Friend cheated on husband – time to end the friendship?

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Blushing bee
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I don’t think you’re being too judgmental. It would be hard for me to be friends with someone who could treat her husband like that, or simply with someone who has such drastically different values than myself. 


Nevermind the drama 🙄 no thanks! 

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Busy bee

I’d probably lose respect for her as well, and it’s pretty hard to be buddies with someone you don’t respect. I would be especially put off by the vitcimizing role she’s trying to orchestrate. I wouldn’t be able to be friends with someone if they couldn’t even take responsibility for their mistakes, and feel bad/have a concious about it. It sounds like she’s trying to blame the husband so she doesn’t have to feel guilty.

I’d also be thinking “if she can treat someone she married/sleeps with this way, what could she justify doing to me?”. I’d probably step back from the friendship for sure.

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Bumble bee
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Someone who you’re not close to, your relationship can be described as “keeping in touch,” cheated on her new husband multiple times with multiple men aka diseases (unless he was telling her about all her sexual contact he was exposing him to risk), is acting like she’s the victim here, and is defending this behavior. 

Nope. I MIGHT stay friends with someone where it made sense, but this is horrible. Of a comparable level is the fact that she’s justifying it. So this isn’t a case of someone who is repentant; this is a case of someone who is basically pro-cheating. 

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Bee Keeper
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I tend to take these things on a case by case basis. In this case, your friend sounds like a scuzzy asshole who doesn’t take responsibility for her choices and their consequence. I don’t think the cheating is the main reason to dump her as a friend. All of her bullshit around it definitely is.

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Helper bee
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A few years ago one of my best friends cheated on her husband. We remained friends because while I didn’t necessarily approve of her decision, that was her decision. I tried not to comment or lecture her, because its her life and who knows why people do the things they do. Unlike your friend though, my friend owned up to the consequences of her decision and took responsibility. She also never said anything bad about her ex. Your friend sounds too dramatic and ridiculous for me. Cheating isn’t a friendship deal breaker, but her attitude and actions definitely are in my opinion. Yikes

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Buzzing bee
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I would end the friendship I don’t see how I could be friends with someone that has such different values then I do. She sounds like a very disrespectful person 

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Bee Keeper
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It doesn’t seem like you were close to her to begin with.  Is this friendship beneficial and meaningful in any way?  If not then I would shut it down. No need for that kind of drama or negativity in your life.

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Bumble bee

unless there is some seriously compelling reason to keep in touch that you haven’t mentioned…i’d just back away quietly.

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Buzzing bee
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I wouldn’t break the friendship in any dramatic or obvious way. Mainly because if she’s doing this to her husband, she’s likely to build up some passive-aggressive around you too. However, I’d stop responding to her texts, occasionally give a vague non-committal response every now and then, slowly drift away from her and her drama.

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Bumble bee

my best friend has a tendency to hanle relationships by cheating instead of ending it. she is still my best friend. I don’t approve and whenever this happens (not a frequent thing) I listen to her and then tell her off and explain why that is not the answer. Besides this  flaw she is very loyal friend, sweet, smart, funny and I’m lucky to have a friend like that. I judge her only based on her treatment of a friendship. I feel like it cannot be compared to relationship since the dynamic is so different. 

so for me that is not a deal breaker since I know her and her insecurities but she is never jerk about it and the owns up to her actions and suffers the consequences.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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bucky91 :  About 10 years ago one of my oldest closest friends cheated on her Fiance (who I got along with so well). She then said she didn’t want me talking to him ( he had done nothing wrong, he got cheated on AND she was trying to claim his house as her property, she was being really nasty) so I said no, told her to shove her friendship where the sun don’t shine and to this day he is one of my best friends. It was a simple choice. He was good people. She was not. 

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Bee Keeper

It’s sounds like you’re more friends with her husband than her. It doesn’t seem you like her very much so no need to keep in touch. 

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