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I  do hip hop abs 3  days a week.  I was always bloated, had tummy aches and felt  gross so I no longer eat  sugar,  salt,  carbs or dairy.  the first week I started I had horrible headaches  and muscle aches but I  feel great now!  No bloating  or tummy aches! I eat lots of  fruit  and veggie smoothies,  protein  shakes,  almonds butter  and a little chicken. I hate that I have to be so strict, but my body  feels tons better.  I’ve gone to doctors and spent hundreds  and  hundreds of dollars to find out why I have digestive problems and no one could tell me.  Having such a strict diet is the only thing that has helped.

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@tmsing:  My normal routine is as follows:

Exercise: I wake up at 4:45am, get dressed, and do 3 sets of various cross training exercies: squats, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.  Then I go on a 2.5-3.5 mile run, depending on how I feel.  I do this at least 4 days/work week, and 1 weekend day (waking up a bit later, but still around 630am or 7).

Food:  Monday thru Friday, my breakfast is a hard boiled egg, and if I am really hungry, one piece of whole wheat toast.  My lunch is a packed salad, with a ton of veggies, fat-free dressing, a piece of fruit (for mid-morning snacking), and a yogurt.  I keep a fiber one bar in my desk at all times, in case I am famished in the afternoon.

For dinners, I cook at least 5 days per week, and I try to cook as clean as I can.  A veggie, a protein, etc.  I found a lot of really awesome low-fat/healthy recipes online, and then I try to stick to portion control from there.  I make casseroles, crock pot meals, use the grill, etc.  I try to keep it fresh and fun, so that we do not get bored.  If I am utilizing a carb, I stick with brown rice, and wheat pasta…always!

The other evenings, if we are eating out or ordering out, I try to pick healthier options.  Pizza nights, although limited, we get thin crust veggies, and I limit my intake.  Fast food, subway or chipotle (utilizing all healthier ingredients) ALWAYS.  Restuarants are pretty good about having a lower calorie fare, and although sometimes I cheat, tend to order off of that.

The key is balance, and not ever getting soooo hungry you literally eat everything in sight.  It is eating small portions throughout the day too.  A piece of fruit every few hours, or a handful of almonds.  It is NOT cutting out the things you love, but finding alternatives, or again, portioning it out correctly, and over time.  I am a salt addict.  I LOVE CHIPS.  I now buy Special K cracker chips, and the portion is 31 of them.  They are actually quite good.  When I want an actual cheeto, I grab a handful, no biggie!  Desserts, etc, I cut in half.  Just little ways to enjoy your craving, but maintaining your diet.

If you have a bad day, and eat crap for breakfast/lunch/dinner, spare yourself the guilt, and ‘start’ over the next day!  Hope this helps 🙂

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Bee Keeper

@tmsing:  I don’t follow a strict diet/workout routine because I find that having the word DIEt (yes,  diets make me want to die lol)  in the back of your mind sets you up for failure. I just aporoached it as an overall lifestyle change.  I work a desk job during the day,  but 3-4x a week I also work at a local stable for an hour or so a feed/walk or exercise horses.  It’s a workout for me and them,  and it does not feel like the drudgery of “ugh now I have to go to the gym”

Some things I do:

– cut out all carbonated,  sugary or diet drinks.  Period.  This was hard because I LOVED diet coke,  but after the initial shock of wanting one all  the time,  now I don’t even crave them or like the taste. Water water water and more water. 

– I found a hobby that incorporates exercise because I am NOT a gym rat or get a runners high or anything.  Just find something you enjoy and even if it’s a bit I unconventional,  that’s ok.

– Darling Husband is bad about late snacking,  but I like to eat a light dinner around 6. I try to front load my calories so that breakfast and lunch are my biggest meals of the day and the only time I drink caffeine. This also can impact sleep, which is really important to your weight and overall health.  People who are consistently tired consume more calories than well rested individuals. 

-I joined MyFitness Pal to track calories.  It helps just to look something up before I eat it,  but I don’t always log it. Getting a rough idea of what your about to eat helped me make better food choices

-moderation is everything! I’m much happier/more fulfilled and actually maintain a good weight when I don’t deprive myself.  That is why I don’t like fad diets.  It is really unrealistic to think you’ll never eat a piece of bread or have an Oreo EVER AGAIN.   

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I don’t stick to anything terribly rigorous at the moment, but I did when I was marathon training.

I did 4 runs a week, lifted 2x a week, and did at least one cross training session (usually spin class) 1-2x a week.

So it would be like:

Monday- spin

Tues- weights, 3 mile run

Wed- run half the distance of my long weekend run (anywhere from 3-10 miles)

Thurs- weights, 6 mile run

Fri- spin

Sat- long run (anywhere from 6-20 miles)


For food, I listened to my body.  I ate when I was hungry.  I made sure ever meal and every snack had some healthy fat and/or protein.  I made sure to eat at least a little something before and after every workout. 

Typical day:

Breakfast 1- whole wheat toast with peanut butter

Breakfast 2- oatmeal with skim milk or almond milk, dash of cinnamon, drizzle of honey & a fruit cup

Snack- greek yogurt

Lunch- sandwich, salad with reduced fat dressing (fat free dressings had more sugar, so I went for the middle of the road on this) and usually something a little sweet like 2 or 3 cookies or a brownie

Snack- cheese and crackers, or veggies and hummus (some sort of carb & protein mixture)

Dinner- lean protein (chicken breast, fish fillet, lean steak) and steamed veggies and often a whole wheat pasta or sweet potato especially if I had a long run the next day

Snack- usually something sweet… frozen yogurt or a bowl of cereal in skim milk.

After my long long runs (10+ miles) I would also drink a pint of chocolate milk and eat a banana or a clif bar to replenish my glycogen stores.

ETA- I second the suggestion to check out MyFitnessPal.  I also didn’t cut out or eliminate any foods; instead I just indulged in moderation.  Oh, and I only drink water, sometimes a glass of milk, and usually one cup of regular coffee in the morning with nothing in it (just plain black coffee).




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Helper bee
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Breakfast: Generally a packet of instant low-sugar or steel cut oatmeal, or Ezekial cereal (it’s like grape nuts – no sugar at all, made with wheat, flax, spelt, barley, millet and etc.) I top that with some sliced fresh fruit – usually a banana, or a peach or raspberries when they are in season. Cup of coffee, no sugar, 2TBSP cream. Once in a while my Fiance will make eggs (he loves eggs) and will save some for me since he wakes up much earlier. Sometimes I run out of oatmeal and will just eat some sliced fruit and an ounce or two of cheese and a handful of wheat thins.


Lunch: Leftovers from last night’s dinner, unless I didn’t make enough, in which case I get a salad with dressing on the side. I dip my fork into the dressing, then stab the lettuce – it’s enough to get the taste, but I almost always only wind up using half the dressing provided. 


Dinner: Protein and two veggies usually. Last night was a wonderful Moroccan chicken dish baked in the oven with zucchini fritters made with coconut flour, the night before was beef and broccoli sautee with roasted butternut squash. Tonight is meatloaf (without bread crumbs) and roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts.


Snacks: In the morning I’ll usually have a hard boiled egg before lunch and in the afternoon a handful of nuts or a sliced cucumber.

I’ll have a glass of wine a few times per week, and I make a point of one weekend day NOT tracking my calories at all. I don’t eat any grains besides my oatmeal/cereal at breakfast, and I eat no sugar unless I crave chocolate, in which case I’ll have ONE square of 85% dark chocolate I keep at my desk. (I don’t like it enough to stuff a whole bar in my mouth, but it really does help with sweet or chocolate cravings.)


Training: I train with a 3 on/1 off schedule. Day 1 I’ll do High Intensity and/or interval training for my lower body, Day 2 same for arms and core, and then on the third day I’ll do cardio – usually a run. Day 4 is a rest day, unless I feel really energetic or have really blown my calorie goal, in which case I’ll do yoga or some low intensity work. (Or if I know I’m going to miss the next day or two – my motto is NEVER go three days without training.) I do all my workouts at home using online free fitness videos, and I got a set of weights off Craigslist for $20 (5, 10, 15, and 20lb). I have a 20 and 35lb kettlebell that I use as well. The rest is bodyweight!

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Sugar bee
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I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week depending on what’s happening in my life. 

20 mins of HIIT

20 mins of weights (arms & back one day, legs and butt another etc)

I am trying to eat breakfast every day (something I haven’t always done) so now eat overnight oats with chia seeds. Then lunch is a salad with some carbs (sweet potato, a slice of bread or something like that) and dinner is low carb. Snack will be grapes or rice crackers. I stick to an average of 1350 calories per day. 

I don’t purposely stop eating after a certain hour but I do try to have dinner before 8pm if possible.

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Busy bee
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For breakfast I eat a banana and a dannon low carb sugar free yogurt with a tablespoon of chia seeds. For a snack I have a string cheese and some almonds. For lunch I eat half a grilled chicken breast with half an avocado on top of lettuce. For another snack I eat carrots or some other Veggie. For dinner I usually cook a recipe from skinnytaste.com. 

I have one to two “splurge” days bc I love food, but I use portion control. 

I HATE exercising. I try to walk between one to two hours a day (usually broken up into 30 min to one hour long walks.) Every couple of days I *try* to make myself do strength training exercises. 

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Busy bee
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@tmsing:  I’m less strict with exercise than I am with diet. I feel like any exercise is good for you. Sometimes I have more time to do a solid 5-7 mile run with some weight training or a bodypump class. other times I have enough time for half of a workout DVD or a short brisk walk. My diet, 6 out of 7 days a week, I’m pretty strict. I do not eat white or bleached flour and I stay away from any sugar I don’t get from natural sources such as fruit or honey, and even thought I get sugar from natural sources, I limit it to 1 maybe 2 servings a day. I don’t drink anything but water and 1-2 cups of coffee and I limit the amount of creamer I put in there.

So here are my go-to foods…

Breakfast: eggs (if I have time to make them) or plain greek yogurt and an apple or pureed pumpkin (I can’t wait for fall to have this again!) and coffee.

Lunch: Almost ALWAYS a salad- normally made with spinach lean chicken with some balsamic vinegar and a wee bit of olive oil. cucumbers, or celery, or peppers, with a side of hummus. Sometimes if I haven’t had fruit yet I’ll have some strawberries.

Dinner: Lean meat either fish, chicken, or very very lean cuts of red meat and pork (red meat is pretty sparing for me) a vegetable (I’ve been obsessed with spaghetti squash, zucchini, green beans or broccoli), and sometimes a small side of quinoa or a small salad again. I rarely make potatoes, but I do every once in a while make a baked sweet potato.

Snacks: a few almonds, or sometimes a glass of coconut milk. Vegetables with hummus are also a big one. I try really really hard to stay away from crackers and cheese and any other sort of dairy snack with empty carbs. I find that for me too much dairy or too many empty carbs make me bloated. So fruits and dairy are limited to one serving a day. It seems to work for me.

I also give myself one cheat meal a week. Normally on Fridays my Darling Husband and I will go out and I get what I want with a glass of my favorite wine. Or in the winter I will find a sinful recipe and make it for us on the weekends. I try to keep cheat meals to one a week but I’m very strict about not having a whole cheat day and just one cheat meal.

When I get bored with my diet I hit up pinterest for some healthy meals. Blackbean burgers are fun and so is spaghetti squash mac and cheese.

I’m also someone who has to keep myself very very scheduled with food or I will either over-eat or skip meals altogether. It’s particularly hard in the summers when I’m off and I lack a schedule. My body seems to be missing the mechanism that says “Put the chocolate bar down fatty!” So I need to be on top of my food intake.

For me, my diet has been the thing that has kept me more in check. I do do some form of exercise every day though. Normally its a run and some weight training (probably 4-5 times a week at minimum.) and then if I can’t get to the gym I have insanity as well as brazillian butt-lift so I’ll do one of those.My goal every day is one form of exercise a day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

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breakfast – 7:30 – was eating protein shakes, now peanutbutter and honey on ezekial bread

morning snack – 9:30 – depends,  veggies and hummus, fig bar, nuts, this varies.

lunch – noon – usually leftover dinner (chicken, veggies) or homemade salad with grilled chicken

afternoon snack – 230-3 – greek yogurt

dinner – between 6-7, try not to eat after 7, but weekends are hard – chicken, veggies, sometimes a grain added in

i exercise 4-5 times a week, i stopped swimming for now but i lift weights, run, bike, yoga, etc.

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Helper bee
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@tmsing:  2 days on the pilates reformer, 2 days of spinning and 1 day of hot yoga. I cut out everything that is heavily processed so we mostly just eat veggies, meat, dairy with very little rice and pasta. We avoid everything canned so we have a huge stock pile of dried beans, polenta, barley and such. My go to food is avocado on rye toast with a skinny latte, always helps to bet the bloat with letting me indulge. The biggest problem foods seemed to be chocolate and anything with caffine or super sweet foods, the ones with the artificial sweetner, for me. We make greek yogurt at home to avoid all the artifical sweetners, seemed to make me bloat. I eat how ever late I am hungry even if its just a hard boiled egg before bed.

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I don’t believe in dieting, I believe in making healthy food choices. Moderation is key. Depriving yourself only leads to excess later on. I don’t drink sugary drinks or eat fast food, I eat mostly organic and unprocessed foods, I don’t keep unhealthy foods in the house, I cook everything myself.

But I do go to the gym every day. 2 days/week I take an hour of kickboxing, 2 days/week I do 1 hour of lifting and 1 hour of cardio, 3 days a week I do a combination of pilates and yoga for an hour. I take the stairs whenever I can, I walk to the store, or to the gym. If I’m bored, I’ll go for a swim. On the weekends, Darling Husband and I will run, or hike, or bike together for fun.

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Sugar bee
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@tmsing:  i try to always eat something small for breakfast – usually a small bowl of greek yogurt, flax and pumpkin seed granola and fruit. i’m not SUPER strict about grains or gluten, i probably eat a grain for part of one of my 3-5 meals. i’m more strict with sugar – i never, ever take in sweets unless it’s my cheat treat (one per week), and i never drink soda or put sugar in my coffee or tea. i try to eat a lot of vegetables or drink green juices if i feel like i haven’t gotten enough.

i work out about 4-5 times per week. i usually go to the gym for one hour after work and do a small amount of cardio (20 minutes) and a larger amount of lifting (40 minutes). on Thursdays and Saturdays I do a one-hour yoga class instead.

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I exercise every day (unless I’m traveling or sick) and eat very healthy and am pretty thin and toned. I usually run 4 days/week (these days 6 miles and then ~10 on the weekend), swim once (2500-3000 meters), cross train (elliptical, stairmaster) once, and strength train 2-3 times/week. 

I eat fish a few times a week but no other meat. Lots of beans, tofu, nuts, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whole grains, fruits and veggies in my diet. I’ll eat crap (pizza, french fries, etc) once in a while, and I always allow myself treats (usually about 1 serving of candy/day). I drink coffee and lots of water, a diet soda now and then but no sugary drinks and little alcohol. I don’t have a cutoff time for eating, I eat when I’m hungry even if that means a snack at 9pm. I always eat 3 meals plus snacks and don’t count calories, but it’s upwards of 2,000/day. 

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