(Closed) For the Mommy-Bees… How did you know you were in labor?

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Helper bee
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I’ve had it go two ways.

First: extreme back and pelvic pressure, nausea, sweating, insatiable thirst, Too Much Information: diarrhea, out of control antsiness.

Second: one world-crushing, back-breaking, take me to my knees, oh my god my vagina is going to fall off contraction in the shower and I knew I had to head to the hospital.

I hope you feel something soon!!

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Busy bee
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I was 2 weeks overdue with my first child, so when I had contractions I knew it wasn’t false labour.

I had my “show” about 24 hours before the contractions started.  I was woken up at 1am in the morning with stomach pain, which at first I thought was severe “I need to go to the toilet” pain.  But as I was in the process of trying, the pain intensified and then slowly went away.  I went back to bed and about 20 minutes later it came back, along with the urge to throw up.  I just knew it was time.

I carried on like that for a few hours, I didn’t make contact with my hospital until I thought my water had broken which was around 7am by that stage my contractions were abour 4 min apart.  I later found out that my water had not broken at all.  The gush I had experienced occured from a combination of the force of the contractions and the force of myself throwing up…basically I had wet myself in a big big way and had mistaken that for the other.

Everyone is different though.  I remember when my sister was in labour with her first, I was 17 and telling her she was in labour and she didn’t believe me.  She had lower back pain, but no contractions that she could identify.  She was restless and emotional.  I actually discovered her pacing around her house and painting the babies room.  She was so restless that she just started painting.  She was 2 weeks early and wouldnt let me take her to the Doctor because she was insistant that she wasn’t in labour.  I managed to convince her to have a shower, during which her water broke and then she agreed to go the Doctor.  Who prompty said why is she here, take her straight to hospital. LOL, very interesting day for a 17 year old only on her Learners License. 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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I am one of those people who didn’t really know.  I went into labor Sunday night at 9, and hung out at home thinking labor was eventually going to star in earnest until Monday at midnight.  Turns out I was in “real” labor the whole time, but didn’t know it.  Some people don’t adhere to the 511 rule and I was one of them!

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Buzzing bee

I’m interested to see responses, too.  I tend to have some back & abdominal pain even before pregnancy, so I’m hoping it is obvious to me!  @Roddy, at least you are close…I’ve moved into preterm paranoia phase.  😀

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The contractions were more consistent that they had been being, coming closer together and lasting longer…never saw a “bloody show” but woke up in the middle of the night right before my water broke.  I wasn’t really sure what was going on, but I just knew that things were progressing.  I had read online somewhere that if you’re not sure if your water broke then you should lay horizontal for 30 minutes and then stand up…sure enough, when I did that Niagra Falls hit!  🙂 

We went to the hospital then (2-3am) and I gave birth at 5:02pm…

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Bumble bee
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Both times I went into labor on my own, it started with my water breaking. Both times it was in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.  I had no clue beforehand…no contractions, nothing.  Both times, I just woke up because I felt (excuse the TMI) like I was leaking.

Had my water not broken, I’d never have known I was in labor.  My contractions were a pretty consistent six minutes apart when i got to the hospital…and I didn’t really feel them.  But by the time they got to 2-3 minutes apart, they got my attention…

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Busy bee
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I had no clue I was in labor lol. I was talking with my neighbour all evening and I just couldnt get comfortable – it felt like my son was doing flips inside – but I didnt think too much of it. I just chalked it up to end of pregnancy is uncomfortable and it must be squishy in there for him. I went to bed late and tossed and turned forever – he was still doing flips. finally i went to pee and my water broke to be accompanied by lots of green stuff – the little guy pooped inside of me. needless to say i had to hurry to the hospital lol. its so different for everyone that its pretty much impossible to compare.

Good luck!!! and congratulations!!

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Bee Keeper

I didn’t know I was in labor.  I’m one of those people whose dromedary labor was “painless.”  I’m pretty sure the BH contractions I felt all day the day before I gave birth were labor contractions.  I didn’t feel any pain with my contractions until after my water broke (at which point obviously I knew I was in labor).

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Blushing bee
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I had been having false labor for a week or two so when the contractions started I studiously marked them down, and even made a note that they were significantly more painful than I’d been experiencing previously. They started getting really bad only about a half hour in and my husband suggested calling the doctor but I refused because I wanted to finish Glee first haha. By the time it was over I was screaming through my contractions and when I called the doctor she didn’t even want me to wait the 20 minutes until my doula showed up!! My son was born right at 5 hours after my first contraction that day, completely natural. Needless to say, I definitely could tell I was in labor – but the obnoxious part is that I was pretty sure I was in labor about 5 times before that and could only differentiate the real thing in retrospect. But I guess the difference is that all the earlier times I was “pretty sure” I was in labor vs. “okay there is zero chance this is anything else”

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Bee Keeper

My water broke lol. There’s no doubting it at that point! My contractions began a few hours later.

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Bee Keeper
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It’s interesting that so many people didn’t know they were in labor until their water broke; I didn’t either.  I thought I was in labor like 4 times before the real thing, so when I felt harder, timeable contractions, I thought it was just false labor again.  My water breaking clued me in that this time it might actually be real!

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