(Closed) forever brilliant moissanite? OEC? amora? help!

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OEC or Round Brilliant (round brilliant) is something that no one can tell you is better or worse. Everyone has a preference though. I have a RBC but I also think OECs are stunning and waffle back and forth as to whether I made the right decision on a daily basis.

To reduce the amount of green and have it look most diamond-like, your best bet is to get a round Forever Brilliant stone, set in a white metal (white gold, platinum, or palladium), that is one carat or under. It’s also a good bet to order from a reputable moissonite dealer: MoissaniteCo or Joseph Schubach Jewelers so that you don’t get a poor quality stone. Full disclosure, mine is from Joseph Schubach — I loved working with them and have a very white stone. My ring has a moissy center stone, with a diamond halo, diamond shanks, and diamond wedding band and you’d never know the difference.

Amora Gems (in my opinion) look too white. Whiter than diamonds (as opposed to clear, like a diamond.) It is also not available in the United States until January 2015, unless you go through some shady shipping practicies.

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@xtinafig:  I did a ton of research prior to my purchase, and the consensus was that the Round Brilliant is the whitest cut for moissanite. The amora moissanite has a long wait list. I haven’t seen amora moissanite in person, but when I searched these boards people seemed to not think that it wasn’t too much whiter than Forever Brilliant. I have a FB moissanite from Moissanite Co and it’s really white ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like a H colored diamond to me. No green or yellow at all. It shows warmth sometimes, but it’s mostly white ๐Ÿ™‚

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@xtinafig:  The Amora enhancement has the best reputation as far as having less yellow/green, FB is next. The Amora Gem (a new & different alteration of doped synthetic silicon carbide ie.moissanite) is the whitest of all–there is a recent thread,do a search. Although as mentioned above,the Amora Gem is patent blocked.

There is no such thing as a truely colorless moissanite. (although Amora gem comes closest but there may be an issue with milkiness with it)

Any moissy cut other than a round brilliant will show even more color, the larger the moissy jewel, the more obvious. Given that the diamonds in your grandmothers ring are very white and large, putting a large moissanite center stone next to them,  will be a noticable difference in some lighting. No question. Plus the moissante will react  differently to light and it is cut shallower than diamond.As you can see by the photo above, the center moissanite appears slightly different than the diamonds, and those diamonds are very small compared to the diamonds in your ring.

That being said, most people will assume any clear stone in an engagment type setting to be a diamond. I would make sure where ever I ordered the moissanite that I could get a full refund.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to to post a pic when you get your new ring. Smile

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Though I do not own one as yet, I have done extensive research, and found that for my personal taste, I want to try an amora gem. I am looking for something that will appear diamond like, a stone that will appear colorless and not reflect it’s background or have noticeable yellow/green tinting. I want the stone to really sparkle and have a lot of brilliance, I  don’t  care for haextra lot of color sparkle a.k.a. fire (It’s a big turnoff for me with moissys). I know that Ashas Would also fit the bill of what I’m looking for, but as you may know it is not a forever stone,  and may need to be replaced due to the stone being worn. 




I know I really didn’t go over the AG  in detail, but these are the reasons why I am choosing to go with an AG versus the other silica carbide stones. Not to confuse you some more, but there are excellent threads on various websites about it. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll post some more links here. As a quick reference, here are two links, one to a thread here on WB, and the other to some video

And the manufacturer’s site to the Amora gem. 







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@xtinafig:  Hi! I can understand your confusion and questions – there’s a lot of info out there! I discovered moissanite years ago, long before I lurked on the Bee. The wife of a dentist I used to work for had one in a ring, and I noticed how beautiful it was. She told me about the stone and that her family are all jewelers and that’s how she learned about it. I now wish I had asked a million more questions, because while I have a Forever Brilliant round cut moissanite, I sometimes wish I had gone for an OEC. I was worried about the warmth in the stone, and I had read that OEC’s show more color. My FB round really never shows much warmth at all. Perhaps next to a very white diamond that my friend has, it looks a little warmer, but a very pretty warmth and it has made me realize I actually prefer a warmer stone! I would recommend ordering maybe one of each, round brilliant and an OEC and then decide which one you like and return the other. I didn’t do that, and I wish I had, because I really like the higher crown and chunky facets of the OEC! Good luck!


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The types of moissanite are:

Classic (“unenhanced”)

Forever Brilliant (used to be enhanced with high pressure high temperature, but now comes from an inherently whiter rough)

Amora Enhanced (HPHT treatment, in very low (to no) stock right now)

Amora Gem (The new colorless Si-C that is currently patent restricted)

For 2+ ct I would go with a FB stone. 

I would order loose stones, one forever brilliant OEC and one forever brilliant Round Brilliant if you are interested in round cuts. I really did like the cushion I had too. 

I believe there is no restocking fee from ordering loose stones from moisssaniteco.com – although there might be a slight fee when ordering more than 1 stone, I can’t remember…


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@FutureDrAtkins:  +1!

if you don’t mind warmth, get classic (though if you prefer whiter get FB). I think only really old stock has any green to it.

I got the amora enhanced (back then “mira enhanced”), and sometimes I wish I’d gotten unenhanced! I don’t know for sure, but I think the amora enhancement dims down the sparkle. ๐Ÿ™ sad!! I mean, recently I ordered in a colored, unenhanced, OEC stone, which by all logic should sparkle much much less than my white Round Brilliant stone, but to my eye there’s way more sparkle + color! hmmph.

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