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@rachel_leigh:  I have a liberal arts degree from a top 3 college. I work in tech maketing and it took me 3 years to break the 50k mark. I’ve stuck with it and now make in the high 5 figures / low 6 figures. I have traveled anywhere from none to 25 days / month. I have moved from city to city as needed. I have worked no less than 40 hours / week, often closer to 60, sometimes as much as 80.

I’ve done coursera, conferences, mentoring relationships and internal company trainings to keep my skills current.

I’ve also spoken at conferences and blogged on my industry/function so that has helped drive demand for my skills.

The biggest thing is keep learning.

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I think this can vary based on location, in my area if you make $50k you can barely afford rent in a ‘bad’ area. The cost of living is super high and the salaries reflect that by being higher than ‘average’. 

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Geophysicist at an oilfield services company. I work fairly normal hours, unless there’s a big project going on, when I start working around 60-70 hrs/week.

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@rachel_leigh:  My Fiance makes more than $50k and is a technical writer for a large biotech firm. He has a PhD in microbio but isn’t really using it. My guess would be that his coworkers have Masters or possibly even BAs. 

ETA…. $50k isn’t that much in our area. Rent on our decent size 1 bedroom is $1350. Gas is around $4. So we’re higher than the average. 

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I work for a large insurance company as an account executive. My hours vary, but are fairly flexible and reasonable – and I can work from home relatively frequently. I do travel quite a bit, though. With a baby on the way, I am thinking about a job change to cut down on all the travel, but would not be able to sacrifice the salary I make for that change. 

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I went to school for IT and have worked in the field for 10 years. I started at about $60K out of undergrad. It’s a great field.

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I have a B.A. in Philosophy and work in accounting for a startup. I make about $45K with overtime, typically working 50 hours a week. My Fiance is an attorney, works standard 40 hours and makes about $220K. It might seem like a lot but cost of living is super high here. We can’t even afford a decent house in a decent neighborhood, so we’re thinking of moving up to Pacific NW! 

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I didn’t go to school really at all beyond high school. I make $56K with great benefits and a good yearly bonus And an excellent retirement package.

I started with this company 7 years ago, and I started at the bottom (customer service), and worked my way up. I made $32K when I started. 

My dh has a 4 year history degree but isn’t working in his field doing anything related to his degree at all. He is the vp of a small business and earns about $70K. He has a contact negotiation coming up, and we are expecting his salary to jump to $80K. 

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I’m in eastern Canada and make mid 50s.  I’m working for the government at a museum where I do programming.  My education includes a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education and I’ve been finished university for almost 15 years (yikes!).  This city is becoming quite expensive because of the growing offshore oil industry.  My SO was making mid-70s working in broadcasting (college diploma and 20 years experience in the industry) and lost his job a year ago.  Its been tough for him to find something else with good money in close to his field.

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I’m a nurse, I work two days a week. 


My fiancé plays poker professionally, & he’s a project manager for a construction company. He was also the assistant manager & manager for a very well known retail company. 


All pulled in well over 50, & I’m the only one with a degree. 

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@rachel_leigh:  it depends on the field whether an advanced degree = higher pay! I work in museums (so does SO) and while he makes much more than 50K I make much less. We both have master’s degrees. We probably would average to 50K, and we live in an area where prices are pretty cheap which helps. I definitely took a pay cut to move here though :/.

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@crayfish:  Our husbands do the same job and have the same salary. He works for car companies though. I thought I would never meet another person who had to deal with the random phone calls in the middle of the night becuase a server went crazy or down! lol

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I make 50+ with a four year engineering degree in central PA but most of it goes into the bank account and straight back out since I am paying for grad school out of pocket.

Fiance makes 50+ with a four year degree in business in Boston but his living expenses are double mine because of the area

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Starting a new job soon and will be on the equiv of about USD 58k… however there is some shift work involved (every now and then). 

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Ya it depends on a lot. I have a bachelors and make 66k before I had kids but have never used it. I worked in the Arabian horse industry and its all word of mouth, have built relationships with trainers over the years & experience. proving to my clients on a daily basis that im the best fit for them si they stay with me.

I’ll put my SO’s story on blast since no one knows him here 🙂 he never finished high school & makes 120. Started working at a grocery store when he got out of jail 16 years ago (hard childhood and made some bad decisions after leaving his home at 14 years old). He worked his way up to management at the grocery store. Then moved to start up company’s ( energy drinks & Krispy creams) doing their marketing and sales. Came to his current company (internet marketing side of yellowbook)  6 years ago with a starting salary of 90k & now we’re at 120. He is looking for a new job now because we want to relocate and with his experience they have all overlooked him not having a degree. 

Like other bees have said you née to plan a salary increase because without property and or dependents you will get screwed on taxes.

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