(Closed) For those with children, what were the "best days of your life" ?

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  • poll: Best/Happiest days of your life?

    University days/days without a lot of responsibilities

    Early days with SO

    After getting married without kids

    Being pregnant

    Post babies

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    I had some pretty awesome pre baby days. But none compare to the days with my daughter. We are super fun & crazy. Fi just watches us sometimes when we are singing & dancing to our favorite songs. Everything with her is funny & over the top. She is a pure diva & spending my days with her is better then anything I ever did before motherhood. 

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    I don’t have kids but my friend DEFINITELY feels happier since she had hers. she doesn’t have to work though, she’s a Stay-At-Home Mom, that could have an impact. 

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    I had an AMAZING young adulthood…textbook college sorority party experience, fun girlfriends trips all over the place, career advancement, being a dreamer with DH, spontenaity and having money to burn 🙂

    But my girls are a completely different and altogether wonderful experience. I can’t say that one is better than the other so I didn’t vote. Personally, I feel more productive and better as a person when I’m not just focusing on myself, so while I wish I was still skinny and getting enough sleep, I feel that I’m a better person and have more purpose because of the kids.

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    What an interesting idea for a poll! Ill have to check back later for the results after more people vote. 

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    I think it was all good… and all different.

    Loved my Uni years and growing into a young woman with my own life, goals and career.

    LOVED being Engaged the first time (probably the best year of my life)

    Being a Newlywed was great.  And we had lots of fun until the first baby came along… those first years as a Newly married couple are filled with great memories.

    Birth of babies are AMAZING LIFE CHANGING experiences… never to be forgotten

    Youg mom with babies… one word… EXHAUSTING

    Honestly I had no energy whatsoever… and going back to work, eqully tiring.  Trying to advance a career, make money to keep us all afloat, both Hubby and I were stressed to the max

    Once the kiddies were in Elementary School was certainly easier.  Infact, they say the middle years are the easiest with kids and I believe it… everyone has a routine, and no major issues.  Lots of running around tho for Mom & Dad

    Kids going off to Jr High was HUGE.  Could really see how much they’d grown up.  No babies then.

    The curve is harder then too… preteens and teens are a ton more work (emotionally).  You really gotta keep tabs on them and be around to know what they are doing, and the gang they are hanging around with etc

    So IMO a lot more supervision (albeit in a different sort of way)

    High School Graduations were very emotional… as was their leaving home / going off to college… lots of tears… and mopey Mom for a couple of weeks.

    Now they are all grown, and on their own, I do still worry about them… but in a different sort of way

    When I think of I naturally have “candid” pics in my head…

    Their Birth – Bringing them home – going off to Kindergarten – family vacations (camping, fishing, learning to ride a bike) – Or some activity that they enjoyed (swimming, soccer, sleeping in the car home with huge smiles on their faces after a week at summer camp) – going into Jr High – High School Grad – Leaving them at Uni Dorms

    These days, with Mr TTR in my life, I am happy that all the kids are doing well… so we can enjoy some precious time together just the two of us (Engagement – Wedding – Honeymoon – being Newlyweds)

    But at the same time…

    I have to admit, I wish… IF ONLY they’d find great partners… so we could get on with me being a Gramma and getting to enjoy all those great memories over again with another generation !!

    So ya, I’d have to vote… POST BABIES.

    Because as much as I LOVE my times being Engaged and a Newlywed… they are just short wonderful moments stacked up against what otherwise is 20 years of childhood… that equals out to a lifetime (their’s) of memories each go round (mine)


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    I can’t really choose one. They were all good for different reasons..

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    I’m not TTC, but I find this thread interesting. Looking forward to more comments. 🙂

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    @lalabee27:  I love my kids.  I had both of them before I was 25.  I am 4.5 months from my youngest graduating high school.  I have a son and a daughter.  I have been a single mother now for 17 years, with help from my SO for the last 4 years.


    I have several good memories of both of them growing up.  I loved the days of when they were babies I think the most.  I have wonderful memories of proms and school trips, and my share of the scary trips to the ER from the flu to broken bones.  But truthfully, I am really looking forward to being done.  I know that probably sounds bad.  But I am just ready for a life of my own.  I have spent the majority of my parenting years alone, and working like a dog to keep them in clothes, keeping them fed, and a roof over their heads.


    So yeah…..while I love my kids more than the world.  I am ready to cross the finish line.

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    I had my daughter at 17, so I didn’t really have a lot of pre-baby times. By default, my best times have been since she’s been in my life. I’ve been really lucky though because I’ve had the ability to still do a lot of things – university and grad school, traveling (although only for work) – so I’ve still had fun adult experiences, but always with the reminder that I’m doing this and sacrificing my time with my daughter. I think people should really make the most of their time pre-kids. I love my daughter and can’t wait to have another child, but there’s something to be said for taking off on a road trip, sleeping in, working late without thinking about how you should be at home with your kids.

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    I have two adult friends who have grown children. Life pre-baby was best for them but now they’re making the most of life now that they’re done raising kids, so they’re enjoying themselves now too..

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    When they all finally moved out! 

    now I have grand babies. If I would have known they’d be so much fun, I would have had them first!

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