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@Jilliebean1:  I don’t have this issue, but could you choose traditional names that start with less common initials? For example, Xavier or Quinn.

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@Jilliebean1:  I have the same issue as I became a “Johnson”. I’m pregnant now, and if it is a boy, we would like to name him after my husband because he is the fourth male in his family with his name, and we would have the fifth. I should also mention that his first name is VERY common, so our kid would have a generic name except for his nickname “Quint”. If we have a girl I want to have a more uncommon name, but something still traditional. Right now we are leaning towards Lorelei, but who knows what our final decision will be.

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I’m a Smith and i love it (never had a problem with having to spell my name or people spelling it wrong!), but my first name is also very very common which i hate, my FI’s name is quite unusual and difficult to spell so i’m dreading changing my name a little bit, but want to be a family unit so i will do it anyway.

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Maybe two first names? For example, Charlotte Ann Smith?

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My new name won’t be as common as Smith, but still very common. I think we’ll aim for names that aren’t new, trendy, or out of the box, but traditional sounding names that may not be incredibly popular at the time. Or I do like a PP’s suggestion of an unusually first initial.

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Even though you guys would totally not think my name is common, it really is in my culture/religion! When I was younger I was not as ingrained in the culture and my name was very unique. Then as I got older that changed. I was still the only one in my high school with my first name, but my post-high school study abroad, I had 2 others, and one who lived in my apartment with me. Now I meet people with my first name all the time. The only thing about me that was still unique was my last name, but now I’ve taken husband’s last name, and it is very common in our culture, and I already know of one person with my exact first and last name in the community we are moving to, and I would bet money there are more than just that one. The truth is, it really doesn’t bother me. I don’t plan on picking my kids’ names for uniqueness either, but rather what I like and what is meaningful for our family. If they meet a lot of people with their same name I’m ok with that because their character is what defines their uniqueness, not their name. 

Plus also, as someone who had a bit of a difficult last name growing up, it is pure joy to have a simple last name that people can pronounce and spell. 

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I’m bi-cultral (is that a thing?) in that my parents come from two distinct European backgrounds, so I have a distinctly cultural first name with a last name that is distinctly from another European country. Put together, I am SO EASILY GOOGLE-ABLE. All of my friends have very common first and last name combination, which makes their lives much easier. 

I have easily pronounceable names, but the uniqueness is kind of annoying when you don’t want to constantly be aware of what may or may not show up on the internet and follow you around. This will probably be a bigger problem with the younger generation, so I say pick a name that you and your DH love, and don’t worry about how common it is. 

Another thing you can do is give a great middle name. My FH uses his middle name as part of his whole name (he always has three names on IDs and on social networks) and it really elevates his super boring names.

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I will be marrying into the last name Brown, and while we aren’t going to be TTC for a few years, I definitely think of future baby names! I actually don’t mind having a common name because I think a lot of names flow nicely with a one-syllable last name. I happen to like the name Brienna for a girl, and I think Brienna Brown sounds nice together, with the alliteration and all :p

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My new last name is not common but its really hard to find things to go with it. Its

Eells. sounds like eels.

Most the names i have always wanted to use sound weird with it lol. but my maiden name is howard. which is really common. luckily they just named me after my grandmas. worked out well. ;

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I used to have a pretty unique last name, but when I got married I married into a super common name. We’re trying to choose traditional, but cultural names for our children that we’ve never heard anyone around us have, but that people will be able to spell and recognize easily. That’s actually not as difficult as it sounds! DH and I know about 5 people with his first and last name combination and we’d prefer for that not to happen to our babies.

DH promised my grandfather before he died that we’d name one of our sons after him though, so that child might share his name with more people than the others do. I was a little annoyed because we had agreed not to name any of the kids after relatives, but at the same time it was really sweet of him to promise that. We weren’t married yet at the time (engaged though). Grampa didn’t make it until our wedding either, so this will be a good tribute to him. There are 2 names which appear numerous times on my side of the family though and Grampa’s is the male one. At least our baby will have a different last name.

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I’ve met one other person with my last name ever, and very rarely hear it elsewhere. My first name (the one I actually use, not Carol.) is a oldie. I’ve never know another person who goes by my name, and if I do ever hear of another “me” the woman is like 80 or older. I’m a little sad to see my less common last name go and take FI’s more popular one, but I still got mine! And my kids WILL. NOT. have dime-a-dozen names. I get it. It rocks. Even if people quirk their eyebrows, go for a cool name.

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I’m in the same boat! I married the Spanish equivalent of Smith – Lopez. My maiden name was Spanish, unique and in all honesty, quite lovely. I miss it!

I digress…

I, too, am looking for traditional-ish names that are a little more unique than the average name, but not crazy out there. I have an added requirement that names are able to be pronounced both in English and Spanish. For boys, I like Joaquin and for a girl, I’m currently loving Adelina. Both are not too common but still sound classic (at least IMO).

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