(Closed) Friday Fun Post: What Do People Post/Do On FB That Drives You INSANE?

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MrsHalpert:  The ALS Challenge.

I’m so over it. It’s great if you want to help out a cause but holy crap…dumping water on your head does nothing! Donate your money or time instead!

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Ninebones:  I’ll one up you. People who ARGUE about the ALS challenge. Seriously. It’s so annoying to me. Like… I’m fine with the damn challenge. I am not okay with sanctimonious people needing a slap on the back for posting a video of themselves and then arguing about how great they are for doing it. Most of the videos I have seen don’t even mention ALS or anything about it just that they were nominated and who they are tagging. It’s so self serving it’s disgusting. 

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MrsHalpert:  Couples who are obviously in the same room, talking to each other on their walls so everyone sees:

“Oh darling, how nice of you to light the fire, I do love you”

“Yeah honey, now we’re all warm and snug together on the sofa, isn’t our life perfect?”

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Ninebones:  The only reason I dislike the ALS challenge is because the inherent premise (which is, if you DON’T want to donate, dump water over yourself) seems so wrong to me. It’s great the foundation has earned so much money but philanthropy should come from the heart, not because you didn’t get soaked in time.

In general, oversharing and political rants really put me off. I had friends during the World Cup start posting really racist things as well. Made me question keeping them in my lives, tbh.

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MrsHalpert:  I dont think most people have this problem, but a few people on my FB are involved in a pyramid scam (although of course, they don’t see that) and its literally alllllll they post about.

Then they get tagged in statuses from other cult members and that shows up on my newsfeed too. I am all for positivity, but it is overkill. Plus im just like HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS IS A SCAM!?

Its almost kind of creepy.

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People who play the victim card one minute (I have such trouble with XYZ thing, why won’t anyone cut me a break?) and then their next post is ridiculously sanctimonious about them knowing everything (Organized religion is the root of all evil, how can anyone believe it!)  

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theshannondee:  MrsHalpert:  YES!

i actually just posted about this and said it sad to see SO many videos of this on my newsfeed and a only a handful talked about what it was for and where to donate.

I actually had a wave of the challenge flow in about 2 months ago from all my friends in NZ. They explained they did it for cancer and the ice was to mimic the hot and colf sensations of going through chemo (they also did it way better than dumping a little bucket over their head lol). But the catch was, if you do the challenge you only donate $10, if you dont do the challenge you donate $50 or $100. It wasn’t to straight up get out of donating.

Plus hello, we have a drought here in SoCal. They have started fining people for this. 

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MrsHalpert:  I think the one that bothers me the MOST is when people post vague unhappy statuses, “So bummed right now, everything is falling apart” then to the FIRST person who responds asking what’s wrong, they just reply “Call me.”



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Top 3:

1) People who STILL keep inviting me to play candy crush! 

2) cryptic status updates about cheating, child support, bad friends etc

3) posting links that end with “…and you’ll never believe what happened next!” 


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