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Both my husband and I make over $50K/year. He’s a biologist with a well known pharmaceutical company, and I do specialized HR in a large company in Philly. He followed his degree, and I sort of fell into my job over the years. My degree is in Accounting and ended up in HR somehow :o) We are both 8 years out of school though, so we’ve had time to establish our careers and guide them to what we wanted them to be.

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I’m an auditor in Atlanta making over $50k.  I do have a master’s degree and my CPA.  Crazy hours though.  From January to April, I basically give my life to the company.  Haha. But I’m young and it’ll help to give me the experience to go work in the corporate world as a controller or CFO.  Hope that helps! 

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My career really isn’t an option for you since you don’t want to go back to school, but I entered my field at 48.5k/year, and went up to 51.5k/year after one year on the job. I’m an RN, BSN.  I could make a fair bit more if I lived in a metropolitan area, though.

I know people’s first reaction to the fact that I’m an RN is usually, “Oh, you must make good money.” Seriously, though, they pay nurses just enough to keep them from quitting. We earn every single penny of it.

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I don’t actually have a Bachelors degree (or any four-year university degree). I went to college for 2 years and got a Journalism diploma, which I didn’t do anything with, but it did allow me to take a 1 year Public Relations diploma at the same college. 

I am now in marketing earning in the low $60s. When I get to management level I will be pulling down about $80-90k as a conservative estimate. Marketing/PR jobs pay really well, I can’t recommend it highly enough as a career path (assuming of course you have a passion for it also, as I do.) They also generally do not require four-year degrees in marketing to obtain, although you do need some higher education. I’m not sure what the job market is like where you are, but generally marketing/PR suffers less in downturns.

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Yes, we both have MBAs and make well over that.  But we work long hours – 10 hour days are very short in the fields we are in, 12+ is more normal – and we pay a lot of money to rent a very small apartment since we live in manhattan.  So more $ but it does not go that far and it comes at a real personal expense. 

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@teaadntoast: also in nyc so love the “high tolerance for crazy” line.  awesome!

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@Sunchick19:  Laughing  Finance people are nuttier than lawyers, I think, but only just.  I have no idea how people survive in that field.

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I think you can get to and over $50k in many careers after you’ve put some time in…say 5 years or so.  I’m a teaching and in my 6th year I make right over $50k.  My husband has almost 20 years in insurance and makes over 100k.  It just doesn’t happen right away and you have to keep working to move up (unless you’re a teacher – then you just have to keep teaching – but that’s a subject for another post.)

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I’m a pharmacist (in 6 weeks I will be at least). I just accepted a job offer for 90K a year at a hospital. Retail positions are much more (up to 130K) but I didn’t like the work. I prefer the hospital and job satisfaction. This is my first job offer out of school (and also was my first pharmacy job interview- I pretty much got to pick my job- which is awesome!) Of course pharmacy school is another 4-6+ years and is pretty expensive. (I will have $92,000 in loans to pay off).

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My husband makes upwards of $60k as a mechanical/aerospace engineer.  He has been out of school a year and a half.  He travels some, he was just gone for 3 weeks last month.

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My husband I both make over 50k a year. He makes a few thousand more than I do, especially because he gets overtime for working Saturday tutoring. He’s a teacher and I am in publicity/marketing.

I made $21k at my first job (in Utica, NY) and once I moved back home to the city I went to $26k, $28k, $32k (same company). Next company $40 to $46k. Current company $50 to $56k. A lot of my friends from my first company in the city make more than I do–but I needed to leave the fast pace of PR agencies. I work 10-6 (sometimes take work home), have 40 sick days, 20 vacation days, 5 Fridays off in the summer, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. Plus we can roll over 10 vacation days a year–this year I have 30 vacation days. We have good health insurance and okay dental.

But we live in New York, barely have any savings, and can’t afford to buy anything. Whereas my bff lives in Florida–her and her husband make the same amount that we do combined and they have a house and two cars.

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My Fiance works on oil rigs, he is a toolhand. He runs tools down into the well and it requires alot of math and thats all I know, its kind of a complicated job. He never went to college and only has a highschool diploma and he makes about 120k before taxes. I should mention we live in Alberta where houses are crazy expensive!

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My husband makes right at $50k.  He’s the Store Leader of a 24 hour gas station that also sells fried chicken and encompasses a money center.  His salary isn’t $50k but after his bonus that’s dependent on sales, mystery shops and a host of other things, he’s in the$50k range.  It’s exhausting work with long hours and little respect, but it helps pay our bills while still allowing us to save.  H

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Well my fiance is a superintendent for a construction company. He did go to college for a year after highschool, and it didn;t do him much good. He became a carpenter, and shortly after got his current position.He makes just over 100k a year, give or take, according to how the year end profits went. Alot of his salary is based on bonuses, and some years, like this year, he didn’t get one, because of the poor economy.

Because its construction, he can be sent out of town on a dime, to work from anywhere from a couple of months to a year. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet, but it will one day. He also is paid salary so he gets paid no matter what, but sometimes works 12-15 hour days. Thats only at crunch time on a job, but it still can be overwhelming.

I am a bartender, and I was making about 36k a year. I no longer am working because I am a stay at home mom, and am currently upgrading to go back to school for a secretarial position, so I can be an 8-4 worker, for when my son is in school.

I live in a city that is pretty small, yet Very expensive to live. so my fiances salary is literally JUST enough money for us to live within our means. This includes: mortgage, gas, insurance for 2 vehicles, money put away for retirement, money put away for my sons education fund, food, and activities to do.

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I live in CT and both Fiance and I make in the Mid 50’s, I contribute 8% into a 401K, I live on my own and working on paying off debt and to be honest I don’t have much left over at the end of a month and I budget and save (cut coupons!) as much as i can. I graduated college in 2007 with a BS in Business Management I started working at a Marketing Company making 38K out of college,I have been promoted and then switched jobs and that was a promition as well and i have increased my pay by close to 20K in only 4 years. I want to go back for my MBA but not sure how I can plan a wedding and go back to school…oh yea and work 40 hours a week. I only work 830 to 5 with the occasional staying late (6 pm?) but its never forced, but that depends on the company because at my old company the dynamic was if you’re there late you will get promoted and i was working 730 to 7 or later all the time, it was crap and i had a hour plus commute home. Now I make more and my commute is 7 min 🙂 My Fiance worked at my first company that i worked at and company loyalty has not helped him he’s been there 6 years and makes about what I make, he’s 6 years older than me, and is underpaid. Jumping positions/companys’ is the best way to increase your pay, but in this economy its a tough decision because if you are the first one in, you may be the first one out.

Good Luck!

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