(Closed) Friday Night Weddings – What Do You REALLY Think Of Them?

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loveyandsweetheart :  I’ve been to only one Friday night wedding of a coworker. I noticed many people were missing at the ceremony which started round 5:30pm There was a bit more people in the reception which started 7pm. I think it was alright as people were still able to drink & dance late into the night but I gotta admit, it felt a bit rushed.

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Imagine how inconvenient out of town weddings are in general?  Compared to that, Fridays seem great.

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Total honestly? Friday night weddings kind of suck. I’m always completely exhausted from the work week and I just want the night in to myself. That being said, I’d NEVER say that to a friend who had a Friday wedding- I’d just smile and nod and show up. If you can swing a Saturday wedding, that is much better. Friday is still better than Sunday, though!!!

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Your timeline would work for me. I’m not a fan of Friday weddings but if it was a Friday night deal then sure, I’d go. I’d anticipate tardiness though given traffic and what not depending on where you live.

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loveyandsweetheart :  we did a Friday night wedding, and it worked out great! We saved a lot by doing that. 

5:30 ceremony, 6-7p cocktail hour, 7:30 dinner, dances around 8:15ish, festivities started around 8:30ish, and people didn’t leave until well after the bar closed. It was a hit! 

We actually had several guests who told us how great the Friday wedding idea was. They loved that their whole weekend wasn’t eaten up by a wedding. 

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Since I don’t work a Monday to Friday 9-5 job, taking a Friday off for a wedding is no more inconvenient than taking a Saturday off for me. I could see how for some people it may be inconvenient if they’re working that day, but if they’re given enough notice to take a day off work or a half day, it shouldn’t be an issue if they want to attend. 


Basically, regardless of when you have your wedding it’s always going to be difficult or not possible for certain people to attend. As long as you’ve made sure all your VIPs can attend, and you can live with possibly having a larger number of declines, go for it. 

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I should have known better than to open this forum and read the comments, but I went ahead and did it anyway. We’re having a Friday night wedding. It’s actually NOT to save a ton of money as compared to Saturday; it’s because everything is booked so freaking early now, it’s kind of slim pickins and if you want to have a wedding at a venue in the city you live in, you do what you have to do. We were engaged in late summer. We actually opted to avoid a summer wedding because of so many complaints (not specific to us.. just.. in general) about how frustrating it is to have summer weekends all eaten up by weddings. That’s prime real estate in the pacific northwest. (and other reasons. but that was a factor) Winter and spring were turning into too long of an engagement and so you have fall, and of course you want to be thoughtful and avoid holidays and adjacent weekends to be respectful of travel costs and not stepping on people’s toes. 14 months in advance, that gives you a Friday night. And so we sent Save the Dates over a year in advance to help with travel plans. I was self conscious when telling people and, to my face, people were understanding. ALSO not everyone works Monday through Friday. ALSO I only invited the closest of the closest friends… zero aquaintenances or coworkers or people that would question whether they would want to go or base it on convenience. I AM STARTING TO GET REALLY SENSITIVE ABOUT PEOPLE JUDGING EVERYTHING when we’re working our asses off to provide an awesome party. It’s on a Friday. If people don’t want to come, then don’t.

I’ve been invited to friday night weddings.. weddings on easter weekend.. got a last minute invite from a teammate who had some last minute family members back out.. Could I have been inconvenienced or sour about it? Sure. Instead I was honored and grateful to be a part of their celebration and spend time with people I care about. Life is short. F the haters. We do what we can. Cheers.

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My sister and my best friend both did Friday night weddings. Their guests were almost all local and everyone seemed to have a great time and I didn’t hear any griping. Both weddings also had great turnout. 

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Honestly? I would totally understand how expensive Saturday weddings are, and have a fabulous time at your Friday wedding 🙂 my husband and I can work every day of the week anyways, many people don’t have a 9-5 Mon-Fri schedule! 

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I’d be good. DH has like 400 hours of vacation though so we’re lucky that whenever we have a house problem, somewhere to go, or he wants a longer weekend he can take it off. I’m a part time barista so I’d just ask for Saturday morning off. A wedding is a wedding and it’s gonna inconvenience me anyways so honestly don’t care what day it is lol. I wish I would of known Friday weddings were a thing before I booked mine. All of our guests were local, and either retired or not on a normal 9-5 schedule. We actually probably would of had a couple more guests that had to bow out because of work on the day.

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So… I had a TUESDAY night wedding! Which I am sure a lot of people will think is crazy/obnoxious/inconvenient.  BUT, we saved $5,000 at a super nice venue (shout out to the Five Crowns in Newport Beach for any SoCal brides looking for an amazing place). And our entire wedding only cost $7,000.  Also, we only invited people who would move mountains, come hell or high water, to be there and see us get married. Our guest list was 27 of our loved ones, and it was awesome.

Have a Friday night wedding if that’s what works for you and your fiance. It is your day!

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I HAD a friday night wedding.

Was it inconvenient for some? Yes. 

If you’re just trying to get a bunch of people to your wedding for gifts/the party…a friday night wedding isn’t for you…but the people you REALLY want to be there WILL be there on a Friday no matter what. 

Bottom line is- your wedding is for YOU not for everyone else. If saving money is a big deal to you, then absolutely do it. 

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Heck, I’m having a Friday MORNING ceremony…that some of us have to travel for! lol If they truly want to attend, this will not be an issue! Celebrating with you will be much more important than work to them and not seen as any sort of hassle!

Plus, they’ll likely have plenty of notice so that they can rearrange their schedule, work extra hours, take leave, whatever needs to be done.

I personally like Friday weddings because they don’t eat into my actual weekend time. They also make my weekend feel longer since I was out celebrating all night and still have all Saturday and Sunday to do my own thing! 🙂

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not everyone works m-f 9-5. Just because a wedding is on a friday doesn’t mean it’s going to be a inconvenience. Not matter what you serve, or when or where you have a wedding someone is going to be inconvenienced. There’s no way to please everyone. With all the things I have going on during the weekend I prefer friday nights. No matter what attending a wedding takes planning so long as I know far enough ahead, Friday is great for me.

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