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jellybellynelly :  I’m not a vegan, but I do always it funny when someone boasts about buying their free range eggs or organic/grass fed beef – from a supermarket.

Same here.  It drives me bonkers.


If more people just consumed a less meat and made an effort to source it and eggs/dairy locally from smaller family farms it would be a huge improvement.  

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Yes I saw a breakthrough video of the baby chicks dying on the conveyor belts when I was in college so I’ve been buying cage free eggs ever since then. Unfortunately, that still doesn’t mean a whole lot. I don’t own a home yet (in the process) but I’d love to raise chickens or buy local eggs. 

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Nothing, unless grown or done in your own backyard is cruelty free.

We are trying to really live off the grid the best we can living in the city but are not allowed “farm animals”. We just make our own compost and grow our own veggies.

We do want our own chickens someday. Our goal is to get financially able to buy land and expand our garden and get chickens (and other animals). I can’t imagine killing and eating them though.


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redwinetime :  I vaguely remember hearing about some new technology that could eliminate the need for culling male chicks, I maybe read an article or heard it on a podcast.  I just googled it and this is perhaps it: 

Another article about similar technology research in Germany and the Netherlands–male-chicks-could-avoid-death-by-grinder/ 

Just thought you might be interested.

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Ugh, as someone who is born and raised in the agricultural industry can you guys stop shaming all of the ways we raise food for you to eat, please? I’m directly involved in the industry from all aspects (firsthand raising animals to marketing for it, etc)

Ever think about the fact that having chickens lay eggs in cages is the most efficent way for them to produce the food FOR YOU TO EAT? Ever think that those chickens are actually liviing the life and are SURVIVING? Think about it – chickens producing eggs in a cage are SAFE, they are fed and watered, given mediciation (*gasp, oh no antibiotics!!) to make sure they are healthy and producing eggs for you to eat. You do realize that “free-range” chickens are in MUCH, MUCH greater danger than those in the cages? I’ve seen it firsthand because I’ve raised chickens, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve cried because I walk out to find my laying hens dead thanks to predators…. because yes, while they have sufficent access to shelter, I wanted to give them the option of going outside and truly being “free-range” (within a fenced area of course for containment). So don’t go thinking that the hens who are laying eggs in a cage are miserable or being mistreated (and yes, not every facility abides by standard animal care regulations) because I hate to break it, but they’re WAY better off than allowing chickens to roam free and then you wake up and suddenly you have zero chickens to produce eggs which equals zero dollars you earn for an income. 

I’m not trying to be ignorant… I could point to a lot of other animals you claim to not buy food products from because of how they are raised or treated but do you ever think that farmers who raise them use the methods they do to ensure that you have food on your table? Those chickens are their livelihood, those cows are what brings in income for farmers…. do you seriously think for a second that they would harm an animal that brings them in an income? In fact, statistics show that less than 2 percent of the population actually farms and provides REAL FOOD for you to eat, and those farmers struggle to make ends meet for their own families just so you can have your three meals a day. 

Rant over. Honestly, if any of ya’ll want to openly ask me questions about the agriculture industry, comment back to me or DM me. Seriously, I love talking and educating people about it. I’ve got a bunch of great resources for you to reference as well. 

As for efficency in providing food – the world’s population is estimated to be at 9 billion people by the year 2050. If you say farmers waste land for their cows (which actually provide more than just food, FYI) you are very wrongly mistaken. There is tons, tons of things being done every day to be more efficent with the land and water resources that are left. 


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redwinetime :  the eggs I buy are pastured. Free range means nothing. I look up the farms my eggs come from. We also buy organic whole milk and I educate myself on the company there as well.

I am moving towards a plant based diet for health reasons but the way that animals are treated in factory farming is just atrocious. It’s heinous and unacceptable. 

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I actually have been aware of these practices for some time. I don’t really think it’s a secret what happens to male baby chicks or baby cows. But changing habits are difficult. Especially if you are cooking for a whole household of people (in my case a major carnivore husband and 3 kids) who have grown up eating meat and using animal products. I personally think I could easily be a vegetarian, but I doubt it would go over well with my family. So I try to make more meatless meals, but they will never be vegan. 

You seem critical of PP who are making attempts to minimize their impact and move toward practices that support humane animal conditions, just because they are not fully vegan. It is off putting and I doubt it would sway anyone. Perhaps instead of scolding people’s good intentions, you could share your favorite vegan recipe? I’d be willing to give it a try. 

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FWIW, I’m not vegan or even vegetarian and I do not feel criticized or scolded by the original or any follow up posts.  Changing habits, tastes & routine is hard (and a long process) but information & awareness is key to it.

Everyone has different amounts of time, money, access and even just mental energy for these things.  Most people would probably like to do a part to improve on it.  If that means just adopting Meatless Mondays, it’s a good th thing.  That’s pretty impactful when done in large numbers.  And I think those small measures often snowball.  I know it did in my household over several years.  

Im too passive or cynical to be an awareness raiser myself.  I’m sure glad their are others who take the time to try to do it.

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It is disgusting. I’ll never buy eggs that aren’t free range and it’s such a big thing here that McDonald’s and Wendy’s only do free range eggs. I always thought the roosters just ended up as chicken meat? Also to the PP who, mentioned grassfed meat. I’m thankful I live in a country with only grass fed beef and lamb!! It should only be grassfed.

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