(Closed) Friday positivity thread: Do you strive to be a better person? In what ways?

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This is a great thread!!! I do this in a few ways.. As I get older I’m realising I’m never satisfied what what I have and I always want more. Not material things in any way, but experiences. Whenever I get a promotion at work, I’m immediately thinking about how to get the next once. I like to volunteer, so I joined the board of a community bank. Bring on the board of directors wasent enough, and I’m now im the chair. While I don’t ever want to loose my ambition, I’m trying to practice being more in the moment. And appreciating what I have. 

I also have an uncanny ability to jump to the negative. Negative thoughts, comments about others and situations and it isn’t something I like. I really do want to be a positive person. So I’m working on that. 

The last thing is remembering to give back. I’m an atheist, but I very much believe in helping those around you. Lititle bit by little but, kindness makes the world better. 

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iarebridezilla:  I try not to complain too much. I try not to worry about what the house looks like too much. I try to live in the moment since you never know how many more there will actually be. I try to treat others the way i want to be treated: if they are mean i try to assume they had a terrible day. I try to help people if i have time in my day. a new item i decided on was to stop any war vets and to thank them for their service. I try not to hold my phone like a security blanket. I try to learn and listen..,.. even with ADD. ;-P I try not to be selfish but doesnt always work. I try eating to live and not living to eat.. I try to remember to pray for other people but forget some times. I have been trying but not successeding at sticking up for myself. I also try to see the beauty in each person. 

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Yes, because foundational to my faith is the need for me to become less and less like my own, inherent selfish nature wants me to be and more and more like the perfect God whom I worship, serve, and strive to follow.

Of course, I am very aware that I cannot accomplish this in my own strength but, rather, in His, through the power made available to me thorugh the Holy Spirit. To do this, however, I have to be willing to submit and surrender my will to His, even when it’s hard.

Honestly, my biggest struggle right now is in trying not to be envious of others who are experiencing some of the things that I really want to experience and to learn to be content and thankful for all that God has already done for me and given to me.  He certainly has blessed me continually thoughout my life in overwhelming ways too numerous to mention, and I truly am thankful and grateful. However, I really struggle with being content. I’m honestly not very good at it right now, and I need to let go of my frustrations and stop focusing on them.


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Hmmmm, this is a good one.

Right now I’m working hard to let others be themselves without criticizing or thinking “my” way is better. So for example I’m super OCD (figuratively) about my closet. Casual clothes go on one side, work on the other. Jeans are arranged by how dark they are, bold prints go separately from solids…you get the point. My husband balls up his tshirt that he decided he won’t wear and sticks it back into his drawer which used to drive me nuts. Now I tell myself “it’s his closet, why can’t he have it the way he wants it too?” Or…while driving I think “omg why aren’t you switching over to the other lane now? You could’ve totally gone…” and then I think “really? Cuz my way of driving is the only one and true way right? Cuz he has to drive the way I would? Freaking crazy. He’s driving, period.” 

Soooo I guess I’m working on acceptance and decreasing my perceived know-it-allness 😉 

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cdncinnamongirl:  your post stuck out to me. I’m like this too. I’m brutally honest, sarcastic and a little high strung. 

My biggest reason to change is so I don’t turn into my mother. She is so bitter, hurtful, unstable, manipulative and sometimes scary. Her favorite saying was, “You’re just like your mother!”, but then would wonder where I got my hostility. No thanks. I tell myself 20 times a day, don’t stand like that! Don’t say that! Don’t make that facial expression! You don’t want to turn into her!

So, I use that. I use my fear to try to be a better person. I try to make sure to never rain on a friends parade. I try to be more patient and understanding with my kids. Most importantly, and most rewarding, is I try to smile at everyone I encounter through the day.

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I’d say I am trying to be less lazy at work/studying and try to be the best at what I do! I know I have the potential to excel, I just don’t always have the motivation for it… They say talented ppl tend to “sit on their laurels” well that’s exactly me xD Also, I am a big-time gossip girl and I love complaining… maybe I should tone down on that a little… I try to realize when I do and then stop. Finally, I can’t keep my mouth shut and I am way too honest sometimes. I’m trying to be more silent when it’s time to be… would save me a lot of trouble.

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I’m a high school teacher and see some pretty tough kids. It can be so easy at times, after countless attempts to help and support, and after countless rude rebukes by the student, to just want to give up. Last year was tough for me because I was teaching a totally different population than my first year. i look back and appreciate those tough kids now because I learned more about how to help support students who need it the most. Yes, these rude, dismissive, sometimes hateful students need us the most. My principal always reminds us that “the kids who are the toughest to love always need us the most.” Instead of letting other teachers put their own opinions about kids into my head, I try and not listen/zone out when they tell me about that “problem” kid. I feel like myself this year because I didn’t let negatives influence my perceptions of my school/the kids before the year began. I’m really forcing myself to withhold judgement. I’m also trying to not judge parents of some of my students, but that’s an entirely different beast. 

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I am trying to do better at treating my loved ones as though every moment could be the last. That has been really heavy on my heart, as I have seen so many people go way too early as of recently. We get so caught up in life, it’s easy to neglect the ones closest to you. If anything ever happens to me, God forbid, I would hope that they all have happy last memories and knew just how much I love them. I know it’s morbid to think about, but it really gives you a different perspective on things… How you fight, how you love, etc. 

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