For those that quit a job how did you decide?

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Busy bee

I was working in a toxic work environment and dreading going in everyday. I was so unhappy and it was affecting other areas of my life and realtionships too. My Fiance was so supportive and one day asked me ‘Do you think this job is worth your tears and stress?’

I handed in my notice and I felt FREE!! 

Gave me a push to start my own business and I love it!

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Busy bee
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I’ve only quit one job because I didn’t like it (others were because I was going back to school or wanted to take another, better job). It got to the point where I was crying in my car every day after work. I dreaded going in every morning. I took it because I was desperate after job searching for a couple months, so I was well aware how stressful job searching is while unemployed. When I realized I would rather go back to THAT stress (being unemployed), I knew it was time. Thankfully my fiance was 100% supportive and was willing to pick up the slack, otherwise I’m not sure if I would have left before finding another job.

Thankfully I found one a month later and now I have an AMAZING job! I quit that awful job almost exactly a year ago.

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Honey bee
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After training a couple of new members of staff and being given loads of extra duties I asked for a pay rise to reflect my increasing responsibility. This was declined. A few months later a customer complained about me and they put me through a disciplinary hearing.  FWIW I 100% didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have. He didn’t introduce himself on the phone and I asked for some more information about why he was calling and he took objection to that.  He was having a bad day and took it out on me.  It happens.  But it was then I realised they didn’t have my back.  Which sucks. There were also some awful cliques.  It’s been over a year since I left and it hasn’t worked out as I’d hoped (financially I am strained) but I know that that wasn’t the right place for me.  Like PP I am thinking of starting my own business.

ETA.  I cried A LOT.  And FI hated seeing me like that.  I should have mentioned that someone in one of the cliques yelled at me over the office and a colleague complained on my behalf.  And he then complained I took too long for lunch – it got to the point where my boss was timing my toilet breaks.

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Helper bee
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In short, I was being bullied and taken advantage of.   

I was demoted to casual because of “money” issues and the second in charge hired their friend to fill my position.  Even though their friend had little experience in my field.     Then the second in charge hired their other friend (who only was at the company for three weeks and had no training) as a casual.  The jobs I was supposed to be called in for went straight to the friend.  Nepotism at its finest.

I fell into a deep depression and my anxiety levels were high.   When I did work,  I worked my butt off.  I took on jobs no one else wanted to do.  My supervisor bullied me and chucked tantrums if I said no to a task.   I was promised by my boss and the second in charge that if someone couldn’t take a shift then they would call me first.    That lasted for a month,  then I found out that friend started to get those jobs, then they hired someone else to be casual so I was getting less and less work.

Time came when it hit me after not getting a job for two weeks,  I went to work, sat in the break room for lunch and I looked around.  “I no longer belonged there.”

I put in my notice at the end of the week.   I worked at that company for five years in various roles but to be reduced to casual because of “money” problems as the excuse, yet they hired more people. 

The money “issues” was bought up at a meeting after I got demoted and you should have seen how everyone in my field became two faced and sucking up to the bosses.   SMH

Now I’m working a different job and it doesn’t pay much but I have constant work.   

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Helper bee
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ladyartichoke :  My Fiance held me too as I cried.   He could see what a crumpled mess I became every time I come home from work.    

Also learnt adults don’t grow out of the teenage high school phase.   The cliques were terrible.   The second in charge had her own special clique,  they were cringe to witness.   

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Honey bee
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I was working a job that wasn’t terrible (liked my coworkers, but not the job itself), but I dreaded going to work in the morning and I wasn’t making enough money to save anything or make any financial progress. Once I got engaged, I decided I could not start my marriage off being miserable at a job that didn’t pay anything. I gave 6 weeks notice and job hunted like crazy during that time. I very fortunately got hired where I currently work, with coworkers I like, a job I like, and one that pays enough for me to save money but also be debt free after only a year working there. 

We spend too many hours of our lives at work to hate the job we have. 

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Helper bee

I worked at a mental health non-profit and I quit when working there actually drove me to seek counselling for the anxiety and depression I experienced as a result of how I (and my colleagues) were treated by management.

For an organization devoted entirely to mental health counselling, they treated their own staff horrendously – bullying, gaslighting, manipulation, you name it. It was a resolving door and I don’t regret for a second getting the heck out of there. My only regret is staying as long as I did.

Now I work for a tech start-up and it’s the best company I’ve ever worked for! I can honestly say I’ve never been happier in a job before. They believe in and invest in their culture, promote internal growth and movement within the company, and do a lot of really great philanthropic work in the community.

I kind of equate it to dating – leaving my last job felt like leaving an abusive relationship after the emotional and mental turmoil I went through. Now I’ve found ‘the one’ and realize that dream jobs do exist!

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Helper bee

I have only quit one job because I couldn’t stand it (all other employment changes were due to progressing my career, or in one case a forced job change when my company closed). 

This one however, I was so excited to start, really thought it would be a dream job for me. Sadly, the recruiter completely misrepresented what people in my position would be doing. The commute was longer than I wanted. They expected much much longer hours than they had outlined and shamed you if you left at normal end of business. 

I couldn’t even stand being there for a year. I started looking for something else about 9 months in, and when I received a new offer I took it. I knew that they didn’t allow people to work out any notices (once you gave notice they had security take your badge and walk you out) so I went in on a Friday, worked the morning, stayed back at lunch and cleaned out my office space and then told them I was leaving. Started my new job on the following Monday. 

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Bee Keeper

I quit a former job because I spent most of the time crying in and out of work and I was seriously depressed.  Once I left, I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders.  It was the best decision I ever made. I  was fortunate enough to find another job within the same place but another department.

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Busy bee

Only once I had walked out on a job because of was so so so sick of the abuse. It was a waitress job and I literally got a new one the next day. It was also bullying related.

But I have always turned in notices to jobs. But to be honest… I never made it to my last day of the two weeks. Essentially because the place I was working at was also not respectful to employees and not well paying to begin with. Also had bullying and they were commiting fraud by clocking me out when I was still working… or claiming more tips that I actually made etc etc. And bullying.

Now I work for a great company who I hope to stay with till I retire but that may not happen, you never know. We just turn in a notice. Bullying doesn’t happen and would get someone fired asap at my job. So I wouldn’t have to worry about it long if it did happen.

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Helper bee
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I’ve quit a couple jobs.. with the first one, I didn’t know what I was getting into (temp agency was vague). They expected OT and Saturday mornings, and did not tell me this. Also I was getting my “career” started and I didn’t have much to offer except a non-related college degree, so I wasn’t picky at the time. I left due to:

* Extreme stress due to understaffing

* I would be in tears on occasion (I don’t handle stress well)

* 55 hours a week, including Saturday mornings

* I am not very good at customer service. I do much better working autonomously..

I dreaded going into work and knew I had to find something better.

With the other job, I enjoyed it but the commute went from 30 mins to 45 mins when we moved and it wasn’t worth it. 

I found something much closer to home through a manager that I had worked with at the place I had just left! LinkedIn is your friend (Yay networking) lol. I also make a little more and the gas cost and oil changes alone save $$.

It’s funny because that manager is now the main mgr here, and he has recruited 3 of us who used to work at “Former Company” to work with him at more of a startup environment

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Sugar bee
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My anxiety at my old job was way too high because I worked with a lot of toxic girls with that high school mentality. 

I waited until I’d found another job and quit as soon as I could because I just couldn’t deal with them any longer.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I was a waitress at a diner that was super duper busy for brunch and dead the rest of the day.  the new manager didn’t like me, she kept blaming me for other people’s mistakes.  I didn’t realize she was keeping score or I would’ve corrected her mistaken assumptions more aggressively but instead I just fixed other people’s messes and kept going.  Anyway, she used my “clear ineptitude” to justify fucking with my schedule to ensure I’d make basically no money (only gave me dead shifts), have basically no social time (dead shifts were all when my friends/family would not be working), and be unable to work my second job (certain days of the week were blacked out as options for me so I could do the second job–this had been a standing agreement for months before she ever got there, and for the first few months she was there.) I complained to her but she told me to take it up with the general manager

I called the general manager, and in particular pointed out she’d ignored the fact I couldnt work those days and had scheduled me–so how in the world was I supposed to show up to two jobs at once? He explained her feelings I was inept, I asked him how that could be possible if I was always making the highest sales at the end of any shift.  He had even just told me he had been considering asking me to become a middle manager, on the same level as the girl who hated me.  Again–how does that jive with being inept? 

He agreed she’d made a mistake but refused to fix it, so I let him know I was quitting effective immediately.  He tried to convince me not to but after we hung up I never heard from him or anyone at that job again.  It was definitely a rude way to quit but basically they put me in a situation where I’d have to no-show to one of my two jobs, and in that case I’d ratherkeep the one that didn’t fuck with me and where my manager didn’t hate me for no reason and the general manager wasn’t so afraid of confrontation he’d let an employee be mistreated by middle management.

I don’t regret it at all.

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