(Closed) Former Nail Nibblers—HELP!!

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Get a gel system for at home use and keep it on.  That’s the only way biters stop.  That, or a full set.  I recommend the gel kits, because they’re inexpensive and you can keep your nails nice.  Otherwise you’re just going to keep biting.

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There is nothing I can with biting, peeling, and picking at my nails. My hands are disgusting. I’ve tried lotion, nail polish, the whole gel thing. Nothing helps. I got sick of how long the gel set takes every two weeks, and I ended up peeling off the gel when one spot would get a little iffy. My plan? Fakies a few days before my wedding. That is all.

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I bit my nails for like 18 years. I got fake nails and let my real nails grow. Then I took the fake ones off and immediately painted them with strenghtener and then a color. I haven’t bit them in over 2.5 years. Now I love my nails and paint them all the time. They’re so much prettier long! When I look at pics of how they use to be, I cringe. I can’t believe I did that all the time, it’s so gross.

About 3 years ago.

About a month ago.

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I used to bite my nails there was nail polish called no bite. If they still make it that might help. It tastes really bad so that should help you curb the habit. Research says it takes 28 days to form or break a habit. So if you try this for 28 days it might help. It did for me. I was nail bitter for YEARS. I always found it at beauty supply stores.

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I bit my nails for years as a kid and into high school. When I was around a sophomore or junior in high school, I started wanting to paint my nails. I wanted different, pretty colors (well what was available back then, which isn’t nearly as much as you can find now), but my mom had a rule that I couldn’t put any noticeable color on my nails until they were a certain length. (It was a strange rule, but that’s the way she is … :/)

Anyhow, I used clear polish on them for a while. That was enough to keep me from biting them, because I hated the feel of the polish. I kept applying a coat every other day or so. That way, the thickness built up, which also discouraged biting for me. Once they were an “approved” (according to my mom) length, I started putting color on them. And never had another problem with biting. For … probably about 15 years or so.

When DD was little (she’s 11 years old now), I stopped wearing polish. I didn’t have time to keep up with it. And, sure enough, the biting started up again. It was kind of discouraging because I thought I had put all of that behind me. I struggled with different things at that time, so this probably fed into the biting, too. About three years ago, I started painting my nails again. No need to wait for an approved length this time — ha, ha! Once I started painting them, the biting stopped. Haven’t had a problem with it since.

So, for me, it seems the key is to keep my nails painted. (This probably makes me weird, but whatever works. LOL!)

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I bit my nails for probably 10 years (8yo-18)! Kept them down to nubs – actually bled fairly frequently from biting them down so low.

When I got to college I really wanted to quit so I went with the clear nail polish/french tips method. Basically I would paint my nails and I won’t bite the polish cuz it tastes nasty so I chipped the polish instead. As soon as I had chipped it I would repaint (seriously was repainting 1-2 times per day for a while – I could do french tips free hand by the end). But eventually I stopped biting and just had long pretty painted nails. Eventually didn’t have time to paint them anymore – I haven’t painted my nails regularly in 10 years but never went back to biting.

Nowadays I just let them do what they will – I really should be better about filing etc, but they just eventually break when they’re too long but I like them.

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amiona: Thanks! :*


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pinkorblue:  Thank you! Keep us updated on your progress- you can do it!

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I never had a problem with biting nails, I have lactose intolerance I’m not sure if it’s related to my nails breaking badly, I cannot grow my nails very long before they are brittle and break.

I can’t do the salons they burn my nail beds when placing artificial nails on. I went to a walmart and bought full size press on nails with glue. Painted them a pretty colour and it works. When one pops off I have another to place ontop. It’s easy and looks great for parties

Might be good if you want to bite your nails all week and have great looking nails for the weekend

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Ive been a nail picker (not biter) (but equal results)….I get acrylic overlay on my nails so I can’t pick them…. That’s the only thing that works for me.

shellac works great, but after 6 months, I behin to pick again. I can’t do that with acrylic overelay (not the same as acrylics)

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i was a nail biter as a kid. i gave up biting for lent when i was 11 and the only way i could not bite was to have my nails painted all the time. once lent was over, i just decided to stick with it. i had slip ups sometimes, but i eventually kicked the habit for good.

sidenote- i wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish when i was little and i was always dying to paint my nails. my mom used to tell me that she’d only let me paint my nails if i stopped biting them. if she had just bought me nail polish from the beginning i would have stopped biting when i was like, 7, lol. 

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The only way i found that I stopped biting was to constantly have them painted or to have gel nails, the gel was ruining my nails and costs heaps for up keep. I found that when i painted my nails for special occasions i didnt bite them. Instead of having to repaint all the time i went with shellac polish which lasts so much longer. I cant beleive how long my nails are since always having the shellac as i cant bite them 🙂

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Ugghh I bit my nails for foreverr!  And I hated it.  The worst was seeing pictures of me or me in the background of a vid eating my hand with my face scrunched…barf!

What works for me:

Clip clip clip!  I keep nail clippers EVERYWHERE!  In my car, in every single drawer in every room of the house, by the bed etc etc.  I found that clipping them straighter helped them to get some growth without snagging and being super irritating.

Also, I SWEAR by the manicure system by KISS.  There’s a nail hardener and strengthener version from what I can tell they are exactly the same.  They come with 3 tiny bottles (base coat, tint, and top coat).  The base coat starts to dry and turns almost opaque in about 10 seconds.  So I just paint that on all day.  And it really does give my nails some strength.  I don’t even bother with the tint or top coat because those chip off and lead to me picking.



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pinkorblue:  I didn’t bite but I did pick them. I started wearing polish or shellac all the time which bugs me if it’s chipped, so I don’t pick anymore. 

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Acrylic nails with gel polish on top have actually been a life saver. I was a perpetual biter for 30 years and got a set on for my wedding. I keep them really short and rounded to my natural nail shape.  I love changing colors every few weeks. Gels weren’t hard enough to deter biting but acrylics sure are.

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I honestly grew mine out so they would be long and pretty for when SO proposes. I just kept them painted, browsed cool nail designs on Pinterest to keep me motivated, and tried the whole mind over matter thing. I’ve literally bitten my fingernails down to the nub since I had teeth. It was hard to quit but now they’re long and pretty and it was all worth it 🙂 you can do it!!!

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