(Closed) For those who are not TTC but plan to within the next 6months-1year

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Hello! We’re planning on trying in Feb/March. Right now I am taking a prenatal and tracking my cycles, just days though, no charting. I also cut coffee down to one cup a day in preparation for having to do that when I (hopefully) get pregnant! I started going to the gym too, because I’d like to lose 10 lbs before we starting TTC πŸ™‚

ETA: Sorry to hear about your miscarriage!!

ETA again… I went off the pill 2 cycles a go to prepare as well!

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We’re planning on TTC next summer, although I have baby fever really bad these days.  DH and I have only been married 3 months and we are 22/23, so we really wanted a year to settle in and “enjoy married life.” By next year DH should be pretty well established in his career (He has a bachelor’s degree in education, but after graduating, he decided he would rather go into restaurant management…in his company, he’d be making around $80k).  I’m a preschool teacher, so I obviously adore children, but I don’t feel ready *quite* yet.

I’m a runner and I’ve gotten DH into running as well!  Also, I’ve been on BC since I was 14 for period issues, so I’m a little worried about getting off them.  The plan is to go off BC pills after my annual visit in Feb. to give my body time to adjust.  Then I will start taking prenatals.

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage!


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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: So sorry to hear about your loss!

I like the idea of this thread!  Even though we’re not getting married until December, we will have been together for 9 years.  We will start trying a couple months after the wedding per my OBGYN’s suggestions.  I have issues with ovarian cysts and two years ago she told me the earlier I try, the better my chances will be to carry a successful pregnancy (We will both be 23, but with nice careers).

I’m on the pill now and don’t plan on going off until after the wedding.  I’m afraid it will take long for my body to regulate itself.  I’ve been on BC for medical reasons since I was 15.

As for doing stuff differently, I try to be healthy anyway.  We juice at least 5 times a week and I take a generic women’s multi-vitamin.  I also drink a lot of water and (lactose-free) milk.  I normally don’t drink sodas or coffee.

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@Mrs. Estep: I am sorry about your loss.

We are going to start trying next summer as well. We can hardly wait. We are going to go to our preconception check up in Jan/Feb of next year, I will go off the pill in May after the wedding and we will start in June/July. I have been on a low dose for 3 years, so I am hoping for a small/no real delay.

I have started to cut down on the sodas already, and will start the prenatals after the preconception checkup when I have a better idea of what excatly I need to be taking vitamin wise. I work out now about 5 days a week hoping to start to get better in shape for baby.

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first, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss!

second, I like this thread! I keep peeking in on the ttc boards but we aren’t ttc now so I don’t comment there πŸ˜› we just had a big talk recently about me going off the pill next summer, so it’s still very early for us. hubby doesn’t quite understand the difference btwn ntnt and ttc, and he doesn’t like the idea of switching back to condoms, so the ttc will begin then.

I need to figure out getting an ob/gyn so I can have a preconception visit–I’m in grad school and normally go to my school’s health clinic, but for this I’ll clearly want a specialist! finding a good doctor seems daunting. I had one I loved in DC, but we moved just over a year ago and I haven’t ventured outside my school’s clinic. i’m not really sure when to start taking prenatal vitamins…it seems a little much to start now if i’m still taking bc til summer…but maybe not?

in general i’m trying to get healthier and exercise more. also, and maybe this is kind of random, but I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 4 but have recently been trying to experiment with figuring out some fish and meat that I might like, since I figure getting more protein and iron into my diet might be good. the funny thing is though is that the things I like so far–for example, raw tuna sushi–aren’t things I could eat when pregnant anyway! or they aren’t particularly healthy, like salami. go figure!

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@JennBug89: I think you and I are the same person! Married almost 3 months, we are planning on TTC next summer, and I am 22 and he is 23… weird! Once Mr. Hedgie has is career up and going.

We aren’t really doing anything different. We are both pretty healthy. I don’t drink coffee, rarely drink and don’t smoke or anything like that. We are just saving up and making sure we can afford everything that comes with a baby! Getting closer as a couple and anjoying being married before being parents.

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So sorry to hear about your miscarriage @Mrs. Estep.  

I think we are going to start trying right after the wedding (next September – date in my profile is wrong…)  I’d be happy waiting a while longer as far as my career/”emotional” readiness, but I will be 34 then and my cycles have already been getting kind of wonky in the past couple of years, and I tried charting for a few months and as far as I could tell, I wasn’t sure I was ovulating, so I am very worried about being able to conceive.  I almost thought about moving the wedding date up sooner so we could try sooner, but realistically I’m not ready to do it yet — I am on antianxiety/depression medication which I need to either switch to another “safer” medication, or get off entirely.  Very scared about that process, which will take at least a few months.  I also drink tons of red wine and coffee, so I need to cut those out!  It is stressful thinking about cutting out antidepressants, caffeine and booze all while planning a wedding!

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I’m so sorry about your loss! 

Right now I’m taking prenatals and I’m trying to limit my caffeine, either from cokes or coffee. I have been tryign to work out more and this month I’ve only lost 6 lbs, but it made a huge difference on my cycle. (I am overweight, so I want to get at a healthier weight) I have charted for over a year and my cycles were very consistent at 24 or 25 days. I would ovuluate very early in my cycle, like on day 6 or 8. This last cycle was my longest one in a year, ovuluated around day 16, and had 14 day LP. It was a much healthier cycle.

We started officially trying this month. Smile

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@finnaroo are you going to go out of network?  I also have my insurance through school, but other students have used the university without any problems. 

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Check out FertilityFriend.com.  When you register, they will walk you through all of the charting stuff either by watching a bunch of youtube videos or by signing up for their course, which is like a daily email with a different lesson every day.  Most of the charting girls also read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Wenschel.  You might want to check your local library to see if they have it.  Oh, and obviously you need to go get a thermometer.  I like this one.

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@Mrs Hedgehog: So cool!  Have you told anyone (friends, family) when you might be TTC? I ask because a few of my friends/bridesmaids have made comments like “No babies for at LEAST 5 years!” when I mention the subject of children (which is all the time since I’m a teacher lol).  However, my facebook newsfeed is always blowing up over someone new getting pregnant/married/engaged even though we all only graduated high school 4-5 years ago.  My thoughts are: 1) DH and I have been together since we were 16. 2) I feel like we are being responsible because we’re “getting all our ducks in a row” before TTC. But simply because we are young, I feel like a lot of people are going to have a LOT to say about it…but that’s life!

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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: I’m exited too!  My baby fever has been raging HARD these past few months, especially last month when I missed a pill and we thought we might be pregnant.  Even though it definitely isn’t the right timing yet, I was still a little sad over the negative preg. test :/ but I guess thats only natural.  I’m hoping to learn a lot about TTC these next few months!

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