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Unless you are squirming from needing to take a crap, your goods don’t really hang out in your colon.  So that woudln’t be a concern unless you recently went (cuz that grosses me out, but not sure it would really leave any “residue”), or actually needed to go.  

I would give you my opinion but since you didn’t ask for it, I won’t!  Just go into it w/an open mind and R-E-L-A-X.  I also highly recommend lube.  But be careful what kind of lube you’re using, because some can cause burning to the rectum (sigh, learned this from experience).

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Do not put soap into your rectum. Use the bathroom at least 2 hours before sex and you’ll be fine. You can use a wet wipe to freshen up if you’re concerned about it. 

Like PP said, use lube and go very slowly. I recommend having your partner start out using a finger or small anal toy to help you get used to the sensation. Stop immediately if anything hurts, and don’t feel obligated to have full-on anal sex if you’re not comfortable. 

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I won’t do it unless I’ve gone the bathroom that morning, then took a shower. Otherwise I just don’t feel clean enough. But, seems to work fine!

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Make sure you’ve waited at least 2 hours after having a Bridesmaid or Best Man to do it. Then use wet TP or a wet wipe to freshen up the area if you’d prefer. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about doing anal is to ****GO VERY SLOWLY**** to avoid pain and tearing. My Fiance and I never use lube (except for his saliva) and we’ve never had a problem, but my recommendation for you is to buy some KY or other type of lube…just NOT KY Warming Jelly, because that BURNS lol. Like @danibelle said, maybe start out using a finger or small toy to get it warmed up.


It WILL feel like you need to poo, or that poo might come out, but there’s a very very small chance that poo will come out. When you get into a steady rhythm, the feeling of needing to poo will go away and it will be intense pleasure taking over. 


However, if there’s anything super painful that makes you hurt badly, then stop. It’s not worth it. But when you exercise proper care when doing anal, it should work out just fine. Just remember to take is slowly. 

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Also there is a lube that my Fiance and I have used called PINK – it’s made specifically for a woman’s body BY a woman, and we’ve never had an issue anywhere with it. Go slow, start with a finger, possibly look into some smaller toys/plugs to adjust and just take your time. It may be ok to go for it all the first time, you may need to work up to it. We worked up to it, for me personally it was an adjustment and a bit weird at first, but taking it slow and him being patient helped where it wasn’t a painful experience. I could tell when was starting to get nervous or tighten up, I’d let him know, we’d stop, relax, pause w.e until I was ready again (if was). I found it easiest (warning may be tmi) when lubed him up, I was on top, he was sitting and I was able to kiss him, bc when I started to worry or think or tense we’d stop where were, and he’d kiss me and kiss/touch other parts of me to relax me that I actually shocked when we were ‘all the way’. Take your time, take it slow and easy and listen to your body on if ready or ok or not.

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Anal is not something that I do on a whim, lol its usually a planned thing. I alway use enimas. I have a plastic ”baster” type thing that I bought a sex shop that is specifically for anal douching. I use it because I am the type who is paranoid about ”left overs” Lol 

I would suggest getting a small anal plug and just keep it in there during sex for a while and get used to the idea of your something being in there and also how to channel the pleasure from it that you can recieve. ESPECIALLY during oral sex, wow. And use it (or a finger) before you actually have anal sex to get loosened up.

Also, I know that people may tell you that if you dont need to use a condom but I 100% would ever time. And you must know that you should never go ”back to front”. 


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SaugaBride:  FYI lots of lube and prep butt plugs are your friend

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