For fun! What is the most ridiculous argument you’ve had?

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Raised by an emotionally abusive mother who lies about anything and everything both big and small, I’m pretty sure a lot of my interactions with her are over the top absurd.

I told my 18 year old sister to be more responsible (she blew off a job that she was supposed to start by no calling and no showing and ignoring their texts, calls and emails and her job contacted me)

She’s removed herself from my life and she’s had two fishing attempts via social media as well as a group text message about her older sisters not wanting to be in her life anymore and how she’s not going to fight to have us in her life and how she already doesn’t have a mom and how all we care about are ourselves and that we don’t care about her as a half sister. She’s also trying to turn everyone against me so it’s basically toxicity 101 and she had the audacity to tell me that I’m acting like our mother. I didn’t tell her that she’s acting like our mother HERSELF because I made that mistake a year ago

So this is the most ridiculous thing right now. I’m over it, I blocked her social media and I blocked her number for a few hours, if she starts blowing up my phone with this crap again I’ll block her for a bit again. I don’t want to say the wrong thing so saying nothing at all will be the way to go right now.

All I did was tell her to be more responsible. And she lost her absolute mind

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I got into an argument with a friend because he told me I would never have a valid opinion on anti-semitism because I’m Jewish, therefore have an unfair bias. He’s now an ex friend.

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Oh my god here we go

My first-ever real-ass argument with my husband was four months into our relationship. We were going on a date to the beach and then we were going to a beachside grill for some lobster. So, obviously, it was summertime.

Hilariously, at this point in our relationship we were comparing our favorite Christmas songs. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Christmas song. My favorite Christmas song is “Merry Christmas, Baby” – but Dion DiMucci’s version. All other versions, in my mind, suck. But at the time, I didn’t know there were any other versions. 

This is important, because that is the whole reason we argued XD 

When I told him my favorite Christmas song is “Merry Christmas, Baby” my husband stared at me in total jubilation, as if his entire existence was validated in a single sentence. “MINE TOO,” he exclaimed, and, shocked, we talked eagerly about this song for a good couple minutes. It was impossible for me to fathom that out of all the Christmas songs out there, we had the same favorite. 

However, the bliss was short-lived, because he decided to actually put the song on in the car via Pandora. As the song started up, my heart plummeted. THIS WAS NOT THE SONG I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Was he messing with me? The song had a long intro, but it was clearly not the doo-wop/rock intro of Dion. “This isn’t Merry Christmas, Baby” I said to him mockingly.

“What? Yes it is!”

“What no it’s not. It is so not.”

“IT IS.” 


He handed me the phone to prove his point and, just like that, Springsteen was showing, and LOL I WAS SO MAD XD “THIS IS A RIPOFF!” I exclaimed. “I need to play you the REAL Merry Christmas, Baby!” 

“By Otis Redding?”


“It’s originally Otis Redding’s song, I just like Springsteen more.”

“W H A T.”

Long story short, our first argument was me defending Dion until I was blue in the face, and my pride suffering massively for it. XD

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bouviebee :  A few months ago i was loudly and rudely woken up by my husband farting. 

i was complaining about it as I was trying to go back to sleep (IT WOULDNT GO AWAY!) and then he throws off the blankets and storms out complaining that i woke him up and cant let things go ??LMAO 

We honestly stayed mad at eachother for almost an hour hahahah 

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One time my husband farted beneath the covers early in the morning, scooted over to my side of the bed to cuddle me, then put the covers over both our heads and held the sheets down tightly until I started screaming and kicking from the awful smell.  My husband could not stop laughing, he thought it was the funniest prank ever.  But I was SO mad at him I didn’t speak to him for half the day.  It was seriously one of the worst ways I’ve ever been woken up in my life.  To this day, I refuse to cuddle with him underneath the same blanket unless the bottom half of his body (from belly button down) is outside of the blanket.  

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Omg the Egg Fight. So this was actually my male roommate/best friend. I’ll set the scene.

(I’m just enjoying the beautiful morning. J wakes up and comes into the living room.) 
J: Would you like me to make you some breakfast?
M:Sure! (He’s awesome at breakfast)
J: What do you want?
M: 2 eggs please!
(J rummages around the fridge for a bit. Then he gets really, really upset.)
J: There are only 3 eggs left. 
M: Ok…
M: WHAT? We have BOTH been eating eggs…what’s the problem anyway, there’s enough for us to both have 1.5 eggs.
M: So…ok, what’s the problem?
M: Then…either make the pancakes without eggs or don’t make me eggs…
(J stares at me in complete and utter disbelief.)

And that is when I lost my shit. I was preparing labneh for a party, and I took the container and threw it at him. It burst open all over his clothes. He stared at me, then walked into his room. Came out a few minutes later with new and labneh-free clothes, apologized, and told me he was going to the store to get another container of labneh for me. I said thanks. 

And 6 years later we are still best friends. 🙂

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I won’t go into details, but my now fiancé and my silliest argument to date was the one that had the be resolved with  “The Great Face-Licking Truce of 2016”. We both still abide strictly by this truce and it is referenced semi often. 

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