Friday Fun Poll: Meh at first sight. Share your story!

posted 3 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: What was your opinion of your FI/partner/BF/etc when you first met?

    Love at first sight/very interested/butterflies

    Curious or somewhat interested

    Nice, but not a romantic prospect

    Largely indifferent or not memorable

    Did NOT like

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    We both lived in an accommodation (though work) that had a  shared lounge. Me and my friend had been the only people using the lounge for weeks. Then this guy (my Now bf) came to watch tv. Since it would have been awkward not to acknowledge fellow humans we started chatting and I just thought he was a nice person. We were new so it was cool to chat to someone who had lived there longer. I was single and hadn’t gotten laid in a while and he was cute enough for a short fling I figured why not flirt a bit. I knew I was changing jobs in 3 months.

    Basically we spent the nights together rest of the time. When I was leaving I knew thatvwould be it and I was totally fine with it. He had developed feelings and suggested giving long distance  a try. He was nice, cute and easy to talk to so I said sure. I figured that it might last but it might fizzle, bit at least we gave it a try. We spoke every night and gradually my feelings deepened and here we are 8 years later.

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    @rockymtnbee:  DH and I worked together. It was my summer job while on break from college and it was his first job during high school (his senior year). Our very first interaction was while we were the last cashiers of the night.

    I was cashing out a customer and I heard someone yelling “Catch it! Catch it!” and when I finally glanced over, my DH was trying to do the wave (you know, the shoulder shaking thing) and get me to “send it back” to him. I tried to signal I was busy, but he kept insisting, so I apologized to the guest, and gave him the wave back. He was so tickled I played along, he ran over and high fived me. 

    I remember telling my best friend that my co-worker was a “dork.” He seemed a bit younger than me just based off sight and I was not immediately romantically interested in him, but I found him goofy and silly and really fun to work with. I also remember talking to him and he mentioned how he was excited to have kids some day. It struck me then what an awesome dad and husband he would be for someone. When I found out his age (he was 18 and I was 20), I was like no way in HELL am I going to date this child. But alas. 

    It took me a little bit to realize that I started looking forward to the nights we worked together and I would perk up when I saw him coming into work. We were friends for a year before friends (and co-workers) suggested a game night and we got to hang out one on one. From there we started hanging out just the two of us until he finally asked me out and we’ve been together ever since 🙂 

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    Sugar bee

    my guy walked me down to the under ground parking from my attorney’s office and asked for my number. I was somewhat interested but having been burned is my last relationship, I wasn’t too curious. Well, he called and the rest is history.

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    We met at a bar in 2012. I was frantically searching for my cell phone and wallet before I realized my friend left with them in her coat pocket to go meet someone else at another bar. 

    He sensed I was panicking and asked me if I was ok and then walked with me to where my friend was going to get my stuff. 

    We clicked but I was fresh out ofa long term relationship and had just had a horrible breakup. Getting serious with someone was the last thing I was interested in. 

    He had just moved to NYC from his hometown and not interested in settling into a relationship.

    We played the causal dating/I don’t care about you game for a while before we realized, hey, we do care about each other. 

    We got engaged in 2019. Wedding is (hopefully!) In 2021.

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    Blushing bee

    I voted “nice, but not romantically interested”

    We met at our first job. I was in high-school he was first year college. A bunch of us would always hang out and so I thought he was nice but didn’t really think anything else of it. 

    He was a cute, nice goofy boy but me being a teenager I was more in to the bad boy look lol! 

    Then one night at a work party my girlfriend said “hey, you should talk to so and so he thinks you’re cute” and so I thought why not! Then after that we just kept hanging out and eventually started dating and now we’re getting married! Lol 

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    I’ve known him all my life, from diapers on, and never had any interest until one day I just looked at him differently. Good thing I did!

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    @rockymtnbee:  We met online and I thought he was cute. But he was far away and I felt we were incompatible based on some q&a responses on the website. I even told him I didn’t think we were suited for one another. Now we’re married. 

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    Oh these stories are so sweet, especially with all the gloom in the world! I love it!

    i voted curious. My fiancé and I met at a charity ball. I saw him across the room which was impossible not to do as he is 6’11” (210cm). I told my sister he was the tallest man I’ve ever seen and we both agreed to try and get closer to see if we could figure out how tall he actually was without asking him outright. Well, turns out my sister’s bf (now fiancé) knew someone or the organising committee who knew him and they arranged to introduce us! 
    I wanted to give my sister some time with her new bf without me third wheeling, so I made a point of spending time chatting to him. He turned out to be lovely and really genuine so I gave him my number but I remember saying to my mum the next day “it will never work out! We wouldnt be able to buy a 16th century farmhouse in Europe because he’d hit his head on the beams! How would we travel, regular seats would suck for him! Where does he buy shirts? You and dad wouldn’t like him since you’re so small!” And basically rambled on. She was like “it’s a date, you don’t have to marry the guy and did you plan on buying a farmhouse? He probably buys his own shirts, and gets seats with extra leg room. Plus who cares what we think?”

    So I went on a date and the rest is history. He’s the sweetest man alive, and seeing my 5″2′ mum try to hug him is adorable, haha!

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    I noticed my now fiance while working for the railroad. I had just brought a train home, and he was working on a train in front of me blocking the way back to the office and my car. I was just standing there, staring at him, book bag, duffle bag, lunch bags, covered in dirt, just, zoned out. I eventually snapped back to reality, and went into the office where I overheard someone call him by name. I spent my next night searching every coworkers facebook friends to try to find him. Sounds crazy, but here we are. He likes to remind me that this is not the first time we met though! I was in a different rail yard, and he was helping my crew get around, and he offered me some of his lunch. I tell him I don’t remember him because it was only my 3rd day and I was terrified! LOL! He admitted he found my name on the roster (new people are easy to figure out, especially females) and had stalked my socials. He was too afraid to say anyhing because he was afraid I’d take it the wrong way and report him. Luckily I had no shame and went for it!

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    My husband was a client. Well he worked for a company i supplied and i spoke to him on the phone a lot so we already had good repertoire. 

    The first time I saw him, was at a sporting event. I thought he was a foot shorter than me and had a mullet, but amazing eyes. He got drunk and screamed at the game and I stood there on my best behaviour. I thought he was cute but had spent most of the game talking to his friend so he thought i liked his friend.

    The next time we caught up I had had work drinks and was going to a sporting event where he would be. I stood there looking for a short man with a mullet. Turns out when I’m not on a step or in heels his a good head taller than me and he has beautiful curly locks. Not a mullet.  Well I don’t know if it was the fact I was a few drinks deep but he asked me out and I turned him down.  

    I then spoke to my boss  about his proposal, who told me to go for it as our chemistry was undeniable. So I did. 

    The job and boss turned out to be horrible but I figure I was there for a reason and I found him. 

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    We met at work. I thought she was cute but had no interest in a relationship. She says it was love at first sight for her & proceeded to court me for 6 months until I gave in & agreed to go on a date with her. Everything went pretty fast after that! 

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    @rockymtnbee:  not my fiance but someone I dated briefly before. We worked together and he was not my type nor did I find him attractive(shorter then me, had a beard when I’m into clean cut, different styles, etc). Additionally we didn’t have much in common at all.

    He was the IT guy and when there was a problem he always called me to test things out. He was out of the loop on the work gossip working on his own and always asked me about what was going on.  We sort of had a flirty communication which I enjoyed but I never thought it was much more than friendly work banter, especially because I didn’t find him to be attractive.

    Until…. He started dating someone and the flirting stopped. I noticed he started acting differently towards me and it bothered me. Then one day I had a steamy dream about him and woke up confused. Was I actually into this guy?

    His fling fizzled out and turns out he was into me earlier so we started dating pretty much as soon as I showed interest. It only lasted a few months because we really were not compatible. Looking back I was clearly craving that attention he was previously giving me, having recently been through a break up and wanting to feel special.  I guess you could consider him the “rebound” guy I dated post breakup before meeting my fiance. 

    Anyway, I know it’s not what you asked for, but figured I’d share. I would love to hear a similar story as this one where it did workout! Or something that seemed to be a “rebound” that actually worked out!

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    I didn’t give him a second look for about three years. We went on a high school band trip and he doesn’t even remember I was on it (although his memory is terrible tbh). Once we were forced to sit together in class and I joined an extra circular he was also a part of, it took three months of awkward flirting before we went out on a date. Been together ever since!

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