For fun! What's in store for you this year?

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haileyblue :  I am soooo excited. It’s a big move from us (we’re in Canada) but I think it’ll be life changing. We also plan to try to travel as much as possible while there. 

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anabolina :  Thanks for the advice; i’ve trained a number of puppies/dogs (used to compete nationally in agility 🙂 ) so i’m not too considered. I’m quite familiar with the breeds we are looking at. With that said I know nothing about babies so that’ll be the tough part! You never know how long TTC will take and I don’t want to put things on hold ‘just in case’ I get preggers

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Hopefully a lot of great things.  Fingers are crossed for a promotion, the completion of my degree and hopefully a baby.

This guy showed up at our office today.  We are taking it as a good omen.


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Wow, so many babies and exciting news happening for this year bees! Very cool! 


I have 0 things planned….maybe that should change. I’ve been so consumed with my day to day life — moving out, getting through the holidays, etc–I haven’t really looked ahead, AT ALL. 

So, generally speaking, I want to grow so that I do not feel I am ruled by my emotions, I want my actions to be an honest reflection of what I truly want, and I want to cultivate my gut instinct. 

I am also going to quit smoking, I need the money and I don’t need the bad habit any longer. I had my last one on NYE and haven’t had one since. This time of day gets me, the afternoon slump. I get tired of looking at my desk/computers and want a change of scenery. I’ll get through it though. 

Congrats to all of you expecting bees, soon to be in a new house/home bees, engaged bees, to all of you and anyone reading this who may not have anything to look forward to this year. Its ok to not have something amazing planned. I’ll admit its hard seeing all the bees expecting babies, I thought at my age (36) that would be me. However, I am so far from that right now it truly makes me sad as I don’t know if it will happen for me. I can’t let that momentary sadness overtake me though because I am an amazing warrior queen. I had/have the courage to leave my husband because I deserve someone who will not abuse me, can be honest with himself and me, and will care about me entirely. 


Here’s to kicking 2018’s ass!

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Getting married in June on our 10th anniversary, honeymoon in Thailand and turning 30 in November! 

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kimmacph :  awww, I totally get you and it’s so exciting for you! Hopefully you’ll be expecting really soon and can find the perfect puppy for your family. The dog selection process was really hard for me least summer. I lost my elderly dog in July nad didn’t even last a month before getting another dog. The SPCA and public animal shelter are literally on my way home from work. So for almost 2 weeks, I literally stopped by on my way home every day trying to figure out which one spoke to me more. I ended up with a really sweet, but timid puppy. She’s really great with the elderly though, so when she’s fully trained and over a year old, we’re going to do the therapy dog certification test and volunteer at nursing homes. She’s a lab mix, so she’ll sit beside my grandpa in his walker or wheelchair and he doesn’t have to reach down far to pet her. She’s a good dog and I hope your future puppy is a good one too 🙂

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We leave for our 5 week Europe trip next week where a proposal is imminent, engagement party in April, I graduate in June, possibly a trip to Asia in July, moving into our own home in arround August/Sept and then hopefully having some time to relax!! I hope everyone has an amazing 2018. 

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Getting married and going on our honemoon will be the big two. 

After that it will be taking the funds that was forthe wedding and putting them to other things. 

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We got married and took our honeymoon this past fall, so this year we are focused on building up savings for a future house, and hopefully relocating if I can swing it with my job. That’ll mean Darling Husband needs to find a new job, but he’s quite optimistic about prospects in the city we’re looking at.

Otherwise, some travel plans. Hopefully Vietnam to visit a friend who moved there in August. Darling Husband may not come (he’s been there before and wants to save for a house more than going back, but insists I go with our other friend). We’ll go to Canada to visit his mom, this summer. 

I’d like to get back in shape. Totally fell off the bandwagon over the holidays. Maybe if I make it a personal goal I need to reach before TTC it’ll be easier to stick with it. I’ve been carrying around 10-15 pounds more than I need to for a while and it makes me feel bad (psychologically) and uncomfortable (physically). Time to acknowledge it’s more about the diet than the exercise and make some changes there. I should also make a resolution about spending. I have more than enough stuff and clothes!

Oh, and I got a paper flower making kit off of Etsy earlier this year but haven’t tried it yet. I’d love to learn to do something creative. My mom also got me sewing lessons for Christmas, so hopefully I’ll learn enough to make some cool things! Very excited to get into that.

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We go away on our honeymoon this weekend. After that, I go off the pill and hopefully get pregnant sometime this year. It feel so weird to say ‘pregnant’ and ‘this year’ in the same sentence!

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I have a crazy year in store for me. I graduate college the second week of May. I get married the 3rd week of May. We leave for our honeymoon in another country far away in the middle of June. We come back and then pack up our cat and dog and drive/move across country – literally moving from the west coast to the east coast. Meanwhile, we’ll both be umemployed because I will have just graduated and he will have to quit his job two weeks before we move, so needless to say this is a very exciting time but also very stressful. Hope life calms down for us by 2019! 

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We are expecting our second little guy in a week. So my plan for 2018 is to figure out how to handle 2 little ones at home! I’m in canada so I won’t be returning to work until this time next year. 

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Getting married in March and continuing our house hunt and hopefully having a home soon! Other possibilities,a vacation and maybe a new kitty. Hats off to a happy and healthy new year bees! ☺️

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I finish my 5 year medical residency in June! Getting married one week later and then moving across the country to start a new job. Life is going to be crazy! I’m so excited, I can’t wait 😁

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TheGridMonster :  OMG I haven’t been on the Bee in quite some time so I didn’t see the good news! Congratulations! Wishing you, your Darling Husband and your soon to be bundle of joy a very happy and healthy 2018! 🙂

i don’t have too much to look forward to this year except I will be graduating from my Fast Track masters program with an MA in Educational Leadership in August. (Hence why I’ve been MIA from the Bee!) 

i have three friends who got engaged in the last three months so I know we will be celebrating with parties, showers and Bach parties this year. (They are all getting married in early 2019!)

2017 was a rough year for me and my family as there were many issues healthwise with close members in my family, my sister was very sick in the early months of 2017, she is doing better than she was but is still struggling. My Father-In-Law is very sick and has been in the hospital for two months now. If any of you Bees pray, my family could use some prayers. Here’s to hoping the journey of 2018 is a better one…

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