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@ExcitedScaredBee:  I have tons of tips!  Ok, not tons, but several. 

First, try out different bottles to find which works for your baby.  I tried 3 different ones before figuring out what worked for my little guy.  For us, it’s Dr. Browns.  He was super gassy and spits up a lot, so these are great.  Due to his excessive spit up, we use Enfamil A.R. which is supposed to help.  I did find that similac sensitive made him pretty gassy, for what that’s worth.

He’s sleeping through the night now (he’s 6 months), but before that we just mixed his bottles when it was feeding time.  Our bedroom is right off the kitchen, so for us that worked just fine.

We originally used bottled water but now we just have a filter on our faucet so we just use that. 

One thing I will say that we find is so helpful for us – he will drink warm, room temp, or cold bottles.  This makes life so much easier when we’re on the go.  Not having to warm up bottles has been a life saver.

We also just make the bottles as needed.  I’ve heard some people make them ahead of time, but as needed works for us.  If we’re going to be running around we just bring a bottle, a bottle of water (or a bottle with water in it if it’s just one bottle that will be needed), and our formula dispenser with pre measured formula in it.  Then, at feeding time, we just mix the bottle on the go and give it to him.

I think I covered most of your questions.  If you have any more, please feel free to ask!

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commenting to follow

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Specifically, what brand do you use and why? Gerber Gentle because it has the lowest iron content available and my son has a sensitive tummy.

Which bottles? Dr. Browns. The plastic wide/short 8 oz. bottles are the BEST. I have two at home, day care has one, and I will never ever use anything else. They really do reduce the air swallowed and spitting up later.

Best way to transport bottles in diaper bag? I just tuck the bottles in the side compartments of my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. I have a bottle cooler but I don’t usually go far enough that it’s necessary.

Do you use tap water or distilled? Tap water, though maybe I should be using filtered? I’ll start tonight! 🙂

For nighttime feedings, do you keep a stash of formula and bottles upstairs so you don’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen? No. We pre-make a bottle before bed and keep it in the fridge. For me, grabbing it out of the fridge and heating it up is faster than making a new one in the nursery or whatever. Also, we don’t have nighttime feedings anymore. SCORE.

Do you pre-make a whole day’s worth of formula and portion it out during the day? We try to keep two 8 oz. bottles in the fridge (loaded) at all times.

Do you supplement with anything? No.

Do you think it really hindered your weight loss postpartum? No. I am 10 pounds less than what I was when I got pregnant. And I have not done anything to make this happen. I guess it’s just stress and being busy.

Tips? Just be patient when it comes to finding the right formula for your baby and DEFINITELY use the infant gas relief drops from Target. Even if you think your baby does not have gas, s/he probably does. Use them.

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@daybyday:  YES with the gas drops!!!  Totally agree!!! 

We also used gripe water mixed in with the formula in the bottles for a while.  It was finally switching to the AR formula and the Dr. Browns bottles (we use the regular tall skinny ones) that finally allowed us to stop that.

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My Tip: Don’t shake the bottle, it creates bubbles, baby drinks bubbled up formula,  bubbles creates gas, gas creates a cranky ass baby. 


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Try out different bottles – different ones work for different babies. We use Avent Natural have love them – they don’t leak, there’s not many parts (unlike dr browns) and LO likes them. We used Enfamil for a while, but now use the generic Target brand of Enfamil – no difference to LO other than the price! I boil water and transfer it to a big pitcher that I keep on the counter, pour/make individual bottles as needed. She still eats once overnight (usually around 5), I leave a bottle with the right amount of water in her room with a pre measured amount of powder and mix it as needed when she wakes up to eat. I exclusively pumped for the first 3 months or so (LO had lots of problems nursing), so can’t speak to the weight loss. 

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When I returned to work I had to supplement with formula. I forgot the brand, but I believe it was an organic brand.

I provided the caregiver with formula while I was at work, and I breastfet while at home. I def would recommend bottled water as opposed to tap (unless you have a really good filter), beause there are so many icky things that creep their way into the city water systems. (Sidenote, Louisiana just suffered a water system infiltration of brain eating amoeba parasites!!! How gross!!!!) Anyway, so def distilled water. 

I made 3-4 bottles at a time.

I experienced rapid weight loss after the baby was around, because I was on my feet a lot while at work, and working a lot. Also, I’ve never lost a lot of weight while breastfeeding, but I know a lot of other mothers do.

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Specifically, what brand do you use and why? We use Similac Advance simply because we had a sample on hand when we had to start supplementing. We then switched to all formula and decided to stick with it because she was doing well on it.

Which bottles? We use Dr. Brown’s standard bottles.

Best way to transport bottles in diaper bag? Fill bottles with room temp water and then cap (Dr. Brown’s have nice travel caps). Fill a formula dispenser with the desired amount of powder. Put nipples and any other parts (Dr. Brown’s have the vent system) in plastic zip baggies. Make bottles as needed. 

Do you use tap water or distilled? Filtered tap water, boiled in an electric kettle and cooled to room temp.

For nighttime feedings, do you keep a stash of formula and bottles upstairs so you don’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen? Yes. Dirty Delete sleeps through the night but I use a diaper caddy to store a bottle, bottle parts and formula and I bring it up to her nursery each night so I have everything handy for her first morning feeding.

Do you pre-make a whole day’s worth of formula and portion it out during the day? No, I make bottles as needed.

Do you supplement with anything? No.

Do you think it really hindered your weight loss postpartum? Maybe? I gained close to 50 lbs during my pregnancy and I’m down about 30 (20 weeks PP)

Tips? Never pay full price for formula. If you have mommy friends, ask them for any unwanted formula coupons. Combine your coupons with sales and stock up when there’s a deal.  


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I just started supplementing with formula when baby and I are separated, because my pumping supply was getting frustratingly low.  My transition back to work has been stressful enough and something had to give!  I wanted organic, no GMO, and came across Baby’s Only – its not widely available, but I was shocked when I bought it that it was roughly half the cost of the Similac organic where I purchased it. As for bottles, we’re using Medela, just because that’s what we had on hand that came with my breast pump.  

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@ExcitedScaredBee:  Dr. Browns bottles, similac sensitive, I agree on the “swirl” don’t shake the bottle, and as for having a harder time losing weight after, that’s a myth. While your body does burn more calories with the baby taking some you also maintain an increased appetite to produce milk. Your hormones are still wonKy etc. I lost all 50 lbs. I gained during my pregnancy almost immediately after birth and did not breastfeed…or exercise for that matter. Sadly most of that stuff is genetics anyway.


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We tried similac and baby was gassy, and get fussy. Doctor recommended Enfamil Gentle Formula. Baby doesn’t get fussy or get painful gas.

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I don’t use formula but I wanted to share this link from a great blog I read that’s written by a pediatrician. He wrote a 5-part series on formulas (the links to the other parts are at the bottom of this one) and concludes that all of the regular formulas available in the U.S. are nutritionally equivalent, including store brands. 


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