For fun! What is the most ridiculous argument you’ve had?

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Omg my life…. the arguments 7th graders concoct…. loudsilence99 :  

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My husband once told me I was pathetic for wanting coffee every morning. I’d get headaches without it. I got legit offended about this. 

This is probably one of two fights we’ve had in the 2 years I’d marriage (can’t remember the other).

I have since stopped drinking coffee daily and he’s more addicted now than I!

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I once had a massive fight with an ex over the design/size of a plate from casual dining restaurant 

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One time he accused me of farting and I got so offended that we had “a talk” about that he’s always accusing me of farting. He’s like well you’re the nearest person (or only person) around it’s natural to ask / assume it’s you. 

That was one of the only proper arguements we’ve ever had and it’s about farts lol….

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My ex husband And I used to fight about ATM charges.  He would constantly go to the ATM at the gas station and pay $5 to take out $20 or $40 dollars!  The free bank atm was 2 miles down. He didn’t think the savings was worth the inconvenience. 

of course  now I’m with the man that will do almost anything to avoid paying for parking haha.  I get my steps. Once he looked for so long for a coupon for pie I told him forget it I didn’t want it anymore!!  He said ok duly noted my time limit for coupon finding and then took me for full price pie!

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So i don’t have much to contribute, but why is the link of this thread this:


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jellybellynelly :  The computer’s artificial intelligence is taking a conservative stance?

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To preface this, I suffer quite bad anxiety and can range wildly between catatonic introvertedness (where I don’t leave the house) and mass overcompensation (usually with the help of caffeine where I talk lots and fidget a lot but that usually only when I am around a friend I trust so I can open up)

with that said the few times I do open up and get talkative I have had to defend myself and argue against people who have only met me once or twice or sometimes never even met me before telling me ‘your drunk’ despite the fact I rarely ever drink alcohol, I don’t know what it is that make people think ‘drunk’ specifically but I think I of all people would know if I have had alcohol or not and yet they will argue that I am wrong about weather I am drunk or not.

It just seems so stupid, like why would you accuse a stranger of being drunk based on nothing – especially when its noon, I drove there and I have my kids with me.

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When we were building our house we had expanded the kitchen island to make it long enough to use as a place to eat.

In the original blueprints the pendant lights that hang over it were widthways across the island;w made sense because it was wider than it was long. However with the expansion I argued they should go lengthwise. 

we had no fewer than 10 different conversations about it until we agreed – I thought – that I was correct and they should in fact go lengthwise. 

Then, we are standing in the kitchen space with the building superintendent who is marking out light locations with a spray can. He asks us where to put the pendant lights and FH turns to me and says “are we sure we want them to go that way?”

I lost my shit.

I literally had to walk out of the house to keep from shrieking at him.

I strongly insisted we put them in the configuration that I preferred. I had given ground on a lot of other decisions and let him have his way on almost everything. WE WERE DOING THIS MY WAY!

Once everything was done he agreed that it was the right way to go but mother of God I wanted to kill him for a minute there.

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The arangement of stacking plates in size order in their allocated spots in the cabinet. He messes with me by putting them out of order and I always notice and yell lol 

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… I love this thread. I’m reading it and full-on cackling. Y’all are hilarious 

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Ok please don’t hate this was obviously a hypothetical discussion. I don’t remember how it came up but the discussion was about about how hypothetically if your adopted child and your biological child were both drowning/ hanging off the cliff who would you save? And I said I think millions of years of evolution would kick in and I would try to save my biological child. My husband said I was a horrible human being and that was selfish. He said he would figure out who had the higher chance of being saved and save that one bio or non bio would not matter to him. I said that it’s hard to know exactly what anyone would do. 

He was so mad at me for 2 days. He went so far to say that he does not think we should adopt kids if I’m going to treat them differently ( we hope to adopt a child in future). It was dumb argument that lasted for 2 days until I had to sit him down and talk to him about it. 

Fyi we don’t have kids yet and don’t plan to have them for a while and adopting kids is something that we both want to do but for us it’s a while away

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Well that wiped the smiles off our faces! Title called for for fun/ridiculous ashleyroo :  

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