(Closed) Freaking out: Possible MRSA and Bactrim while pregnant =(

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@RahlyRah:  I don’t know about being pregnant, but I have experienced MRSA second hand. My roommate got it in a place that she could not care for on her own. She was doing pretty good going to the student clinic to get it rebandaged everyday, but then labor day weekend hit and she was left high and dry while they were still packing the wounds to drain it. I work in a lab and had access to gloves, so I stocked up and changed her bandages and packed the wounds for the 4 day weekend. She had to take 3 antibiotics simultaneously in order to combat the MRSA. She actually had to set an alarm to wake her up every 4 hours to take the antibiotics. It took about 2-3 weeks to clear up the infection, and we caught it fairly early ~3 days in.

I know my grandmother was put on some kind of antibiotic while pregnant with my father and that it permanently discolored his teeth, but didn’t have any other side-effects. I would definitely ask your doctor a lot of questions about the safety of the antibiotics with your pregnancy.

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MRSA is the worst. I have had it twice now and from what I have heard once you get it you become very likely to get it again. Ugh. Usually you can get it to clear up pretty quicky (if you catch it early enough) but stay on the antibiotics until the very end or it can come back. 

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MRSA is a damn nasty disease. I work in a hospital (clinical training as a nurse) and your doc is right. If you have it you’re going to be basically on quarantine; nurses and docs aren’t even allowed in your room without a gown and gloves on. It’s incredibly contagious. Here’s hoping you don’t have it, make SURE you take those antibiotics! 

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@RahlyRah:  The MRSA definitly didn’t respond that fast to the antibiotics and they had to change one about a week in to get it to start to heal. It also got really bad really fast. My roommate mosly likely contrated it on a flight back from Italy (sitting for a long time in one position lets it get a foothold). Within 3 days it was painful enough that my roommate asked me to look at it. She was really body shy being very overweight and the sore was on the bottom of her butt cheek where she couldn’t see or reach; it had to hurt alot for her to ask me to look. The best description of it was a traget: the middle two inch circle was black surrounded by a dark red 8 inch diameter ring that was surrounded by a lighter, but still very red ring making the whole circle about a foot across. She really didn’t like the look I got on my face after seeing that, and I made her go to the doctor right away.

Your cyst thing doesn’t sound as bad at that looked, and if it’s already responding it probably isn’t MRSA. As the pp said though definitely finish the antibiotic, those things are carefully calculated and you have to take it all.

I really have no idea how far along my grandmother was. Just keep asking questions with your care staff, they should be up on the latest research pertaining to antibiotics and pregnancy.

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Well, MRSA is a really big deal in hospitals. It’s the primary place where people get MRSA infections, actually. It actually has a much higher unmet medical need than other high profile diseases like AIDS, HCV etc etc. (I’ve been working on developing new antibiotics for it for several years, and it is a beast of an organism). It’s not something to mess around with.

It sounds like they have cultured it, yes? If so, they should be able to figure out what strain you have (more specifically than just “MRSA”) and really target it. I’m sure you’ll be fine, as they seem to have caught it early, before it became systemic.

Does your insurance have a nurse hotline you can call? They would be able to give you more info about taking your antibiotic while pregnant. MRSA can be very deadly – don’t dial back your treatment because you are pregnant – it will truly backfire.

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@RahlyRah:  How far along are you? Bactrim is like, super safe during the first trimester. All the doctors I know prescribe for people without batting an eye in the first trimester… (not a doctor nor is this medical advice, just my observation!). I say wait for the culture to come back, and if it is positive for MRSA, take the antibiotic as prescribed to you.

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I think it will be fine to take the Bactrim while you are pregnant. Class C medications aren’t IDEAL (Class A or B would be “safer”, since they are more well-tested), but in most cases they are just fine. Class C basically means that there aren’t good studies on the drug during pregnancy to PROVE its safety, and there could be some case reports of possible harmful effects. They are given all the time, though, based on doctors’ discretion. I am a pharmacy intern (graduate as a pharmacist in May, woo!), and when I’m asked about Class C drugs at work, I ALWAYS refer women to their OB. There is definitely a time and place to use them, and MRSA would be it! The benefits here would outweigh the risks. 

I honestly don’t know much about Bactrim in pregnancy, but I did a quick search on one of my pharmacy phone apps, and it seems that some of the concern comes from the way Bactrim works – it basically is keeping bacteria from using folic acid for growth. Without doing a literature search, I don’t know how concerning this is, or if it warrants extra folic acid supplementation. Might be something to ask your OB about – he/she will be much more well-read in medications during pregnancy. Hope this resolves soon! 

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 He then proceeds to tell me that if it is MRSA they will treat me like I have leprosy in the hospital.

Considering how dangerous, contagious and difficult to combat MRSA is, they would treat you like you had leprosy. You’d be in a facility FULL of people with injuries and open wounds. MRSA loves that shit, yo!

A bit of a harsh way to word it, definitely, but it’s absolutely true. MRSA is the worst.

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I would be surprised if most healthcare workers didn’t have MRSA, to be honest.


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