For fun! What is the most ridiculous argument you’ve had?

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Helper bee
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Back when DH  and I were dating, we were in Vegas with friends and he didn’t want to go to the club. He had been hinting at it all day, but never came out and said it directly, so I ignored his remarks. 

He told me he didn’t want to go when we were getting ready to head out. 

We broke up for literally 60 minutes. It was great 🤣

He went. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2016

I had a massive argument with an ex where he passionately took the side that wedge shoes were out of style and would never be back in style. This was 2006 or 2007. Obviously he was wrong…. 

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Blushing bee

Just the other day FH was coming in from a long bike ride. He took off his sweaty cycling shorts and underwear, fixed himself a snack, and walked into the living room with his plate. When I saw that he was about to sit his bare sweaty ass on our beautiful white couch I was like ummm what? He legit didn’t understand why this was an issue and got defensive about it for a few minutes before finally going upstairs to put on underwear.  He is normally a clean freak. The whole thing seemed sooo ridiculous to me! Later on I made a joke about it and we have been able to laugh it off but seriously, why do I have to explain to someone that this is not acceptable?! Why are men so gross sometimes? We could probably start a whole other thread “what’s the grossest thing your SO has ever done.”

Made me think of the SATC episode when Harry moved into Charlotte’s! 

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Worker bee
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My ex girlfriend and I once had the longest argument about whether or not you’re supposed to give your dogs baths. She said that her family had never once washed their dogs which just seems so disgusting and unsanitary to me (they were all longer haired dogs who slept in their humans beds after playing outside on their farm all day!!!) We ended up compromising and she agreed that I could bathe our future dogs once every 3 months. Luckily my now wife has no issues with me washing our pups as frequently as I see fit 😂 also my wife and I have this ongoing argument about how to pronounce the word “adjective”. She swears the c is silent for some reason and I cannot convince her otherwise. I’ve played audio clips of it being pronounced, and she even asked both of her parents and my dad (who all said I was right) but still insists it’s pronounced “adjuhtive”. Every time one of us uses that word the other gets super frustrated all over again and it’s so hilariously infuriating.

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Blushing bee
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doglovingbee :  my story is a little different, but I’ve found mine sitting on the couch bare-assed after a shower. Why??? 

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Blushing bee

Driving around/over potholes.  I was a motorcyclist for 10 years and see the road so differently.  I always tell him ways he can avoid the potholes on our main routes and he says “we have a Jeep, who cares!” And I always say “but we don’t have special tires, we have stock tires, let’s try to make them last” and he just won’t listen.  He doesn’t mind the damn potholes lol

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Helper bee

I honestly love my girlfriend because she’s

1. Smart. Well-read & quick-witted. She also has a uni degree similar to mine; so we share a base knowledge, reasoning & research skills, and

2. We’re both willing to consult wikipedia for the real answer (and read it out toeach other), and we’re both freely open to acquiring new knowledge rather than concern over “winning”.


But understanding this is for “fun”, and reading your stories: particularly from exes, helps me exercise my eyes *roll*

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We had a huge argument over a cabinet I painted. I chose TEAL paint, and it was labeled TEAL, and it was TEAL. He insisted it was just blue. Then he called it ugly blue. Gahhhh

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Helper bee
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bouviebee :  The biggest fight I ever had with my husband.

We had gone to a drive through fast food place for dinner.  I was driving, he was passenger.  When we got home to eat, we realised we didn’t have the bottled drinks that come with our meal.  He said I should have noticed, I said I was passing things to him, he should have checked it was all there as the passenger.

It escalated and we ended up in a screaming match, which we never do.  Dh threw the rubbish bin against a wall.  It exploded.  I told him how ridiculous he is and how he’d have to clean it up.

We walked away from each other to cool down and like an hour later both walked back to the living room to survery the mess.  Then we just cracked up in hysterical laughter.

We’d had a really tough week with a lot of things going wrong so I think we were just tightly wound up.  But it’s the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done. 

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Blushing bee

We fought over how to pronounce Sotheby’s. I was right. 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Most ridiculous argument I’ve had with my wife – We went out to have some drinks with friends and sing some karaoke. We had a fun night, but probably had a bit too much to drink. When we got home. she said she was hungry and asked (nicely) if I would make her a sandwitch. Now, for context, I typically prep 90% of our meals, this is our norm and it’s never a problem, because I enjoy it. But, for some reason that night it just rubbed me SO wrong. So I kind of got an attitude about it, and she said something like “nevermind, it’s fine, don’t bother.” which just made me more mad. So, I insisted on making the stupid sandwich and did. When I brought it to her, she said she didn’t want to eat my “hate sandwitch” and that just threw me over the edge. By the end, I was sitting in our car in the apartment parking lot (because obviously I was in no shape to actually drive anywhere) and her way of getting back at me was to turn off all the lights in our apartment and room so when I got back inside I’d know she was super mad. 🤣

NONE of this made any sense once we were both sober. I made her a nice sandwich the next day to make it up to her lol. We now refer to this as the Hate Sandwich Incident.

Ridiculous argument with my ex – We had a FOUR day argument over the purpose of dish towels. I used one of the dish towels to clean up some spilled coffee, and my ex made a big deal about the “fact” that dish towels were for water only, not messes like coffee. It’s important to note that with this particular ex, I was also not “allowed” to purchase paper towels, because of the enviornment. I was livid, saying I have to be able to easily clean up messes, and if not a dish towel, wtf was I supposed to use?! This argument never had a resolution, really. I just started not caring what she thought about my use of dish towels, justifying it by the fact that I alone was the one that washed them and did all the cleaning.

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Blushing bee

I once had an incredibly heated argument about donuts. I don’t even know specifically what it was about but I know it was about donuts. I even remember thinking at the time, “This is the stupidest fight I’ve ever had.” 

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Busy bee

bouviebee :  

I had an ex-boyfriend who was extremely jealous. One day, I stayed home from work because I was not feeling well – he was unsettled by this because he thought it must mean I was up to no good. Anyway, he had left his gate remote at home, so when he got home, I had to let him in. We stayed on a shared property and (this part still makes me laugh), as I was walking up to the gate to let him in, our neighbour’s husband happened to come walking towards me and waved at me. No matter what I said, I could not convince my deranged ex that the two of us had not been getting it on all day. We fought about that for about 2 or 3 hours.

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Blushing bee

me and my ex – bf we were arguing about coffee I drink. I drink only cold coffee (either put ice cube in it or slush coffee like from starbucks) I do not like warm or hot coffee. 

But he likes hot or warm coffee and can’t drink cold coffee.

So He knows I like cold coffee, he liked to tease me .. There is cold coffee for you, yea it’s been sitting outside for 1 h so it’s cold now nomore hot ” 

duhhhhhhh ! 

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