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Blushing bee
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Another bee has suggested this but can you schedule an induction on a date / time that you can prearrange transportation or that works for the bus schedule? Obviously you could still go into early labor but at least you can have it as arranged as possible.

But on another note, once you have the baby you will need to be going to the doctors regularly and have access to the hospital in the event of an emergency. I think once you deliver you need to really focus on getting a license / car and a job so you can work towards being more independent and have the ability to get where you need to go. 

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Helper bee
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I’m sorry, you’re struggling  I know how hard it is hard to handle stress when you’re pregnant and hormonal but you need to be more proactive.

Are you registered at the GP? It’s normal practice at a lot of doctors to call on the day for appointments. It’s annoying but you have to be on the phone as soon as they are open. If you are not registered you need to get registered as your baby will need to go for check ups and vaccinations. Also, they priorities babies and infants so if your child is ever poorly they should give them and appointment on the day. You don’t need an appointment to call for advice about local services that might be able to assist you, the receptionist should be able to give you that information.

It sounds like the taxi service is only closed for a few hours in the night. Whilst it’s not ideal most first time mums are in labour for a while so even if you did go into labour in the night you should be ok waiting until morning to go to hospital. I went into labour with my son at 1am but didn’t actually need to go to the hospital until midday. I wouldn’t have wanted to get one a bus though so I would keep looking for someone to drive you.

Have you asked the taxi service if any of their drivers would be interested in giving you a direct number so they could take you for an extra charge?

You could also join local Facebook groups for your area and see if anyone would be willing to take you if you paid them.

I would also try and chase up with your midwife about the home birth if it’s something you are really interested in as they would need to start getting the equipment like a birthing pool and gas and air delivered soon.

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Sugar bee
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It’s unlikely they will induce you for this. 

Does the hospital have a patient transport scheme. I know my hospital has a group of volunteer drivers who bring people to their hospital appointments (elderly/ vulnerable ) melbear5267 :  

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Bumble bee

I would look into hiding a private driver if taxis won’t take you. Maybe place up an ad in your local shops if there’s a notice board or something. Best of luck with everything. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Most women labor for a long time with their first baby.

I would just call the taxi, you don’t need to explain that you think you’re in labor.

There are a lot of appointments for the baby after birth too, what’s your plan there?

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Busy bee

melbear5267 :  I live in the US. I used to take a public bus home in high school, and it took an hour and a half to travel 5 miles! This included waiting, stops, transfers, etc. I’m sorry, Bee. You’re in a tough spot. My question to you is have you asked moms in your area what their plan of action was when they went in to labor? There is a slight possibility someone would take pity, and offer a ride. It’s a good time to start meeting other moms, and networking anyway. Most moms will offer baby clothes, and other items they aren’t using any longer, and will be there for support after baby comes. It sounds like you could use a support system.  If not, definitely call the hospital, and explain the situation. They may be able to refer you to a 24 hour medical transport service. Since your taxi services and busses are not 100% reliable, this should be plan C. 

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Bee Keeper

 I’m sorry people are snarky. Not sure why. 

Ok some ideas since I don’t know much about transport in the UK

-you mentioned your mom can she take you?

-do you have a friend to take you? 

-can you ask a neighbor?

-join some local mommy groups and see if you can find out from them any tips 

-uber or Lyft or a cab? 

-Can you afford to stay in a motel near the hospital before your due date?

-definitely ask your doctor for ideas.

-Ask your benefits office where you get payment assistance what to do. Maybe there’s a program?


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Busy bee
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In the U.S., there are crisis pregnancy groups that help women with an unplanned pregnancy. Whether yours was planned or not, you might call a group like this (if they exist near you) and ask for help.

You’re not alone. I met a single mom years ago who said that the pregnancy group she attended talked about taking a cab home from hospital if necessary. Sad to think any new mom has to worry about how to get to or from the hospital. Ignore the self-righteous bees who are criticizing you.

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Buzzing bee
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melbear5267 :  I don’t know if anyone has suggested this, but maybe you could try going to a local church and asking the church leadership for help?  Many churches have networks of people interested in being charitable, and its possible that someone would volunteer to help you.

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Helper bee
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I’m sorry you are going through this situation.  Hopefully you will be able to find some sort of transportation to the hospital.

This is probably not a popular idea but would you be able to Airbnb a room close to the hospital closer to the due date?  The problem with labor is you feel false labor contractions for a few days before the active labor begins.

Also, as another bee pointed out you can always look into the option of inducing.  I know when I had my first daughter my doctors talked about inducing because my husband worked overseas and he wanted to be around when my daughter was born.

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Helper bee
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I’m glad you’ve got a long appointment with the midwife, hopefully, she will be able to give you some advice about the services available in your area. If not I would also try contacting the hospital directly because they should have information about patient transport.

I think it’s unlikely that they will be willing to induce you for a none medical reason and I would try and avoid that anyway. If they agree to a home birth and for whatever reason you need to go to hospital then they would arrange an ambulance for you. But pain relief is more limited at home so make sure you discuss all the options properly with your midwife.

I would also think about how you are going to get home from the hospital. A taxi won’t take you without a car seat so you need to find one that has car seats available.

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