(Closed) Found naked pics of so on his phone :(

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I would not read too much into this. I would trust him, but keep this in the back of your mind in case something legitimately suspicious happens later. Don’t let this make you the kind of girlfriend who starts sneaking into his phone and email every chance you get. I think his explanation is perfectly reasonable and that you should not jump to conclusions on this alone.

I think the concern about this friend is a separate situation. I would not conflate the two together. It’s always hard to figure out when a guy is just being nice and really trying to simply make a girl feel better and when they are getting too close. I’d keep addressing the issu with this girl, but I’d never once imply to him that you think he sent her naked photos. That could really make him concerned about how much trust there is in your relationship.

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@BewilderedBee:  You are using the name “Bewildered Bee” and are saying that your confused.  Are you?  What is your gut telling you?

I don’t say that because I believe one thing or another, but the tone of your post leads me to believe that you believe he is being inappropriate.

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My SO used to delate messages all the time and it would drive me crazy and make me parnoid. Eventually it became a problem and Ilet him know I felt about it. Now he dosen’t delate anything and I feel much more comfortable. It was important he knew I trusted him and I never look through his messages UNLESS i notice he has none then i get nosey. 

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That excuse just doesn’t sit right with me… but that’s my opinion. If I were you I’d be looking at his cell phone records and paying close attention after this :-

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Id keep asking him cus it sounds suspicouse to me aswell, if he had been planning on sending you those pics he wouldnt have deleted them. At least I dont see why he’d would. If this were me Id confront him strait on, tell him look if you dont stop talking to this girl there will be consequenses! Your feelings should be his number one consern! NOT that girls. Good luck! N stand your ground cus if hes putting you second you deserve better 

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but he kept texting her back. He said he just feels bad because she’s a great girl and deserves to be happy.

Not his/your problem. She doesn’t need to discuss her relationship issues/whatever with a man who is about to be married. This is something she should discuss with a girlfriend, not your fiance. It’s not appropriate.

About the pix – I don’t know, it wouldn’t sit right with me either. If he said he was going to send them to you but forgot – why didn’t he send them once he remembered? Why delete them?

I’m probably not the best person to give advice on things like this, because I had a cheating ex husband. Not that I think that’s the case here – but I am hyper-sensitive to little things like this knowing what I know about how sneaky my ex was.

I’d probably give him the benefit of the doubt regarding the pix. Though his excuse does sound a bit hinky. However, regarding the female friend – your fiance needs to make it clear to her that he’s not her sounding board, and to chill out on the texting/messages/etc.

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I feel like he is hiding something. If it makes you uncomfortable, then it isnt right. You need to talk to him about it. He is engaged and not acting like it and in my opinion, what he is doing is inappropriate.

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@BewilderedBee:  I agree with 

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MrsFuzzyFace. There is something about your post that is making me really uncomfortable. The only concrete thing I can say is, if you had told your SO to stop texting random girl, he should have listened to you.

That apart, I can give you some very unethical advice: start snooping around. Try to find more evidence before you reach a conclusion either ways. The other approach is to just turn a blind eye. If you are happy with him overall, then maybe ignorance is bliss. Just get him tested for STDs and ensure your safety. I don’t know…all these posts about cheating, and my own personal experience combined, I’ve become quite jaded about the whole thing. Sometimes I think it’s best to ignore what he is doing and live in your own happy bubble. If that gives you a few priceless days of peace.

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but he kept texting her back. He said he just feels bad because she’s a great girl and deserves to be happy.

Not his/your problem. She doesn’t need to discuss her relationship issues/whatever with a man who is about to be married. This is something she should discuss with a girlfriend, not your fiance.


+1  Nothing good EVER comes from these types of situations.
I’ve never been cheated on or even been suspicious of being cheated on, but if my Fiance ever showed any of these signs, I wouldn’t second guess it.  This is all a pretty tell-tale sign to me that something fishy is going on, and shit needs to be put to an end.

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Uhhh, my ex used to do that and i think you should be aware. I can’t say if he cheats on you or he’s just having a fantasy with this woman, nostalgy or something like that. But that doesn’t seem too “clean”. Firstly she wouldn’t ask from him an advice if she’d be just a friend, she’d have respect, and secondary he wouldn’t text her back if he wouldn’t think about her. He acts like a teen that got a message from his gf, eager to text back. I’m sorry for all that situation but let’s face it, you SO hides something and it should be approproate for him to tell you what’s wrong. There are sexual fantasies that are normal for everyone, he might have that with her as i said, this wouldn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but those naked pictures indeed should alarm you, this goes too far for a natural fantasy. 

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@Aquababes:  Trying to say this in the nicest way possible, but it is flat out dumb as fuck to turn a blind eye if you suspect someone is cheating.  No.  Just no.

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Trust your gut. I’ve been in a very similar situation and I didnt just sit around waiting for him to come clean becuase lets be realistic that probably was never going to happen. Besides if those pictures were for you why didnt he just send them to you in the morning when he remembered why did he have to delete them and why does he have to delete the texts. And If you ask me its pretty disrespectful of him to text the other girl. I am not saying he is cheating on you physically and I am not saying its the end of your relationship either but there probably is something going on that you might need to know.


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he said that he took the pictures for you and forgot to send them.  so, why did he delete them instead of sending them?  he deleted them before he knew that you saw them.

sorry, this just doesn’t add up. 

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