For fun: what was your baby name "criteria"?

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Blushing bee
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Nothing with symbols and/or numbers: I’m looking at you Grimes and Elon Musk 🤦‍♀️

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Helper bee
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  • I really dislike common names such as Julia, Emma, Jennifer…I mean come on
  • I don’t like long names that have stupid shorts versions which is a bummer because there are lots of beautiful long names that have ugly short versions
  • It has to have a story behind or a reason, not just a pretty name with no meaning. I think it’s nice when a name has a meaning
  • The name has to be unique but not stupid (think some celebrity baby names) I don’t want my kid to be bullied
  • I want a name to sound nice in English but also sound nice in my native language but it’s not that important
  • The name has to go with my last name, I’ve heard some pretty hideous pairings
  • Not a biblical name
  • Both my FH and I should like the name
  • No people we know in our immiediate circle with the same name
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Buzzing bee
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Honesly it just had to work with our last name and have the initials not spell “ASS” or “RAT” or anything like that lolol 

That itself limited things greatly. Our last name is hard to handle. 

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Helper bee

No generic or trendy names. 

Unique, but not obnoxious. 

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Bumble bee
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1. No names that are extremely popular. My husband is one of 20 people I know with his first name, 3 of which were in my graduating class of 107 people. Me, my sister, and my cousin were all dating guys with the same first name for months because it is that common. I hate it, so no trendy names (ex: anything with -Aiden, Jackson, any girl name ending in lee/leigh)

2. Use the most common and direct spelling. It’s not Amilee, it’s Emily. 

3. Try to avoid spelling words with initials.

4. Nothing that can be easily made fun of, or be rhymed in terrible ways. (ex: Cryin’ Ryan, Luke Puke, Amanda = a man, duh). Obviously not completely avoidable since kids will find any reason to tease others, but something we try to be aware of.

5. Have nicknames we like to go with the name (if the name is long enough to warrant one). For instance, I’ve always loved the names James, but not only is it too popular, it has the nickname of Jim/Jimmy – which we both hate. James really doesn’t need a nickname since it’s one syllable, but it’s been demoted to middle name consideration only.

6. Nothing referencing popular characters in media or celebs. I found Aria as a potential name through a song I performed in competition – one that I was really proud of my achievement in. But once I found out about Game of Thrones, the idea of naming a child that got thrown out the window. I also won’t name any children Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Sheldon, Katniss, or any royal family names. Obviously some names may overlap, but the more trendy ones that are pretty obviously referencing to a certain character we are avoiding.


We actually have some naming traditions in the family that we are ignoring too. On his side, the father’s first name becomes the first son’s middle name, and on my side the mother’s middle name becomes the first daughter’s middle name. I’m open to honoring his family tradition, but he simply doesn’t want to. With mine, unless the girl in born in a specific month, it really doesn’t work out, so we will likely be avoiding both.

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Busy bee
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I don’t have a ton of very specific criteria, but here are the important things to me:

  • Has to sound good/non-rhymey with last name (unfortunately our last name ends in a hard S and I like so many names that end in hard S sounds! But it’s just too matchy)
  • Nothing TOO unusual, or no unusual spellings just for the heck of it, like spelling Morgan “Morgyn” or something like that
  • Only one middle name. I don’t care if others do it or have a reason for doing two middles, but I don’t prefer the sound.
  • No naming after our parents, unless we have twins and can honor one of each. For instance, if we have girl twins, I’d love to give each of them our mothers’ first names as their middles. 
  • No bad initials (like ASS or something)

That’s pretty much it. I’d prefer to avoid names that are wildly popular, but I don’t mind a common name if it’s a classic. Our last name is extremely common too, and I honestly think having a child with a very common name that’s hard to google would be a good thing in a very google-centric world. Gives them online anonymity. 

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Busy bee
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@mrss9:  Ugh, hate that they went so trendy with their kid’s name. I can’t tell you how many X AE A-12’s I’ve met. Like, have some originality. 

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