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I make a salary in the 50k range and I’m a graphic designer, but I work for a non-profit so my salary is lower than it should be.  if you want to make it as a designer, you need a degree (preferrably in design), a few years of experience and a good portfolio before you can start to approach $50K. you also have to be good with computers.

{edit} oh yeah, to answer the other question: I almost never had to work more than 40 hrs per week at my jobs, but I know a few designers who do have to work a lot more than that. I think I keep good hours because I work for in-house marketing departments, wheras they work in ad agencies or freelance, so they have to work super hard.  

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@Mrs.ice:  I knew some people who worked in finance at a mutual fund company, their degrees were all different. one was in programming, one was math, and one was in accounting. I don’t think any of them had planned on finance when they were in college, but that’s where they ended up. I don’t know the specifics of their job tasks at that company. It seemed like all you needed was to have a degree and be good with numbers to get your foot in the door. also, after they had worked there for a while, they had to take some pretty difficult tests to get certain certifications in order to move up in the company.

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it also depends on how saturated the city is, when I work fulltime I make a decent salary however that said, NYC is the lowest paying city for my field because the market is so saturated I could make double that down in Florida; I was flabbergasted when I started inquiring the salary would be

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I agree with one of the (pinkshoes) it depends where you live, what type of industry thrives in your State/province. And how the economy is doing there.

I live in a city that was rated #3 in the world as far as Economy goes, Paris was first I can’t remember what the 2nd spot was. Anyways in this city jobs pay incredibly well opposed to other cities in the country. I live in Canada.

As far as your question

My question is, if you have a job that pays more than $50k per year, what do you do?   Yes, Starting salary is usually around 40-45k(entry level position) a year with full benefits, 3weeks vacation etc. is standard. Typically jobs I work for are in the Oil & Gas Industry for major Oil companies

What field are you in?  Accounting ( current job title is Drilling and Completions Accounts Payable Analyst)

Do you travel or work crazy hours?  I don’t travel currently but I have had jobs were I had to travel for trade shows or training. I do not work over time hours unless needed.. typically 37.5 – 40 hours a week

What kind of schooling/training do you have beyond a four-year degree? I do not have a diploma or degree, just a lot of work experience, started out with temporary job agencies and got my experience through there, I have taken a hand ful of courses in programs and accounting since.

My Fiance is a Certified Millwright I believe that is 4 years of trades school He works in Oil & gas too.. typically this job if you’re certified with all your tickets you can make 70-150K a year depending what company you work for what city your in..  he makes roughly 90-100k a year depending on Overtime hours.. I know if you work up north on actual Oil Rigs you’ll make 100-150k maybe even more cause they work 12 hr shifts, 7 days a week for 3 weeks at a time.


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1. My question is, if you have a job that pays more than $50k per year, what do you do?

I have my BSN and also BS in Health Sciences.  I work as a nurse 36-40 hrs per week and last year made $64k.  I do have student loans that I’m working on paying off.

DH has a BS in Pharmacy and Medical Degree. After residency he did a fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesia. He works as a CV Anesthesiologist at a large academic medical facility.  Depending on call, he works about 50-60 hours per week. 

Keep in mind–we live in the city of Chicago—which has a price that comes with home ownership.  We purchased our condo about two years ago and put down 12%.  At the same time, we were also planning and paying for our wedding. 

It’s all about balance and priorities……while trying to stay sane 🙂

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I currently make $50K annually and am in the accounting field, specifically an auditor and am currently working on my degree. My fiance is as I call it an “IT dork” and makes a bit more than I do. We live in Orange County, California. I think perhaps this has much to do with where we reside and work. Cost of living affects that quite a bit.

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I work a real 9-5 job with the exception of an occasional after work event or off site training once a year. I went to undergrad, no advanced degree.

I truly worked my way up the ladder salary-wise. I started out in the low 40’s and now make six figures in my base before bonus. That’s good even for NYC, because I know what a lot of my peers make. In my industry, if you are willing to switch companies every few years that usually means about a 20+% jump in salary, which is how people tend to promote themselves. It’s actually cheaper for companies to promote internally because you can give someone a 5% bump, if you hire someone from outside they usually demand at least 20%.

DH and I sometimes talk about moving to the finance industry (we both have business degrees), but honestly we’re not too tempted. Our friends in the finance industry work all the time and frequently have to travel esp if they’re on the deal teams. We love our non stressful 9-5 six figure salary jobs.

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@Mrs.ice:  I work in finance/IT and my degree is in Biology… so I really didn’t do anything related to my degree.

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I’ll be 28 this month, fiance is 27.

I make $57K and my fiance makes a tad less (between $50-$55K, I can’t remember exactly).

We are both computer programmers. He is a COBOL programmer, I am a web developer (C# programming mostly). We both have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

We both have pretty low-stress jobs. We both go to work for about 37-40 hours a week, and are occasionally on-call.

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My new husband makes a base salary of $60K and is eligible for overtime–last year including overtime his salary hit $99K. This year overtime hours allowed have been cut significantly, so he will be more in the $75K range, I suspect.

He is a structural engineer in the Washington, DC area. He has an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M in marine engineering, and a masters in historic preservation and architecture. After undergrad he was an active duty Marine for 2 years, and used the GI bill to get his Masters degree after that. He’s been at his current job for almost 6 six, with regular pay increases. He bills his time like a lawyer–tracking his hours and charging them to the client. (There is always a project cost cap in place, to discourage overestimating)

I am juuuuust shy of making $50K. I have an Art History undergrad degree, and  masters in public administration (though I am at the same job I had while going to school part-time, so the MPA hasn’t boosted my salary yet). I work for a national non-profit located in Washington, DC. I’ve been here for 7 years, and get a raise every year. We are not eligible for overtime or bonuses, so our pay increases are rarely more than a cost-of-living increase. But even when single, I could live decently on that salary in the DC area. Though I will admit that I do not have student loans to repay either, which makes a big difference, I’m sure.

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I have a three year advanced college diploma in Business Admin – Human Resources.  I have been working in HR for 2 years (23 yrs old), and am currently a Human Resources Coordinator making over $50, 000 per year. I normally never over 44 hours per week, and do not have to travel.  It’s an interesting career, that’s for sure! My fiance owns his own company installing Solar Panels, and also sells farm equipment at his family business..making over 50,000 as well.   He only has a college degree for Collision and Refinishing and Street Rod and custom Fabrication…so nothing to do with what he is doing now!

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I’ll have a MHS in 3 weeks and will be working as an occcupational therapist and the job offers Ive recieved offered anywhere from 56k to 80K it depends on what area I would want to work, but generally there is minimal travel involved.. very stable with flexible hours.. its actually a great job to have if you have children, especially if you got a job in the school system… guaranteed summers off!

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I’m a paralegal I make over 50k per year. I never went to college. I actually got really lucky and was hired at a law firm where the attorney taught me everything hands on. I’ve been a successful paralegal for over 7 years and love it!

I work 3 days from home 8 hours a day (40 hours per week). With minimal overtime. I don’t do much traveling, but I do have very hectic work days.

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Both me and my Fiance make more than 50K and our jobs were randomly found!

I have two degrees and ended up working with a dietary supplement manufacturing company. My main requirement is working with the foreign food and drug administrations for approval to sell our products in their countries. Again, it was a totally random job I found on Craigslist and I am soooo greatful I did. My hours are flexible and I can even bring my dogs work.

My Fiance makes six figures and is in sales (Computer/IT equipment) to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Again, his job was a random find as he was preparing for law school. Needless to say he quit school because of the potential to make way more money.

All in all it depends on where you live. We drive to the neighboring county as pay is higher.

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i only make about 35 a yr waitressing…. but dh makes about 50… hes an ironworker. its a dirty hard job and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone. 🙁

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What do you do? Patent Legal Secretary

What field are you in? Legal, Intellectual Property

Do you travel or work crazy hours? No traveling, 37.5 hrs/week, demands moderate overtime.

What kind of schooling/training do you have beyond a four-year degree? I only have a B.A. in Philosophy.  I started out as a junior secretary knowing nothing and making $30k, but caught on quick and was lucky enough to have others notice this as well… truly love my job!

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