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  • poll: Win or Fail today?

    I have a win!

    I have a fail :(

    I have both

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    I just checked my account and I got paid a week early!  Wooo hooo!!!

    I’m sure in a few weeks that’ll feel like a fail though :-p.

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    @Sunnyday278:  …well, its actually going great for me:

    I walk in the office, and before I can even set my stuff down, my and all my female co-workers decide its time we knew who each other’s celebrity crushes were…so we’ve finally got that done and I’m glad, because we’d been putting it off and you can’t REALLY work effectively with a person until you know which celebrity they’d seriously consider commiting adultery for….

    The boss bought doughnuts yesterday, but there was one, chocolate left…so I said, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m eating this doughnut.”  and no one protested.

    If I’m being honest about it…my hair is looking amazing today.

    The Christmas Cloak, as it has been dubbed at our house is almost completed…its a gift I’m making for my Brother-In-Law to give to his wife.

    I’ve got a date with one of my oldest and best friends on Sunday, haven’t seen him in the flesh since April!

    I get to have a big prime rib dinner with Mr. 99 and the kids tomorrow night and I’m stoked!


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    @Sunnyday278:  My husband’s been gone for a week and gets back today, yay!

    I shopped at Target (which I only do like 2x a year) on December 14 – FAIL.

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    As I was leaving for work today a squirrle sat down in front of my car.  I couldn’t pull out without hitting him, and he wouldn’t move.  I turned on my car, tried moving an inch to scare him off.  Nothing.  He eventually moved when he felt like it.

    That wasn’t really a win or fail, more or a wtf?  So I think that is how my day is going 😛

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    I’ve got a “we’ll see…”.

    Babies R Us does a MASSIVE liquidation sale on furniture like once a year. I managed to get a $650 dresser for $107.63 (with taxes included). The problem is, I had to get it delivered to the store.

    So I’m about to go pick it up. If they have people to load it in my wagon (yeah, Shaggin’ Wagon!) and it fits, that’s a win. But that mofo is 187lbs BEFORE packaging, so if they don’t have anyone to lift it, that’s bad. Or if it doesn’t fit in the wagon. That’s worse.

    So… We’ll see! I’ll vote when I get back!

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    Well, I woke up with a nasty cold (my third one already, thank you Canada). So the fact that my face is leaking is a total fail…

    BUT, I also opened my email to find out I got a $300 bonus at work! I work in high-tech and raises at my company are non-existant, so… WIN!

    Gonna buy aaaaaall the Kleenex.



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    Just found out that I settled a case that has been going back and forth for the last year.  Now to cancel the two day trial that is set for next month.  Merry Christmas to me!

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    I have had a FAIL of a morning!!  I woke up to my dog eating a TWIX bar at 3:30 this morning, luckily I heard the crackling of the wrapper, u nfortunately he had already eaten ALL o fit.  So I had to induce vomitting 🙁  He got it from our daughters room where she was stashing her friends Christmas presents.  Then from 4:30 on he whined and barked and did not let anyone else go back to sleep.  Finally about 6 I got back to sleep to hear the buzzing of my husbands alarm going off at 6:20!  So he takes a shower, then our daughter takes one, then my turn finally rolls around and the water is FREEZING!  So I continue on my way to work and open my email to a crappy let’s make my daughter feel like crap, and guiltly for living her life happily email from my mother.  I write up a lovely response where I vent all of my anger and frustration out, burt of course I can’t send it to her, so I send it to my husband 🙂 and he always makes me feel better.  I have decided that I am only going to work a half day today and as soon as my daughter finishes her test at school I am going to pick her up and we are going to hang out in bed and relax and hide from the rest of this awful Friday!


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    @Sunnyday278:  Well my fail would be shopping at Target during that time frame :(I also spilled coffee on myself and my desk thi morning.

    But today is my last day of work in 2013 and then it’s 2 weeks of vacation! WIN

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    I voted for both. Last night I started to feel a lot of anxiety. I was home alone and Fiance was on his way home from work. I texted my sister and asked her if the family was okay (I live hours away). She said everyone was fine. I told her I felt very very worried. To the point where I wanted to cry. I was sure something bad was going to happen. I called Fiance to make sure he hadn’t gotten in an accident. He was fine. I sat down and tried to calm down a bit. Ten minutes later Fiance gets here and says, “What happened??” I said, “Why?” He said the police and crime scene investigators were next door. Our neighbor was found murdered in his apartment.

    Forward to today: My mom calls me at 6 a.m. and I can hear her voice shaky and worried. I said what’s wrong? And she said, “I…I have..a problem” and I thought OH NO. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DAD? MY SISTER?? she says “It’s your sister (I start to panic inside), she’s missing.” My sister is not a party girl. She hardly ever drinks. She stays home a lot and when she does go out, it’s with her bff or our cousin so she is always within sight. “She went out to dinner with an old coworker for her/his birthday yesterday and she never came home.” We don’t know this co worker not even his/her name. My mind went to a coworker she had told me about. It sounded like she used to hang around guys that were up to no good. My mom starts to weep a little and says she tried calling, texting, Facebook but that there was no info on there as to where she might be, and my sister is those young’n girls that post every time they step out of the house. She was worried sick. I told her to not worry and that I would find her. She cries and says thank you. We hang up.

    I look up her co worker on FB and msg her and ask her if my sister is with her. I text her best friend and my cousin hoping after dinner she went to their house and stayed with them. (She sleeps over at my cousin’s house all the time. She still lives at home with my aunt and uncle so it’s safe there) Her bff texts me and says OMG! SHE’S MISSING??!! I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE IS. SHE ALWAYS CALLS ME IF SHE NEEDS ME TO PICK HER UP OR IS UNCOMFORTABLE SOMEWHERE so this scares me even more. She blows up my sister’s phone. My cousin also said that my sister was not with her and she did not see her all day yesterday. I try to talk to myself and hope for the best, but after yesterday’s feelings and neighbor being murdered, I was preparing for the worst.

    I wait and wait and wait and my sister FINALLY text me! She said SORRY SISTER! MY PHONE WAS ON SILENT AND I DIDN’T HEAR IT! What??????? At first I thought, what if it’s not her texting me? But she calls me sister and her way of texting seemed like her. She was driving home so I have not called her, but I will to make sure it was her answering me. As soon as I see the text I start bawling and tears are just flowing from the relief. I call my mom right away and tell her to not worry, I found her and she also starts to cry.

     I felt what so many families feel when their young go missing and unfortunately, they don’t always have the luck we did. I still don’t know what happened, but I will grill her, nicely.

    Bad friday turned good! So far…..

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    Kind of a win…I got to sleep in until almost 11 am. This is actually a huge accomplishment in my house since my kids don’t like to be quiet for very long, Thank god for the bf taking care of them so I could sleep! lol

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    @Sunnyday278:  My win: My DH is coming home tonight from Texas and has leave until Jan. 2! AND my boss is gone today which means more bee for me!


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    My Friday fail: I walked out of the restroom with my dress hiked up and caught on the back of my tights…and of course I’m wearing the stringiest thong imaginable. I was saved by one of my students who quickly yanked my dress down but not before she saw all of my cash and prizes.

    My Friday win: Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, and it’s Friday in general, so yay.

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    @CaliRorter:  SOOOO SO glad for you that she was okay. <3

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    Lets see, today in fail;

    Fell on the ice on my driveway, my wrist still hurts.  And my bills still aren’t in the mail because I wasn’t going to attempt that after falling down after the first two steps

    Almost slid into my neighbors house pulling out of our driveway.

    Spun out on my way to work (full donut slide, luckily the only car near me was three lanes over)  I think I might have bent something, as it was pulling a bit to the side the rest of the way.

    Had to deal with someone who said that they don’t want me to do my job because it could hurt their sales… ummm, yes, me telling someone we can save them money is going to hurt your sales…

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