(Closed) For those of you with baby fever, let’s make a pre-TTC “bucket list”.

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I know this is old but thought it was a good thread. Interested to know where the prior posters ended up.

Why are you waiting?


We are going on a holiday in May that I want to enjoy not pregnant and we both want a baby born at the start of the year.



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Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  


may on our holiday


What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?   

A few weekend trips away close to home

spend New Years in a big city (if I’m not too pregnant)

renovate our house/landscape

Watch a game of cricket live

Do some day hikes

get a small home business ready

Do something with our honeymoon photos/video


none of these things woukd matter if we got pregnant before and I’m planning on coming off bc in March.

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Mrs2b2014:  I actually went to a few bees’ profiles and seems like some are still active, and many have actually gone through the whole TTC process and had their baby! Crazy

Why are you waiting? 

1. We aren’t 100% sold on having kids

2. My Darling Husband wants to be 30 before “deciding or seriously considering”. But I don’t like that idea…we are 26 now and I am less enthusiastic about not planning as if we want a child in our early 30’s and leaving it to a decision when we may actually be wanting to start TTC. 

3. Due to the above factors, I am trying to get him on board with acting like we will have a kid at 30, so we can change plans if we turn out not wanting kids, but are prepared if we decide that we do…or if we decide we want one before 30.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  

I would prefer late 2017-2018, then I would be 29-30 when baby arrives and Darling Husband would be 28-29, but he wants to wait until late 2019 or later….I feel a bit frustrated that he is younger, since we have to wait for him to hit a rather arbitrary number, but it puts more stress on my body being pregnant older. A little unreasonable, I know. 

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?

Travel more- we have traveled a lot, but I want to do some big trips (African safari, Northern Lights in Sweden, Thailand/Burma/Indonesia)

Move to my next duty station… My plan of starting TTC late 2017 would mean we had settled into our new house and would have at least one year in the same place when baby arrives (assuming <8 mth conception timeline and 9mths gestation) 

Pay off all our debt (student loans, car) 

There are so many factors affecting timelines and decisions that it is really hard to plan at this time. I just am a huge planner and think that we probably will end up with a baby at some point, but my Darling Husband is attached to an age and I don’t want to pressure him before he is ready, but I also want him to meet me in my concerns with aging and pregnancy. 

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1. Need to be in my job for 1yr before being entitled to maternity leave

2. Finish renovating our house and move in

3. I wanted to travel around Europe, BUT I want to have my first by the time I am 30 which is 2016. There will always be things I want to do, places to see etc and hubby and I already have a list of places we want to visit during kids and what we can do after so we have compromised on theEurope  so we can start trying this Year. 

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Why are you waiting?  FI and I are obviously going to wait until after the wedding but we’re also waiting until we own our first home. 


Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  Within 2-3 years God willing. Fiance wants to be a young parent because hes very close to his parents and they had him at 22! (We would be about 25) 


What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?  

  • Marry my best friend (we want to wait atleast a year to be able to enjoy marriage alone)
  • Move into a home
  • Travel (FI and I love adventure so we’d like to visit a couple more countried before TTC)
  • Buy a newer/safer car
  • Get into a better excersie and diet plan
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Why are you waiting? 

 Right now, Darling Husband has said he’s “ready”, but he’s hella busy at work AND sick T_T  He also feels that full-on temping/charting/timing sex TTC is too much pressure for him right now, and he wants to ease into it.

Do you have a time frame that you’re planning to start TTC?  

Once he’s feeling better, we’re NTNP until we’re out of this apartment.  Lease ends at the end of June, but we’re hoping to buy so we may have to do a month-to-month while we wait for a sale to finish.  There’s no space for a baby here, but if I get knocked up we’ll just have to speed up the house hunting.  Once we’re in a place that has room for a kid, and if nothing’s happened by that point, we’ll probably transition to temping and charting and such.

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list?

– Buy a house!

 – I’ve been sifting through all of our stuff in an attempt to purge a lot.  We’ve moved 4 times in the last 5 years, always to small apartments we didn’t intend to stay in long, so we have boxes we haven’t unpacked in years!  There’s a lot of stuff we forgot about, things that broke, duplicates b/c we couldn’t find where we packed the first one, etc.  I’d like to move into our first house with as minimal clutter as possible.

 – We’ve talked about one more vacation, we both want to see Ireland, but its hard to plan out when we’re also looking at a potential move soon.  Maybe we’ll plan something right after we move (if I’m not too pregnant to travel!)

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