(Closed) For those of you with baby fever, let’s make a pre-TTC “bucket list”.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Why are you waiting?  Fiance and I want to start as soon as we’re married. I’m probably going off of BC a few weeks before the wedding.  

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  We are getting married in October of this year (exactly 5 months from today!!) so in about 5 months

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  

  • Getting married is definitely #1! Lol
  • Lose about 10-15lbs to be a little healthier when I become pregnant
  • Enjoy our spontaneous lifestyle while we can ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I would love to be able to go to see family in New York and take Fiance up there, but I don’t see that happening before we start TTC since we want to start on our wedding night


Good luck to all of us that are wanting to TTC in the near future!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee

Why are you waiting? I always intended to wait until 30 so I could have a career, now I am a Ph.D. student and Darling Husband is on a career path which means he is out of town most of the time. So, I need to finish, get a job and we need to live together as a given.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Within 2-3 years from now. I am currently 28.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  Mostly travel

  • finish Ph.D, destress and  find a real job
  • Live together, appriciate sleeping in
  • Find a job and an excellent OBGYN in my new city
  • Trips that are not child friendly:
  • 1) revisit a Sandals (adult AI)
  • 2) South Africa/Africa for safari and vineyards
  • 3) Little Corn Island
  • 4) New Zealand/Australia

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Bumble bee
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Why are you waiting?  We’re waiting until I’m eligible for 9 months of paid maternity leave in my job, which won’t happen until next year. We’d also like to buy our own place so that we can really settle into life and make a place our own.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Spring 2013

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? (some adapted from previous posts…)

  • Continue to develop and excel in my job and part-time internship (both in the same organization, just a different departments), perhaps so that the internship eventually becomes my full-time job.

  • Get back into doing zumba a few times per week

  • Improve my French skills

  • Go on a daredevil snowboarding holiday in the Alps with friends (hard to do that preggers, and it gets expensive with little people in tow!)

  • Ride the train from Zurich to Vienna via Innsbruck and Salzburg to take in the scenery and do some hiking (DH is taking me to do this for my birthday!)

  • Enjoy lazy weekends without responsibilities, late nights out with friends, and spur-of-the-moment trips.

  • Buy a house

  • Get more creative with cooking–I’ve been telling myself for the last 3 months that i want to get more variety in the kinds of cuisines we eat (Moroccan, French, Japanese, etc)

  • possibly get an MA, especially if we can’t have kids when we want for some reason


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

Why are you waiting? We’re waiting at least until our 1 year anniversary. We might wait a bit after that as well, since Darling Husband and I will have some pretty stressful work stuff right around that time  

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Most likely in the next 6 to 12 months.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? 

  • Get in shape! I need to lose about 13 pounds, and I think Darling Husband needs to lose about 20. We both need to eat better and get some exercise back into our routines!
  • Take boudoir pics for DH! Who knows what my body will look like after pregnancy. I’d kind of like to have it captured in photos beforehand, looking sexy, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Take Darling Husband to Italy!
  • Get settled into our new jobs!

My list is not super long, because I’m sticking to the idea that many of the things I want to do in my life, I’ll still be able to do after I have a baby. So basically, the items in my list are all stuff I wanted to do in the next 12 months, anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Why are you waiting?  I want to get married first, and we are working on improving our financial situation.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  2-3 years.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  

  • Plan a wedding/get married!


  • Go on a fantastic honeymoon.


  • Get a higher-paying job (I’ll be eligible for a professional benchmark in another year that will make this much easier).


  • Continue losing weight/focusing on health.


  • Work with Fiance on resolving our debt/saving more.


  • Enjoy spending time with our friends/staying out late before we all start having babies!  Obviously we’ll still see them when we all have kids, but there will be a shift in what we’re doing– less meeting at a bar on a Saturday night.


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Buzzing bee

Why are you waiting? Right now we’re waiting until the Fall because I don’t want to go off birth control until then. I take birth control primarily for acne purposes, and I know that my acne is going to EXPLODE as soon as I go off…I’d rather be able to hide it more in the fall/winter months. I’m also terrified of losing my life as I know it, so I think that has a lot to do with it.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  October-ish?

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? 

  • Getting my teeth fixed/straightened.
  • Going on another great trip.

We’ve already purchased a baby-safe car. So that’s one thing off the list.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Why are you waiting?  Waiting till the wedding!  August 4, so soon!!

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Shortly after the wedding – about 3 months!

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  

  • Fiance finish school
  • Get back into doing regular exercise routine.
  • Get closer with FI’s family
  • Get a better cleaning routine going in the house.
  • Figure out/plan our post-wedding saving plan.

Just out of curiosity, how old are you ladies?  I’m 31 and Fiance is 27.

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Sugar bee
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Why? We’re young, we want to save more money, we’re not ready yet even though we both think babies are adorable. 

When? 5 years from now– we’ll be 29.  Feels like forever, but we’ll need the time because we’ve got some big things to cross off our bucket list. 


  • Get married in August!
  • Get through all the classes in my PhD program, I’m starting it this Fall.
  • More money!
  • Buy our house– decorate it. Garden. 
  • New car for me, I’m about to hit 100k and I’ll want something newer/safer before we have a baby. 
  • Just enjoy newlywed time together!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

Why are you waiting? 

We are waiting until after the weddingbrand waiting a little longer in attempt to plan for due date before summer, that way i can be at home with my son or the summer as well. 

Time frame? 

Looking to start trying in about a year. 

Bucket list-

Vegas one more time! 

Buy a bigger home 

Get better with home organization and cleaning  

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Helper bee
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Why are you waiting? We want to be in a better place financially and there’s still things we want to do, just us. Also, I’m 24 and not ready yet. 

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC? 2-3 ish years. Although, if it happened sooner it would be an awesome thing still.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? 

– two more holidays… Thailand 2012 for our first anniversary and USA 2013 (excited!). 

– work on getting healthier. I have always had body issues so the idea of gaining weight again and body changes worry me so I want to be at a decent starting point! I know this sounds selfish, which is the reason I don’t think I’m ready yet.

– buy a house or at least be close to being able to handle repayments easier

– start my career and find a real job (with maternity leave)


… Hmm, not as much as I thought! 

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Busy bee
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Such a cute thread.

Why are you waiting?  Because we don’t have awesome health insurance, and only 2 bedrooms -need at least 3.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  This year! Ah that’s the first time i’ve admitted that to anyone haha!

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  

  • Get out of our apartment- either into a rental house or hopefully buy a 3 bedroom house w/ a yard.
  • Be married at least 6 months
  • Get our own health insurance- with maternal insurance coverage.
  • Let our wild ass puppy get a little older/calmer
  • Go camping a few more times
  • Ween myself off of my medicines so I can be healthy & happy for baby
  • Either Darling Husband needs a little raise, or I need one so I can go part-time. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

Why are you waiting? We are getting married in 26 days!!!!

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC? Yes on the HONEYMOON!!!

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?

  • Get through the wedding stress!
  • Get married
  • Get on Fiance health insurance
  • Go to pre-TTC doctors appt this Friday

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

This is great! I get baby fever with each passing day but need to remind myself that there are reasons why we’re waiting.

Why are you waiting?  Darling Husband will be getting a new job in the spring. We are waiting to see if it will be in the same city or if we will have to move.   

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Once we know where we will be living…I’m hoping to stay in our town, as I have a job I love and my family is here. He should find out by the end of this summer if we can stay in our town – if so I am hoping to start TTC soon!! If we have to move it will be longer as I will have to get a job myself. I’m a teacher so it can be hard to get in the system in a new place.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? 

Disney trip with my girlfriends this summer
-Finishing my Masters (4 weeks to go!)
-Greece with my Darling Husband in Nov
-Getting the house organized/decluttered
-Buying a house (cross your fingers that it’s in our town!!!)

On another note….I’ve set up a secret Pinterest account so I can ‘pin’ baby/nursery stuff. I don’t want my friends and family to see me pinning as they’ll think I’m already pregnant. Does this make me a crazy person?? Hahaha.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2012

@missbeachbum:  hahaha omg I have a board called “Future babies” but my sister in law has one called” Future Kids- NO I’m Not pregnant!” haha

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