– Nothing with a nickname we don’t like 

– We prefer short (1-2 syllable) names

– No family member names (we don’t want to name our kids after anyone)

We have a list of girl names that we both love (and have loved for years). Boy names are where we struggle. We’ve been together 11 years and have never come up with a boy name we both like. 

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Helper bee
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When we discussed for our first, this was our criteria:

1. Has to be a ‘real’ name with ‘normal’ spelling – my husband is very against anything he considers made up (slightly subjective haha but basically must be a classic name he has heard before 😂)

2. Ideally not in the top 100 for our province. I grew up with a super common name (think xxx A, B, C in all my classes growing up) and wanted to avoid that.

3. Also fairly short. We like two syllables, personally. We gave our son two middle names, and didn’t want to have a ridiculously long name 

4. Not any of our initials or last name initial. I know some families like to have all one letter or boys same as dad, or just ignore it and pick names they like. But we specifically skipped over the name sections for our first name letters and last name letter. 

Thats about it. The first obstacle was the hardest to overcome haha

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At this point, I’ll just go for any name that is:

1.) Not in the top ~50ish

2.) Doesn’t end is “aiden”/”ayden” or “son” (2 exceptions to the “son” rule exist though)

3.) Not the name of exes/annoying people we know

4.) Some family connection, be it a nod or a full-out name repeat


Where it gets hard is that my husband hates all names. It’s turned into this game, where I text him a name I like to see his response.

Grace? Too religious.

Hazel, the name of his beloved grandmother? Too old lady.

Anneliese? Too pretentious. 

The list of reasons he hates names goes on and on. You’ll notice there are no boys names. That’s because boy names are just a non-starter. I think he really, really wants a girl and subconsciously hates all boy names. The only names he’s ever told me he likes are Alice and Bill (um, no). 

So, I am genuinely concerned our children (who, I assure you, he is happy to one day have) will have to name themselves upon puberty because we’ll never find one he likes. 

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Busy bee
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I’d never thought about any particular rules but I guess I’ve had some “guidelines” in mind and the closer Darling Husband and I get to TTC.

A “normal” name.  Nowadays between our FB and other social media accounts, friends and people we follow it seems like so many names are made up (as PP said) and/or they have an overly common name but try to spell it super weird to try to make it unique, wonky spelling.

Short-ish name. Darling Husband has a long-ish name with a super easy nickname. For example, Joshua but 99% of the time its Josh or something. We’re okay with those types of longer names so long as the shortened version isn’t too common or would sound odd.

Try to incorporate a family name in somehow, on either side of the family. I actually don’t want to use my middle name because it is so common (I’m sure my mom and my side will be pissed b/c of this). Most likely this will be a middle name. Ironically, both names we do like are after DH’s parents (which is fine with me).

Then this isn’t really a rule, but funny you mentioned religious names, OP. Our top boy name is a biblical name (we are Catholic) and we absolutely love that it is a biblical name. To us, its just a strong name and we really connect well with it. To each their own though!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Our names had to be classic, easily pronounced/spelled (our last isn’t), but not in the top 100 most popular names. And nothing rhyme-y. Middle names are for honoring family – my daughter’s middle name is after my late sister. 

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Buzzing bee
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Man, naming a kid is hard! We’ve been dealing with infertility for 3+ years so we had lots of time to talk names but now that it’s real, whole other ball game! We were in agreement on a boy’s name but found out at 12 weeks it was a girl and have been struggling with names. My criteria are

-classic name but still feminine but not old lady-ish

-not trendy or modern

-not a unisex name 

-must have a designated nickname 
– not top 50ish (somewhat negotiable but def not too 25) 

-goes with the 2 family names we like as a middle name (both of my grandmothers, we’ll only use 1 but we like having options as to what sounds better with our chosen first name)

-doesn’t start with L (last name begins with L and it just doesn’t sound right) 



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Haha…I play the same texting game with my husband. At this point I’ll suggest boy names I don’t even like just to see if there’s even one out there he likes. I have not discovered it yet. dianaj17 :  

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We are not currently TTC’ing at the moment but I have always loved names anyway so I have a list already picked out. 

~I want something you don’t hear everyday

~Feminine for a girl and masculine for a boy

~It can’t be a name that anyone else in the family has already

~I want something that starts with letters A, S or Z but this could change 


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– Real names, and nothing misspelled

– All children have to have a different first letter of their name (I prefer a different last letter too)

– Nothing common (I prefer nothing in the top 100, but notice I lean more towards nothing in the top 500 or even 1000)

– My husband hates too many syllables.  I was lucky he agreed to a 3 syllable name, but I won’t even entertain a 4 syllable name

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Helper bee
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Rules: we like it… thats about it lol

we of course attract to some things more than others but theres no ‘rules’

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Busy bee
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hikingbride :  Ha, I do the same! It doesn’t matter if it’s Katherine or Willow, he reacts the same. It’s funny, because I just have this overwhelming feeling that we’ll have girls. I’m not woo-hooey, and I actually would like one of each (I truly have zero preference when it comes down to it), so I’m not sure why, but I just find it impossible to picture a little boy, and wonder if that (combined with Darling Husband wanting a girl) is why I just can’t do boys names. I genuinely worry that a boy child just won’t have a name until the hospital forces it. 

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I’m similar. I truly will be happy with either, I have no preference but when I picture our future kid it’s always a girl. Like I just feel like we will have a girl (but then think “and that’s exactly why you’ll only have boys!” Lol). dianaj17 :  

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Blushing bee

Really, just not the name of anyone I know or know of personally lol.

We went with a pretty normal name, but I’ve never actually known anyone with my son’s name. 

Also, it was the only name we could agree on. 

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