(Closed) Found some incriminating evidence in a deceptive way (work related) what to do??

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  • poll:

    Bring it to boss's attention honestly

    Anonymously give to boss

    Talk to girls

    Try to catch them some other way

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    I agree with most everyone else… Do not bring this up to your boss or leave any anonymous notes…

    You have two options at this point… you said it is obvious that they are talking about you without the controversial messages you obtained… So you can either talk to those girls and in  a calm and professional manner you can say that their behavior is inappropriate and it makes you uncomfortable and if it continues you will take it to HR.

    OR… you can go directly to HR and explain how these women are making you uncomfortable and what steps you should take to make the work environment more pleasant for you.

    Do not mention the messages, pretend you didn’t see them and you should never try to look at any more of them…

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    I agree with “you have little to gain and a lot to lose”…but I would still read what they say…I’m so effin nosey its unbelievable…lol!

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    Do you have an IT friend that you could mention something to? Or talk to HR and asked to be moved (in which case you could mention the snickering and your suspicions they are gossiping about you) and say they are making you uncomfortable. 

    These girls sound like bitchy teenagers. I’d leave a rotten egg in their space somewhere 😛

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    wow, I really feel like I am in the minority! what these girls are doing is extremely inappropriate. they are creating a hostile work environment for metalbride by acting like little snots to her, and it sounds like they’re being obvious about it too. this should not be ignored.

    also, nobody should ever disparage the boss using company equipment, no matter who you are and no matter where you work. doing that is so astronomically stupid, they should get fired just for being idiots. what were they thinking? 

    but, like I said, Metalbride: what you did was also bad too, so that kind of cancels it out. if you had gone to HR before snooping, this could have been taken care of in a very office appropriate way. but… that’s moot.

    which is why I stand by my original advice: slip an anonymous note to IT and let them decide if they want to deal with it. 

    either way: let us know the outcome! I want to know what you did, I’m so curious!


    EDIT: OR, go to HR and tell them that these girls are behaving in a snotty way towards you, and that you have a suspicion that they are making fun of you using IM.  don’t tell them that you snooped. make HR think that you only have a suspicion.  destroy your evidence. 

    by the way, most people should not be using IM at work anyway, so that alone might get them into trouble. 

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    Given most of the responses in this thread, I think you’d get a more accurate reading of the situation if you added a poll option for “drop the situation and take no action.”

    That’s exactly what I would do…if they really are that catty and disrespectful of company time, their actions will come back to bite them eventually. Furthermore, it sounds as if they are taking it to the extreme…but Ican’t think of a single person I work with (including myself) that hasn’t used our internal messenger tool to discuss non-work related items or complain about a coworker. Not saying that makes it ok, just saying that I don’t think the offense is so severe that it warrants you risking your job and being exposed for invading someone else’s privacy.

    And like others have said – no one appreciates a tattletale, it will just shed light on you in a negative way. I agree that their actions are completely inappropriate but I think this is a time to rise above them, ignore it and let them bring the consequences upon themselves 🙂 which it sounds like they’ll do eventually.

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    @KatyElle: I think that’s a good idea

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    @KatyElle: THIS hahahahahahahaha awesome.

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    I say let it go.

    You *CAN* go to HR to talk about the laughing and looks your direction but do NOT talk about seeing the conversation.

    Also, the majority of these companies already monitor chat software on company computers, so they may already be watching these chats.

    If you tell anyone about logging the conversation you could end up in a whole heap of trouble (and possibly lose your job).

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    id let it go. you could get in more trouble than they could.

    and by going anonymous and saying “I dont think our boss would appreciate that (or whatever it said lol) your basically calling yourself out anyway.

    what they did may be mean  and highschoolish but they didnt really do anything to affect you and your work.

    I say forget about it. They will slip up sooner or later anyway.

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    , I decided to set the receptionist’s messanger to auto save her conversation so I could read it (bad, I know!!).

    holy crap!!!  how many corporate policies did YOU break to be a snoop in invading peoples privacy!   2 wrongs do not make you right

    if you have personal issues then bring it up with HR but be careful, you did a very wrong thing

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    Like some PP’s have said, and not that I’m judging, but I think what you did would be grounds for termination.  Accessing someone else’s workstation is a security threat that many businesses take very seriously.  

    I’m sorry they’re making your work life suck, but it’s not worth losing your job.  Maybe you could ask the girls to lunch and say that you really like working with them, but you get the feeling that they are giggling at you, etc.

    Honestly, in my experience though, they’ll just be more discreet about talking their sh*t.  I’d drop it and hope they do something to get themselves fired.  

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