(Closed) For the Bees who met “him” on the internet!

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LOL I like to say “interwebs” or “information super highway” just kidding.

I met my FH in real life, but 4/4 of mine and my fh’s siblings and at least 3 friends also met their future spouses on the interwebs.

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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! We first “met” on okcupid.  I sent him the first message on Valentine’s Day 2010.  We talked for a long time, e-mailed and IM’d every day.  We finally met up in person for a coffee date and starting dating after that.  

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Yep, we’ve never found a reason to hide it.  It is our story and it is part of who we are.  I mean, I don’t go proclaiming to everyone that we met online, but if someone asks or it comes up in casual conversation, I’ll tell them.

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? Sure do!  One of my brothers met his wife online and I have a few friends who have met people online too.  

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  • We met through a mutual friend on Facebook.  She posted a status about a documentary she saw on HBO.  I happened to have watched it as well, so I stated my opinion.  FI happened to agree with a few things I said and we both had the same response after she posted another comment.  I have no idea why I felt the need to friend request him, but I did.  I guess that’s why they call it fate.  He told me later on that he never accepts friend requests from those he doesn’t know.  We talked for about 2-3 weeks via Facebook and texts.  He finally convinced me to hang out with him on Labor Day weekend.  The rest is histoy.  =)
  • Yes, everyone knows.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  • No one in my family has met their SO on the internet.  My Aunt has tried, but no successful relationships.  I do have a friend that met her SO through the internet though.

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@cmvmph: cute story! I have heard a lot of people meeting off myspace… quite a few bees too

1)Tell your story of how you met him! I was browsing the “strictly platonic” section of Craigslist one night. I was completely bummed out and just wanted to talk to a friend. He had posted about being bummed out and wanting to chat too. We became friends and never talked about being interested in each other as more then that. We talked for years. Finally we decided to meet, again with no idea of actually dating. He lived 6 hours away and I kept telling myself that I wouldnt indulge in any of my feelings because it was “stupid” to like someone from the net. Well we met, we fell in love, he moved to my province, now I am married my best friend.

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Yep. The only person who didnt know for a long time was my dad because he fully feared the “interwebs”. We finally told him a few months after Darling Husband proposed. He loves Darling Husband so it didnt matter by that point.

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? My bestfriend met her husband off of a sort of myspace style site. A few other familly friends have too.

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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! My SO was recently seperated and I had recently moved back to my hometown after 5 years away. Living in my parents house and finishing school with no friends left in my area, I needed to get out, so I decided to join Plenty of Fish and at least start dating/meeting people/getting the heck out! My Fiance had joined to meet new women after his marriage had ended and was hoping for the same thing as me– just a casual date to “get back into the field”. We met online and after a week or two of talking, he asked me on a date on the day before Valentine’s Day. It was amazing. We kept extending it and extending it until at 2 am on Valentine’s Day he kissed me goodnight (our first kiss) and went home. We basically have been inseperable since! I should add in there that before we went on our date we did manage to go on a few dates with other people, but nothing that “stuck”. 

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Er… some do? Most of his friends do, but I was embaressed, so most of my friends did not. I have slowly told people, sort of, over th years that we met online. In the end, we worked down the street from each other, attended some of the few events, so even if we had not met online we would have met in person eventually, so it didn’t seem super important to give a TRUE story.

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? My FI’s best friend, after our experience, met his current live-in Girlfriend on the net and they have been happily together for over a year.

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1. We met in Second Life at a show of my photography.

2. Everyone has always known where we met.

3. My best friend and matron of honor (who I did not meet online) met her husband in Second Life, after I persuaded her to join (before I met my fiance).  We know a lot of couples from SL who met in SL.

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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! We met on Plenty of Fish after I had many many many failed attempts of dates, and he had a couple. When he picked me up, we both looked at eachother and then looked away and you could feel we both had an “ok this is gonna be good” feel about it. We spent 8 hours out just driving around, drinking coffee and talking that night, then the next night watched movies and ended up accidently having a very innocent sleepover, then a dinner date a couple nights after. I went out of town to visit a friend and when I came back we were official and inseperable.

 2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Anyone that has asked knows, I don’t feel it’s something to be overly embarassed about or anything! We never would have met otherwise so I am very thankful for online dating!

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? My roommate at the time starting dating someone seriously right after me that she met online. My dad married (now divorced) a woman from online, there is some of it around me.

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– we met on plenty of fish. I apparently saw his profile first, but i didn’t message him(i thought he looked mean in his pic). he saw that i had creeped, and sent me a message. we met within a week, had the best first date ever. we had so much in common, and so much chemistry, despte me Pmsing, lol. we started at a coffee shop, then went for a drink, then spent the rest of the night walking around downtown. i took the last train home that night. we were in seperable for two weeks. then we became official. said i love yous in 2 months, i moved in after another 4 months, engaged after another 7 months. and still mady in love. 

– yep all of our family and friends know. i kinda became a spokesperson for online dating at work. encouraging people to go out and try it.

-only my fsil has used online dating before.

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@kerensa: OMG me too!!

1.) Tell your story of how you met her! We met on match.com. She was a veteran on online dating for years. I signed up for the first time ever with online dating and four hours later, she emailed, I knew she was it, and then I cancelled my membership!! My sister convinced me to sign up and when I refused, bc I thought I was not ready, she took the chair from me and paid with her credit card. FI’s subscription was about to expire and it was her last time she was going to look around on match.com. If not for my sister we would have missed each other!

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Everyone knows. Im proud of the cool story and how fate was involved even if it was online. Although when we say match.com people act shocked, like they didn’t think gay people could use that site, as if we have some special ones only. Yes there are gay only sites but match.com is great also and for everyone!

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? We know lots of people who met this way. My sis was dating online for years and finally met her Fiance in real life, haha. My Fi has met all her prior SO’s online.


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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! We met on match.com.  After several times of having no luck and about to give up we connected.  He sent the first message.  We talked for a long time, e-mailed and texted everyday.  We finally met and were pretty much inseparable after the second date.  

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Yep!

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? I think one. 

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1). We met on Craigslist as part of a social experiment. I had two postings; one all sexified and one just normal old me. I wanted to prove a point that more men would be interested in the normal me versus the vamped up version. I was right and he just happened to email a response to the normal me posting.

2). They do now. We said we met through friends at first. Six years ago internet dating was as popular and/or acceptable as it is now, at least in my social circles.

3). Yes, lots of friends…no family members that I know of.

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1. We met on Myspace.  I had never met him before but apparently we had some common friends.  He friended me and we began emailing.  During this time, I had just gotten out of a bad breakup and wasn’t looking for anything serious, so I was talking to a lot of people.  Somehow, he got lost in the mix.  A year later we reconnected on MySpace.  I saw his picture on a random search and thought, hey he is a friend.  Turns out he deleted me when I accidently ignored him…lol So I emailed him and we became friends again and we started talking again.  Thank goodness he was single.  We have been together ever since. 🙂  We reconnected in July 2007 too.

2. Only close friends…lol  It feels embarrasing now.  I tell people that we are not close to that we met through friends and that I accidently ignored him the first time and we ended up reconnecting a year later.

3. I have so many friends that meet guys/girls they date on eharmony, match, plentyoffish, etc..  A friend of mine met her husband on eharmony and they have we met on eharmony t shirts.

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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! Match.com. I met a few people on there but I was his first and last. Poor guy signed up for 6 months but cancelled his account after 1!

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Yep. A lot of the older generation give me the eyebrow raise when I tell them but I figure I’m introducing them to the 21st century.  🙂

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? Yes, both friends and family. That made it easier to dive into the world of online dating in the first place.

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1.) Tell your story of how you met him! We met on JDate! I had been going through a rut of a lot of bad first dates and had taken a break for a while and was feeling pretty mopey about life and dating and went wth I’ll message a couple of cute guys. I messaged Boyfriend or Best Friend and he signed back up for JDate to message me back :-). We then proceeded to talk for THREE MONTHS online before we finally met in person (my friends meanwhile kept saying to move on since he clearly just wanted to be my online buddy) but then we met and we’ve been inseperable since…

2.) Do all of your friends/friends know that you met him on the web? Yup.

3.) Do you have friends or family that have met their SO on the web? My brother and his wife met on JDate too and his sister and Brother-In-Law met on match.com. It’s totally the norm now, although most of my friends have met their SOs the “old fashioned way”…


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