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I lasted probably less than one cycle of ‘NTNP’ before heading into full-blown TTC, so I may not be the best person to respond, but… It takes a number of months to build up the folic acid levels in your system, so ideally that’s the one thing you need to start taking. As far as everything else goes – until you test positive, just keep eating/drinking as normal 🙂 

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I agree. It is important to start taking prenatals ahead of time in case you do get pregnant. If you plan to start NTNP in December, you should start prenatals now, as it takes a while for the folic acid to build up in your system. Folic acid is incredibly important in the beginning stages of pregnancy. You can get a fairly cheap OTC prenatal and take it in place of your regular daily vitamin (if you take one.) I plan on TTC in January (currently pausing TTC as I recently miscarried) and my doctor told me to keep taking the prenatal anyway. Good luck!

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FromA2B2013: Start taking folic acid now. And, as long as you’re taking folic acid, you might as well start taking any other prenatal vitamins too. I’d be surprised if many prenatal vitamins didn’t contain folic acid.

The main reason pregnant women need to take folic acid is to prevent neural tube defects. The neural structures will start developing before you even know you’re pregnant. For example, a baby’s neural tube should be closed by the end of the fourth week of pregnancy, and spina bifida (incomplete closing of the neural tube) is one of the disorders that is commonly prevented by taking folic acid. Likewise, anencephaly, another defect that can be prevented by taking adequate folic acid, generally develops in the fourth week of pregnancy. Folic acid can also help prevent things like heart defects, limb defects, and folate-deficiency anemia.

Because folic acid is so critical in early pregnancy, I’ve heard that it’s recommended to start with folic acid 3 months before TTC. Naturally, folic acid is found in certain vegetables, such as dark, leafy greens, cauliflower, asparagus, beets, etc. Our country also fortifies certain foods with man-made folic acid (enriched bread flours, cornmeal, pasta, rice).

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whybee:  that’s exactly what happened with me!  We had decided that we would NTNP for a few months and just see what happened but after AF showed the first time we realized how disappointed we were, the whole NTNP thing went out the window!

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FromA2B2013:  I feel like that would depend on approximately how much folic acid you think you’re getting in your normal diet and is something you should consult with your doctor. By the general guidelines, if you’re not going to TTC in let’s say 9 months, you can certainly stop taking supplemental folic acid for half a year and then start again. 

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It’s almost impossible to get the recommended amount of folic acid just from your diet alone (even if you’re a super healthy eater), so it’s always best to take supplements.

Ideally you should take folic acid for at least 12 weeks before conceiving. Even though I’m not actively TTC I still take it – just in case of any accidents!

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When I’ve talked to my doctor about folic acid, she actually said that all women who could possibly get pregnant should be on a prenatal vitamin (or at least something with enough folic acid).  Not only does it take several months for your body to build up enough folic acid in your system, but the first few weeks of pregnancy (often before a women even knows she’s pregnant) are the most vital time to have it.  I’d start now, and if you don’t get pregnant during the period when you plan to NTNP, either continue or make sure you’re taking a multivitamin that contains adequate folic acid (hey, surprises happen all the time ).

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My doc puts all his female patients of child bearing age (and who are sexually active) on a prenatal. It can’t hurt (unless you’re taking additional supplements that would put you over your RDI for something) and people have unplanned pregnancies all the time. As the others mentioned, Folic Acid is important before you even know you’re pregnant.  Taking it once you have a positive test isn’t going to make up for any lack you had before hand.  

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I would just stay on the folic acid on the hiatus. That way you keep in the habit and are on it if there is an oops. It’s fairly cheap and doesn’t really have negative side effects, so why not?

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I’m in the NTNP, and we probably will be for at least the next year.  We aren’t in a hurry to have kids, but won’t be too put out if we do.  I still started taking prenatal vitamins before we even went into NTNP.  There really is no down side to taking folic acid/prenatal vitamins for just incase.  They don’t hurt you if you don’t get pregnant, but they are VERY necessary if they do.

As far as avoiding foods, the only ones I have been worried about are high mercury fish.  Everything else that is potentially harmful to a baby is out of your system so fast.  Also, a lot of women don’t realize they are pregnant until they miss a period and eat and drink what ever, and the kids turn out fine. 

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