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@MrsEME:  haha, I’m totally backwards with the bag and ring, and so is my husband.  To him, a desginer bag is a total waste of money and non practical.  He always says to me “here’s the (plastic grocery) bag I got for free yesterday, it’ holds stuff just as well as your LV”.  But he was willing to splurge on my e-ring that cost more than his first car (which is not saying that much, his first car was 6k).  To me too, the ring is money “better” spent.  I will wear my ring every single day and have with me (hopefully) for the rest of my life.  I can pass my ring down for generations to come, my bags.. eh.. not so much.


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@MrsEME:  I had hoped for a larger stone, but did not necessarily make our proposal contigent on one!!  I have always been a ‘blingy’ person.  I love sparkle in my jewelry, and the ONE piece of jewelry I wear for the rest of my life, every day, would be no different. 

With that said, my ring, which is 2 carats total weight (with a 1.7 carat center stone), was completely chosen by my Fiance.  It did not surprise me that he went above and beyond even my expectations (again, he did this completely on my own, no convos or shopping for us), and chose something ‘bigger’ than the norm for here. 

He is a blue collar worker, and makes good money.  I think it bothers him that he feels people look at him and think ‘poor’.  He is always dirty, always in tattered clothes, etc.  Even his friends have ‘judged’ him for not being driven to have a more ‘prominent’ career.  Although established in our careers, we are both modest in spending.  Modest house, modest clothes, etc.  HOWEVER, he ‘splurges’ on things he CAN, I feel, as a way to ‘prove’ to society he is doing a-ok.  He has a beautiful, decked out truck for instance, which he only drives for FUN.  And well, since a lot of people would see the ring on me, I think that was another splurge he could make.  NO COMPLAINTS HERE though!

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@MrsEME:  I am also very low key in my clothes, too. Most of them are solid dark colours, and yoga or palazzo pants or long skirts.  Clothes are not that big a deal to me at all, and my style is in my jewellery. 

I am also not really into shoes as my feet are so hard to fit, and almost nothing is comfortable. I have to shop for shoes like a man, find a nice pair that fits, and wear them until they fall apart.  99.9% of the time in black, as I do not like or wear brown at all in clothes/shoes. 

I like handbags, but any bag bigger than about 6 or 7″  bothers DH tremendously. His ex carried pack-horse type bags.  I tend to get one bag at a time, too. I usually get them at places like TK Maxx. 

Pretty much everything else I wear is simple/functional, but my jewellery. 


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Did I HAVE to have a larger ring? No. Did I want one? Absolutely.

My reasoning, because that is my taste and what I like. Did I get what I wanted, of course and then some. However, had my DH proposed with a more modest ring I would have changed nothing. I said yes to my DH not the ring.


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@MrsEME:  Right, feathers and some inclusions can’t be seen with the naked eye, but there are some that just don’t look good. And a friend of mine has such a bad cloud, the diamond actually looks grey. But like you said, she likes saying that she has a 2 carat diamond.

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I have a simulant of about medium size for my fingers, which are long and about an 8. It’s equivalent to a 1.59 diamond, which is not out of the ordinary around here. I feel the size of the stone is proportionate to my hands. It is also set very low, so it has an understated look. If I had smaller hands, I would have gone with something smaller.

I think the real reason most people want large diamonds is for status symbols.

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@Devyn-Diana:  Ha I’m the same- my clothes are simple and, honestly, pretty crappy (I HATE shopping)- I live in the same 5, understated outfits and I basically live in the same pair of flipflops during the summer and motorcycle boots in the winter. I carry a decent (coach) purse, of which I purchase 1 every 6-10 years and carry until it wears out… I havent even changed my purse in 5 years except to move from my old cloth coach to my new leather one when the old one finally wore through.  Its not that I don’t see value in these things, I just HATE shopping that much.

My e-ring, in contrast, I absolutely love and would probably better suit someone who has…you know, more than one bra (which is over a year old, I’d like to point out.) I do like it because it doesnt look big (cushions face-up small) so I like its “understated elegance.”  I don’t think anyone would guess it’s just shy of 3ct with the band- the whole thing actually looks smaller than my friends (really shallow) 1.25ct round and .20ct wedding band.


To answer OP- i didn’t have a carat weight minimum or anything, but Fiance knew the ring was really important to me… I was a bit of a brat about the 3 month salary rule.  When he asked if that “rule” included his annual bonus or not, I knew i was in good hands 😉

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I’d never dream of saying “no” to a man I loved because of the ring! That’s ridiculous. so, in that sense, it wasn’t a “must.” That said, I have always wanted a large diamond solitaire, and I, like anyone else, am entitled to wanting what I want, and putting value on whatever i feel like!I chose a man with similar values to myself in all things (family, how he treats others, work ethic, career drive, lifestyle, etc etc etc) and as is to be expected, he had the same ideas about a ring as I did.

We decided around 3 carats for my diamond solitaire because that is the size I liked and it was the size that his budget that he set all on his own would allow for us to buy, while still getting a high quality, super sparkly diamond. It NO inclusions visible to the naked eye, and is triple EX Ideal cut with perfect Hearts and Arrows symmetry, G color.

We ARE practical and responsible people, and without a doubt value eachother and the deep commitment behind our relationship over material things….but we still wanted and got a large, expensive diamond for my ring. Just because we like it.

Just as some people like smaller diamonds, some people like larger ones. No special reasoning. I even have tiny (size 3.25) fingers, and I still wanted a large diamond.

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I had a 0.5 carat  right hand ring as a gift from my parent before my Fiance proposed to me. My Fiance (back then bf) said he would give me a bigger stone. So that’s part of the reason why we went with a 1.3 carat center stone. I actually picked out the ring after he popped the question. He gave me the budget of $20k and I picked out the one a couple k below that

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@MrsEME:  Would not have said no regardless of the ring, but I made it clear that it was ok for us to ring shop together so he would not have to stress and I would do all the research. (he loved that part because we both love to research deals.) I really wanted over a carat because of my fat fingers!!! Fiance proposed without a  ring and we picked one out together (which I thought was super romantic). Since I got involved in the process, I also imposed a price limit because I could not justify spending over a certain amount. So I picked the diamond I have because it had great cut & clarity and it was a good deal. It’s definitely not that big (1.2 carats) especially given where I live/ my field of work, but it makes me feel good and it’s exactly what I wanted considering the price.

I guess the reason I’m answering is because I had a sort of arbitrary minimum carat size I wanted for my diamond? But it never would have entered my mind to say no if the ring was not right. Rings can be replaced, and he cannot 🙂


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@memo:  Thats so pretty!  Very unique…i’m not usually a fan of the three ston, but I love that!

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@MrsEME:  I LOVE this!  I haven’t seen this style before, but its gorgeous!

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i was just fine with a half a carat, but after trying rings on, my SO decided it would look like he was cheap, when really he has a great job and is fantastic with his finances. he is definitely insisting it be larger because he says it’s a reflection on him directly. I even suggested Moissanite because they are gorgeous, i don’t need a diamond, but he won’t have it! My finger is a size 8, so anything smaller than 1 ct looks tiny, so we agreed on a style, probably a 1 ct round halo, that way, it makes it look even larger but he won’t go broke trying to make it look like i’ve got an iceberg on my finger. darn my large hands!

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