(Closed) friend doesn’t like FI :(

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I would definitely not ask her to be in the wedding party. You’re only going to want supportive people around you.

Did she give any reasons for not liking him? We didn’t like the Fiance of a friend of ours and let her know it, and when she confronted us about it, we pointed out that all she ever told us about him was all the bad and annoying stuff he did to upset her. Since then she’s started telling us more positive things, and we like him a little more.

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Sometimes it’s really hard to hear the truth from your friends, especially when it comes to significant others. If your friend is at all like me, she probably wants only the best guys for her best friends. If she has only met him a few times then she doesn’t even really know him to begin with. If I were in the position of your friend, there is a chance I would have reservations as well. In reference to what amysue said, have you tended to focus on the negative things he does more so than the positive? That can turn a friend off instantly to the idea of liking your Fiance.

 To answer your question, I would talk with her a bit further before asking her to participate. If it helps, write down a few things you want to say/ask before getting on the phone so you have exactly what you want to say. Hopefully her reservations just stem from the fact that she doesn’t really know him. Maybe you can find a time to get together before the wedding (even though she lives 3 hours away) so she can see the two of you together. Once she sees how the two of you interact, how respectfully he treats you and your friends, and how in love the two of you are, hopefully she can come around. 

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My Maid/Matron of Honor ‘didn’t like’ my Fiance for years, until shortly before we got engaged, then she either had a change of heart or is not making an issue for my sake. But my interpretation of her not liking him was that she didn’t like how much time he took that I used to spend with her. I also lived with her at the time and having Fiance over all the time forced her to spend more time with him than she liked. I had never committed so much time and energy to any of my past boyfriends and I think being replaced as best friend was tough. I also noticed that she doesn’t like a lot of our other friends’ boyfriends. Since you said your friend doesn’t like the guy your other pal married and divorced, maybe she’s the same way? Maybe she just doesn’t like seeing her single friends becoming married friends because she doesn’t want to lose you and the relationship the two of you may have had before the guy was in the picture. I think this is especially likely if she doesn’t know him well.

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Hmm.  My first reaction is that there are levels of dislike, ranging from "he seems like an OK guy but I don’t really enjoy his company" to "I hate him and think he’s awful for you."  Just based on what you said, it sounds like your friend falls more into the first category — she doesn’t hate your fiance or think you shouldn’t get married, but if she’s being totally honest, your fiance is not her first choice of someone to hang out with on a Friday night.

If that’s the case, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Sometimes people you love don’t get along particularly well; it stinks, but there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.  As long as she’s supportive of you and isn’t being negative about the relationship I think your friendship will be just fine.

That said, I think you’d probably be more comfortable if she was just a guest at the wedding.  You don’t want to be standing there thinking "she doesn’t like my FI" while she’s reading at the ceremony.

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I wouldn’t ask her to be a part of the wedding then, but maybe invite her to the bachelorette or some of the "getting ready" activities.  Is she negative/critical in general?  Is she dating/married.  Maybe her priorities/tastes are different than yours.

 One of my BMs expressed (before we were engaged) that she didn’t see us romantically together, more of friends.  It did stick with me, but I know we are meant to be together.  She married a guy who swept her off her feet but isn’t reliable, and mine is more of a best friend and not always as lovey dovey, but I know he loves me.

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In college a friend got engaged to a guy that nobody in our circle liked at all (we actually actively disliked him for a variety of reasons).

Her engagement prompted the rest of us to make a pact- if we didn’t like a guy, we woud tell our friend the truth.

Fast forward 3 years and my friend is engaged to a guy I think is an jerk and manipulating/using her.  She asked me to be her Maid/Matron of Honor and invoked the pact so I had to tell her the truth.

I tried to be tactful but honest.  We talked sincerely about it and I told her, "If you are sure this is the right guy for you I will stand by you and support you on your wedding day and in your marriage."

Like EAQ said- my friend always called me to vent about the guy when he did something to upset her- she never called to tell me when things were going great and he was wonderful.

I explained to my friend that all I knew of her guy (except for a couple of get togethers – since they live far away) was the pain and hurt he had caused her.

As it turns out he’s a standup guy and great to/for my friend.  In the years they have been married he’s been an excellent husband and she made the right choice.

Talking to my friend about my concerns really helped me to be comfortable supporting her choice.

Perhaps you should have a similar heart to heart with your friend.  If she’s a good friend- it’s worth trying to get past this and not let it destroy your friendship.

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What I’m curious about is the way this conversation came out.  I would like to think if there was truly a problem with your guy, she would ahve initiated the conversation.  But that started about the firend who got divorced, then asked about your Fiance, makes me think she just has a "beef" and wanted to get it off her chest.  Maybe she’ss upset about losing a friend.  maybe she’s jsut heard the bad stuff and is protective.  Is it possible she’s simply jealous?  maybe not necessarily of the guy, but of the wedding?  Does she have a boyfriend?  Wish she had a boyfirend now?  Wish she had a ring on her finger?

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When my best friend started to date her now husband all I had heard from her was how big a pig he was and how he was just a complete tool and how he treated women like crap – SO – needless to say, I would think, I was so NOT excited about it!! It took me a bit to warm up to him but now I see that he is a really great guy.  And I told my friend that I didn’t like him from the moment she told me they were going out!!

I think you need to ask her what she doesn’t like about him and see if it’s just her giving in to the green monstor and being bitter or if she thinks she has valid reasons.  In her mind there may be a real reason not to like him for something she sees. 

Have your heart to heart and then see what happens before you make any decissions about her being involved in the wedding.

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We all have situations where somebody doesn’t like somebody, but if you are true friends and you want her to be a part of your wedding  you need to ask yourself, "is she going to act crazy" or will she just sit there nice and quiet. If you think she’s a timebomb, I would say no. But if you think she can handle herself in a civil manner then sure. It’s hard to make people like each other, so the most important thing is to ensure that everyone can act like adults 🙂

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WOW that’s pretty brutal! I would have to say that I wouldn’t bother asking her to have any other part of the wedding but attend. If it gets brought up by her and her feeling of why she had no part in it then I would be honest and let her know. Why be part of something when she had harsh feelings toward your FI! I’m sorry that happened how horrible for you!

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If she’s a true friend (like you suggested), I wouldn’t take it as something to feel hurt and angry toward her until after you talk to her about it.

Find out why she doesn’t like him (like, call her tonight, don’t wait for a face-to-face). Let her know that her opinion matters to you. If you would be an honest, true friend to her and tell her that you didn’t like her Fiance, then let her know.

And let her state her point before you step in and defend him. 

Friends often see things that we don’t. This is coming from a girl engaged to a great guy, who had been dating a real jerk (though I didn’t see it) before meeting Fiance. Some of my friends held their tongues, but others let me know that the ex was a jerk. That was true friendship – or at least what most would ask for in a true friend.

Her reasoning will probably be minor and you two can move on with your relationship. But if you stew over it, it could destroy your relationship.

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My Maid/Matron of Honor and Fiance did not get along for quite a while.  It was really just that while I had a chance to get to know both of them, they had not had a chance to see each other in the situations that had bonded me to each of them individually.  It was not until this week (months after Fiance and I became engaged) that they decided to be friends.  I think that they were separately insecure about their place of honor in my life.  All of my reassuring them did not solve the situation; they had to get there themselves. 

 I think if your friend does not like your guy, she should tell you why.  Sometimes there is something serious there, or even a gut feeling that should be shared.  But, she is correct that she is not marrying him and if she just does not like him personally rather than thinking that he is awful for you, it is probably something she can and will (and should) put aside in order to be supportive of you on your big day.

 I would definitely bring the issue up one more time (and preface the discussion by saying that she mentioned something that concerned me and I have a few more questions, but that I promised not to bring it up again after this one session) and try to understand what her concerns are.  If she just does not know your Fiance well and how he treats you, or something along those lines, then you can ask her how she would feel about playing a role in your wedding.  She will probably be honest about whether or not she can support you (after all, she was honest about what she thought of him).

 I know you are hurt and disappointed, but I am sure that she will come to appreciate the role he plays in your life and the fact that she can still be your friend.  Sometimes personalities do not mesh, but while less than ideal, she does not have to be your FI’s close friend to still be friends with you.  (FI and I have "couple friends" as well as our individual friends although we can all play nice at big social events.)

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This may be hard to hear, but you did ask her what she thought.  I wouldn’t stress too much though.  A couple years ago, one of my best friends got engaged to a guy I REALLY didn’t like.  She knew how I felt, and it caused some problems for a while, but we talked it out.  She married him anyway, and I was one of her bridesmaids, and she and I are still great friends.  I was wrong – he turned out to be perfect for her. They have one of the best marriages I have ever witnessed.  Now she is one of my bridesmaids.  Listen to your friend, but also realize that she may not know him as well as you do.  Don’t lose your friendship over this.  Call her up and go hang out.  Let her know that she is important to you.  If he really is right for you, she will come around!

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