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All I can say is that I had an at length discussion about gestational diabetes and risks of birth defects associated with it with the doctor I work with the other day. Can I ask if you have any risk factors? Like, are you overweight, have any family history of type II or gestational diabetes, or have high blood sugar??


If you do, try your best to put your fears aside for your little one!! No one LOVES needles but it’s for your baby =) It may not be a pleasant experience, actually it definitely will not be, especially based off of your sensitivity and risk for migraines, but I feel like it’s worth it… Hugs to you, sounds like you’re really worried, and I’m really sorry!!

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It’s only ONE blood test at the end. And I did NOT have to fast.

I know there are differing reviews on the fasting part. I’m not sure what the reasoning is so I would ask your OB and bring it up to them.

Do everything you can before hand to ensure you will not fail. Eat nothing sweet the week prior. No sweet cereal, no sweet juice, no dessert, etc etc. The morning of for breakfast go with bland plain oatmeal and water. Don’t even eat fruits that morning!

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I don’t know all that is involved, but if they do want to do further testing maybe it’s possible to check your sugar levels with a finger prick, the way diabetics typically test their sugar level?

I don’t know if it’s possible, or if you would still have a similar phobia but if you think you would tolerate it better maybe talk to your doctor about it.

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Hey, not preggers but I am a phlebotomist (the terrifying poker person…) and I can give you a few tips to make this process go a little more smoothly:

HYRDATE!!!  The day before and the morning of your test, drink water.  Not like gallons, but make sure you’re hydrated enough to get you through the ordeal.  Fasting does NOT mean no water unless you are having imaging on your stomach and they require that your actual stomach organ be empty.

They may or may not tell you what kind of breakfast to eat, but I would reccommend a high protein breakfast with some carbs (think scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast). 

Ok, so the test will go something like this… they sometimes draw a baseline sample, give you the sugary drink, then one hour from the time you finish the drink you get another blood draw.  For the 3 hour test, they draw a fasting sample first, then you drink the drink, then you get drawn typically at 1,2,and 3 hours, but you only drink the glucola one time.

To make the actual blood draw itself go easier, first make sure you’re hydrated.  Second, tell the nurse or phlebotomist that you have an intense fear and ask that they be patient with you.  You’re not the first or last person they will see who is afraid of needles/blood/blood draws/hospitals in general. 

Keep your elbow as straight as you can get it without hyperextending it. This helps pull your skin a little tigher and your vein won’t roll.  Do NOT jump/twitch/jerk.  This can cause them to miss your vein and have to stick you all over again.  I don’t care how scared you are, but if you move it will make it worse.  Look away, take an iPod, take a friend, sing a song, count to 10, whatever you have to do. 

You really will be ok.  I draw blood from little children and babies all day, every day, and have yet to lose a patient πŸ˜›  If you have any questions or anything, feel free to pm me and ask!  And, if you live in my area, let me know and I can do your test.  Seriously- some of my kiddos call me a ninja.  I’m very good at my job!!!  Relax, you can do it πŸ™‚

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If you are terrified of needles I suggest you ask for them to use butterfly needles if possible. I’m not pregnant, but I had to have a 5 hour glucose test done due to some hypoglycemia issuies a few years ago. I’m absolutely terrified of needles. Just try to relax and not look at it. If you tense up you’ll feel it go in and it may hurt. If your muscles are relaxed you barely feel it depending on the needle used.

ETA: Also if the sugar drink they give you is the same as the one I had all I have to say is “Ick!” It tastes like flat coco-cola so be prepared for that. Downing the whole thing when I didn’t expect that flavor was not easy.

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Clarify with your doctor or the lab if you can have water.

Clarify with your doctor or the lab if you can take your medications.

Ask your doctor about a prescription if it is needed for EMLA. It is a topical cream that you apply about 45 minutes ahead of any needle stick so that the skin is numb.

Then, put some time and thought to the idea that if you are going to be a parent, in future you are going to have to be a role model to a child. If Mom freaks to the point of hysteria, how would you ever ensure that your child gets the immunizations and any blood tests that they need?

Time for some therapy- maybe hypnosis for you.

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@julies1949:  I second the suggestion for therapy if you feel up to it. Phobias can be relatively easy to treat. At the very least, the therapist can teach you relaxation techniques to help you calm yourself down prior to receiving an injection or blood draw.

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To clarify, because there is some mis-information flying around in this thread.

During the 1 hour you don’t have to fast in most cases, but every doctor is different. They take your blood 2 times for that. Once at the beginning of the test and one at the end. 

If you fail, and you’re right 23% of woman do (I did) You do have to fast for the 3 hour. Then they take your blood at least 4 times. Once at the beginning and then once at the end of every hour. (my doctor also ordered another blood test 30 minutes after the 4th draw)

If you refuse the test, in most cases they will treat you as if you have gestinational diabetes and put you on the specified diet. However, if you have a very bad case you may need insulin and you won’t know that without completing the test. It could kill you and your baby.

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@PandasWifey:  I fully understand anxiety disorders. As I have one of my own. I’m sorry that some of the pp’s are not understanding what you’re going through. I know how serious this can be for you. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose.

EDIT: It probably will cause a migraine. I also got a migraine after the 3 hour (not after the 1 hour) and I very rarely get them.

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@PandasWifey:  Sorry, I’m no parent and don’t have any thoughts on the glucose test, but to say there’s very little a therapist can do for panic and anxiety is absolutely 100% incorrect. I work in a specialized anxiety disorder clinic and we treat people every day for a range of anxiety disorders, including but not limited to panic, GAD and phobias. Actually, with the right mindset, phobias are the easiest things to treat with CBT and exposure therapy. Also, often children do model phobias after their parents, something to think about.

Just a thought if you reconsider getting help for that aspect of your life, and good luck with the test!

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@PandasWifey:  Hi, I wanted to let you know that for my 1-hr test I did not have to fast at all. I could also eat, it was recommended to stay away from sugary things and not to eat immediately before the test. I had two eggs around 7:30 and took the drink at 8:45. I only had to have blood taken once at the end. During the wait I recommend moving around (I took the drink before my scheduled appointment so that the wait didn’t seem as long). I was told that a finger prick is allowed, though I opted for the regular draw. I would talk with your doctor, I would think preventing an anxiety attack and migraine would be a top priority. I wish you the best of luck!

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I’m sorry that you’ve had such a rough go of it  πŸ™   

First of all, I would speak to your doctor to see what he/she advises.   For the one hour test, I only had one blood draw at the very end – that seems to vary from doctor to doctor whether they want to do a baseline as well or just go with the draw after one hour to see what your sugar is.  

I didn’t have to fast but I was advised to schedule my test for first thing in the morning.   I skipped breakfast and brought some whole grain crackers with me in the car to eat on the way to the appt – I ended up not eating them but they had virtually zero sugar so they would have been perfectly fine.   I was fairly well hydrated though for my appointment and that was fine.  

The drink tastes like a flat Sprite and hopefully you will get it cold as it’s actually almost tasty cold but I can imagine it being a bit gross warm.  I was worried that it was going to be a sugar onslaught but the drink actually has less sugar than a can of coke, so if you can drink a coke without getting a migraine or any other side effects, you should be ok with this.   As you are very sensitive to migraines though, I would ensure you have some snacks with you to eat as soon as the test is over – and preferably not sugary snacks.  Proteins are the best but if you can’t snack on a big juicy steak right afterwards, whole wheat carbs should be helpful.   

If you do fail, which hopefully you don’t, I would have a serious discussion with your doctor.  See how close you were to passing and discuss your options.  I am sure you are not the first person to have encountered the situation where you are likely to have adverse health effects from taking the 3 hour test.  

I’d stay away from Dr. Google as you will only read stories about people having horrific experiences.   Speak with your doctor and you will hopefully get some clear, concise information that puts your mind at ease.  

Good luck!

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