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Peachytalk :  This is precisely why I believe “gender” reveal parties are dangerous and a HUGE step backwards for society. Gendering your child before it is born reinforces the acceptance of a binary system of two “genders”. By celebrating a child’s sex before it’s born, we are showcasing how important it is to us that our child be one or the other. In reality, a baby could be intersex or indentify as transgender when they are older. Not to mention the wide variety of ways in which people express gender across the spectrum of sexuality. The two concepts are linked but are ABSOLUTELY NOT interchangeable.

Using gender when one means sex is the same as using the word sofa to mean bed or lettuce to mean cabbage. All these terms mean different things. Let’s not kid ourselves.

kaotoo3391 :  Reminding others or providing teaching opportuntiies for those who are unaware of the difference between sex and gender is important and makes the world a better place for those who are bullied or shamed for being of the LGBTQ community and/or who are intersex. I am currently four days overdue with our first child. We have not found out the sex and have received gender neutral gifts. When our child is born, unless they are intersex, we will not lie to people. We will tell them what the sex of our child is. The gender of our child is up to our child. As they grow and decide what they would like to be, we will accept that and love them as such. This topic is not about “having fun”. Gender and sexuality are hugely important, especially to those who feel stigmatized for what they indentify with. If we can make the world a little bit safer and create more allies for people whose gender identify conflicts with mainstream society, then I think that is an amazing thing.

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