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@Georgiateacup: me too I’m an intellectual property paralegal also! It’s the best job isnt it!!!!


I LOVE my job!!!! 🙂

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I work in Private Equity. Basically my company makes investments in technology companies; we purchased a percentage of the company and then take a seat on the board of directors to advise the company so that we can help them grow the business and make a good return on our investment. My job is basically to do due diligence on potential investments, particularly by doing competitive analyses to see how the company we are thinking of investing in stacks up against the competition. I also help our portfolio companies when they need to conduct any kind of survey research, market testing or data analysis, as I have a masters in quantitative psychology. I work about 40 hours a week but I do travel a few times a month (usually up and back in a day or overnight, but sometimes for 4 days at a time). I make $125k a year but if I want to advance I’ll have to go back to school for my MBA in the next year.

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I’m a biologist at a biotech company in Seattle.  My salary is in the high 60s.  I’m 27 and I have a BS in Science. 

I do work some very long hours but I usually have a short days to make up for it.   I average about 50 hours a week.

I’m currently going to school part time for my masters.

I like my job.  My boss is pretty flexible and he appreciates the work I do. My company has pretty good benefits, too.  (They are paying for me to go back to school.)

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I just finished my MS in Speech Language Pathology and I am making around 50k working in a school system. I could make up to 70k if I chose to work on the medical side. Fiance makes around the same with  BS and does medical research, but he works 2 jobs (does that count?). Like other people have said, living in Boston does not help. We make over 6 figures, but both have college debt, car payments, rent, etc, that eats up most of our salaries. I am hoping to pick up some private clients in the near future, where I could charge in the $80-100/hour range since I am a new grad.

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Location definitely plays a factor in salary! I have a BE (bachelor of engineering), a BA, and an MS and work as a mechanical engineer. For my location I am making decent money (just a shade under 50k). I am also moving to CA where I will be making just a shade under 70k for doing the exact same thing! 

As for work hours? Usually right around 40-45 a week. There can be travel and some loooonnngggg days leading up to deadlines. In general though it is pretty routine though.

DH is a Naval Officer and before housing allowance makes less than  40k. When you add in his housing allowance it bumps it over 50k depending on where he is stationed. As military his life is theirs and thus he is ‘working’ 24/7 unless he takes leave.

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I am a registered nurse and have averaged $90,000 for the past 5 years. I have my BSN and work in a specialty area. I do that job 36 hours/week and a per diem job 8 hours a week. My schedule is less than desirable, 12 hour night shifts and every other weekend. The money is good, but there is something to be said of missing out on many social and family gatherings because of work…not to mention the lack of sleep and damage it does to your body. No matter how long I work nights, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

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I actually work for a small company in a SMALL town doing purchasing. I have just an associates degree but it’s in graphic arts. I started as a sales assistant, then sales manager and then moved to purchasing. I say it helps to stick with a company and learn as many areas as you can

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@muckmoo1: *high five* IP definitely keeps me on my toes.  lol the people can get kind of crazy sometimes though… shhh, you didn’t hear that from me. Wink

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Work experience trumps degrees

I know this thread is about jobs, but degrees have come up and I think it is interesting that many bees can make over 50K with only a B.A.  I made over 50K when I went back to school, and know many grads who left jobs paying up to 75K to return to school. Many of them have highly unrealistic notions of how much the jobs they will get when they graduate will pay.  Had they done more research, they might not have come back to school.  And they certainly shouldn’t have taken out loans to do so.

Personally, I think that anything beyond a B.A. can be trumped by work experience unless you are in a very specialized career field or doing government work.  And you certainly would be better off working than going into massive debt.  There is a massive bubble in higher ed right now, and I say that as a graduate student.  I started a marketing research business, and then went back to school, and worked in a non profit on the side and my work experience is what is going to get me a job coming out, not my degree. Grad school provides extra skill sets and credibility for me, but it is not a ticket to an instant, magic paycheck.

So many internship/potential employers have confirmed my suspicions, and just this morning I sat next to a recent J.D./M.A. grad who was complaining that he can’t get hired because he is overqualified in terms of education, but doesn’t have enough work experience.

If going back makes sense for you, get the work experience before you go back!  It helps make you more attractive to grad programs, I think it got me my funding, and it solves the work experience problem when you do graduate.

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My Fiance and I are both in IT at different companies and are both salaried. We live in Las Vegas. I make over $50k as a Senior IT Administrator. He makes about $100k as an IT Director. I’ve been working in IT for 7 years and have no degree (yet, I’ve been taking classes). My Fiance has been in IT for about 17 years and does not have a degree. He has an excellent 9-5 job. While my job is good and I make decent money I also have to work my ass off for it (50+ hours a week minimum and am on call 24/7). If my Fiance had a degree he could likely get another $50k or so in salary depending on the company but he also has a ton of experience to back it up.

For some perspective, if we moved back to New York where I’m from, the salary equivalent for me is over $80k and for Fiance is like $180. Some places I’m sure it’s lower.

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commenting to follow


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@rachel_leigh:  I am a social worker at a hospital. I have a masters degree and don’t make very much over 50k. It is not a field you go into for the money. I also live in the Boston area. DH makes 71k with a masters as well in a low paying field and we are struggling to figure out how we can afford a house and day care and that’s with having 20% saves for a down payment. Daycare is $300+ per week and houses are very expensive. I feel like if we were in other parts of the country we would be a lot more comfortable on our salaries.

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I make about $40k as a paralegal. I probably could have held out for more cash when I was offered the position last year but I’m terrible at that so here I am. LOL. My job is great. I work for a small company which has some serious perks in terms of flexibility. For example, I worked from home for the past two days because it’s so darn cold outside.   

My Fiance makes almost triple what I do as a software engineer, but he doesn’t love his job like I do mine. It’s a trade-off. We both work pretty standard hours. Usually around 40 per week unless we’re having a particularly crazy week of work. 

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I have three degrees in communications and business and I make exactly 50k. I’m in my entry level position where I’ve been for 8 months – I’m 24

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I’m 29 and make well over 50k a year. I started entry level with a bachelor’s degree in business and no further schooling so far besides any training offered “onsite” with the job. I’ve been at my company just over 6 years.


My travel consists of waking up and walking to my office as I work from home. Occasionally I have to actually travel but it is not often enough for me to consider it a big part of my job. Putting in between 40-70 hours a week depending on the project I’m leading i.e. how experienced my team is, the resources or deadlines, etc.


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