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redwinetime :  You should also know that in Australia (and many other countries) the term free range does not mean “runs around a barn/farm all free and happy” but actually means x amount more space, sometimes as little as a few cms, yet still in cages.

We are a vegan household so don’t buy eggs but if you do then please try and buy them from backyard chicken coups. Multiple people (like 35 last count) sell eggs in my local area which is in the suburbs of a major Australian city. Or from farmers markets.

I won’t even start on how the supermarkets treat farmers, which makes it even harder to get them to care for their animals since they are making no money trying to stay afloat. People forget about that when they think about the treatment of farmed animals, they forget that they are part of the problem.

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This is why I don’t eat animal products. I recently explained this to my in laws who had no idea, it’s quite shocking when you learn what happens to make chicks. Heartbreaking. 

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Thanks for posting this. I follow a vegan diet too but whether people agree with eating animal products or not, this kind of cruelty is inexcusable. I hope in the near future society will be looking back at our factory farming (amongst other things) and be baffled at how we could ever have been so barbaric.

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Yea, it’s pretty awful. I buy eggs from the farm down the road, where I can see the chickens have the run of the property. I’m assuming they sell the male chicks to other local farms to raise and butcher…but still that’s the lesser of two evils.

There’s so much that goes on ‘behind closed doors’. I’m always repulsed when I learn about these things but I’m ever more repulsed to find out most people could care less. 

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Thank you for bringing this topic up. I also follow a vegan lifestyle. I was vegetarian for 10 years and never really thought about what happens to male chicks. Or male calves or “spent” dairy cows. And I considered myself an animal lover too. I do believe when more people are exposed and become aware of the victims of our choices, we begin to choose differently. Thank you again 🙂

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I really appreciate backyard chickens.  Dh and i try to do the same with meat,  buy direct from humane suppliers so we can have a better idea of the living conditions if animals before we eat them.  I’m not saying we dont occiasionally eat out, but we cook at home the vast majority of the time.  

For us,  it’s a religious and conscience things.  We’re taught to eat meat sparingly and treat animals humanely. Of course,  both those things can be really open to interpretation. We’ve interpreted it to mean  go out and buy meat direct and not have meat in every meal. We do have a deep freeze,  so we don’t have to make the trip too often.  It works for us and we’re pretty comfortable with our decisions.

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redwinetime :  redwinetime :  I have a hard time buying eggs for this reason. Here in the States “free range” usually means that instead of in cages, they’re piled on top of each other in a dark warehouse. It’s horrific what goes in the commercial farming industry. I’m an aspiring vegan, actually. 

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redwinetime :  When I saw the title, I came here to warn you that they put male chicks in the shredder. And on that same note, that dairy cows have their babies taken away at birth, and those babies become “veal”. 

And don’t forget about how the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed in order to have enough farm land to grow food for all of the cows. The monkeys, jaguars, and sloths were and continue to be killed, and our planet is going down right alongside it.

And clean water is also important to consider. It takes over 100,000 gallons of water just to make the average American’s annual supply of hamburgers. A plant based diet uses less water in a year than an omnivore does in a month. 

So many reasons to be vegan. 😊

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redwinetime :  whilst you are welcome to PM a moderator if you don’t agree with their decision, complaining about a moderation decision and / or moderator is a violation of the terms of service. I am removing the link again as I stand by my initial decision and if I see it again on this thread I will close it down. 

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Thank you for raising awareness! Animal product industries have good marketing to cover up the truth. We need more people to expose it.  I’m sure most people would be horrified if they knew.  

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I’m not a vegan, but I do always it funny when someone boasts about buying their free range eggs or organic/grass fed beef – from a supermarket. It’s all mass produced, it’s not sustainable and it’s not really ‘better’ than the other stuff. But labelling and marketing is also big business, and trying/succeeding to make people feel slightly better about their choice so much so that they’ll pay double 🤑 works out well.

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Anything bought from a supermarket, you have NO idea where it was raised or how it was raised. I know where every piece of meat I buy and cook was raised and how it was raised, and I am often part of it being raised. Every piece of fish I buy is from someone who I know who caught it or caught ourselves. It can be done. And it’s usually NOT more pricey, as long as you don’t go the organic route, which I truly don’t believe in. As for chickens, we raise our own and the males turn to dog food, or I keep a few each year. You are correct, they do not grow fast enough to be like the regular meat chicken you would buy at the supermarket, but they can still be eaten if cooked properly. If anyone is not wanting to go vegan but does have issues with corporate food, do your research. There are a ton of local markets and CSA’s out there that you can purchase almost everything you need from. 


Unfortunately, food education is NOT a thing, and so many communities don’t have the knowledge or accessibility to really good food, nor the means or wish to buy it, so corporate food will always exist to feed the massive population we have produced. I will forever try to help people get what they want in their diets and try to educate, but I will never look upon someone poorly for their food decisions. Whether it be processed crap, vegan, organic, etc… 

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